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  1. mindy lover
    "Feminism" aka "Feminazism" ruined this movie. Honestly, if the movie was just called Fury Road, it would have been fine and dandy, but I went to see a movie about Mad Max, not Furiosa.

    As a feminist, I honestly am tired of women that feel like they need to get a movie catering to them--hints the Feminazis' staple of the female hero. Female heroes are cool, but not when it's obvious that Feminazis' are the ones being catered to. It's sad that it's gotten to this point. The director definitely shouldn't have went to a Feminazi to write the part for Furiosa.

    No one likes when ppl portray women as whiners, yet Feminazis are behind this.....

    Rolling my eyes.
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  2. mindy lover
    Would anyone be interested in joining my RP?

    Location: Salem, Oregon[

    Background Info : The existence of Mutants has always been kept under wraps by the government and Mutants alike. However, after Craven, an underground organization wishing to expose the existence of Mutants, almost exposed Mutants lead to the 1st Revolution--the war on humans waged by Craven--the government forged a treaty with Mutants pledging to keep their existence a secret granted they sent their children to special Mutan facilities to be trained to use their powers for good. With most of Craven's leaders and followers detained and what few Mutants that were devoted to them on the run or in hiding, a second war seemed unlikely. For centuries, this treaty held true, that is until Craven was resembled. Now Craven, has risen after the 1st Revolution against Mutants with the hopes of starting the Second Revolution.

    Plot: Mutan High has opened up for another year of teaching mutants how to control their powers, but this year’s a little different. This year Rein Valadan, Peace Warren, Spike Appero, Fin Blaze, Star Nolonez and Tech Malan will be attending it. They are the only mutants other than Avery Carmichael—the principal of Mutan High—that have more than two powers. All of these teens are a group of “Grade A” example of rule breakers. They all seem very different, but the same. These kids may not get along with each other, but they’re forced to when they all get partnered up to be teams for the rest of their time at Mutan High. They may not like it, but they have to live with each other and stick it out. These teens get off to a ruff start that is until they find out that they all have more in common than they ever imagined. They all come together to bet the current champs of Mutan High, the Eagles. After their big win the Eagles turn evil and try to destroy the school. Rein, Peace, Spike, Star, and Tech all team up to defeat the Eagles. But will they overcome their differences long enough to work together and defeat the Eagles or will they let that be their down fall?
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    Ok, I am not big on communicating with someone when I have a problem with something, so I hold it in a lot which only makes me more uncomfortable. I have been through a lot in life which makes me really closed off and untrusting of ppl. I don't mean to e that way, and I want to be open, but it's hard for me to do when I don't trust others. I know that sounds stupid, but I have deep trust issues, so if I don't trust someone, I won't tell them they are annoying me or things they do make me uncomfortable. And I know that sounds sad, but I have really bad anxiety so when I have to say something is bothering me or I have to speak up in order to be heard, I get flustered and nervous, so much so, it means me feel like I want to throw up.

    I really don't know how to fix this and I am 19. If I don't get over it now, I don't think I ever will. Is there any advice you guys could give me on what I can do to get through this?
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  4. mindy lover
    Anyone wanna role play? if so, here are my plots:

    plot 1:

    plot 2: All my life i have been fascinated by humans and their barren world. They died long ago when their earth was overtaken by us, the Marians, and this is our world now. For centuries we have been learning about what earth was like before the humans laid the land to waste. We know they were a people of many emotions, suffering, and death--smart, but never truly understanding the value of their lives or their planet's. In hopes of reviving the planet, we have once again foraged the oceans that used to be. For some time, I thought I had my entire life figured out, then I met her, Aysha, the human. Wanting to protect the last viable human family, I become an outlaw. Can I save their race, or are they doomed?

    plot 3: Imma and I have been friends since we were four, and as teens, we are inseparable. After my parents died, Imma's father, Leo, took me in as one of his own. He's the only father I know. With the Father-Daughter dance coming up soon, I feel more alone than I have ever been. Imma is my best friend and I tell her everything, even about my online boyfriend, Kyle. But if she's my best friend, why can't I tell her what her father did to me?[/FONT]

    I'm really dedicated to rping, so i will post everyday. And if u don't, I'll do whaever plots u want.
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  5. mindy lover
    The other day, I was watching Untold and they were talking about this guy that had a selfie addiction that started when he was 14 or 13. At first, I was like, “There’s no way this is real.” But after thinking about this, I could see how this “selfie addiction” thing is indeed real. In society, there is pressure (whether this effects you or not) to look “pretty” (whatever that is), and more often than not, you do see people that are obsessed with their looks or that are just never satisfied or even scrutinize every flaw they think they have. I’m sure some of you know at least one person that, if they could, they would probably get those “imperfections” fixed via surgery.

    During this show, it was stated that plastic surgery has become more popular in the last couple years. It was also stated that 15.1 million plastic surgery procedures occurred this year alone in America. They related the growing pressure to be and look perfect to being obsessed with celebrities.

    In general, I think it was more about how self-image issues relate to plastic surgery and the tabloid’s growing obsession with celebrities (which is something you can get treatment for).

    My questions to you guys are: Do think selfie addiction is real? Do you think there is pressure to look perfect? Do you think that pressure is becoming more of a problem for us as a society? Is it even a problem?
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  6. mindy lover
    Do you guys think the pictures improved from their original forms to the finished looks?

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  7. mindy lover
    Okay, so I’ve been working on this spring collection and so far, this is what I have. Do you guys like this? Any suggestions? Does this work as a spring line?

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  8. mindy lover
    Okay, so, as someone who is a 90’s child, I always here from older people from the 70’s or farther back that times have changed in the sense that “the world has become more dangerous.” Do you guys think this is true or do you think the tabloids just bring to light things that have always been going on and might not have been addressed as much as they were in the past?

    Do you disagree? If so, why?
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  9. mindy lover
    Okay, so the other day, one of my associates told me she almost got into a fight with a boy because he said rape wasn’t rape for girls because they “enjoy it.” Now, when I heard this, I was disgusted at this person’s ignorance, but before I even got to address it, she made a point to say that the boy said rape for guys was more traumatic than it was for girls, because for boys you have to manipulate their hormones (in this case I think he meant when it’s the same sex). I was appalled.

    As someone that knows women and men that have experienced this, I don’t think this subject is anything to be played with.

    Personally, I think rape is always a touchy subject; however, I just wanted to know you guys’ opinion on this matter whether it’s about how you feel on the subject, what you think about what this guy said, sharing your experience, or even if you’re just willing to share any similar experiences.
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  10. mindy lover
    I was watching this show the other day when the host said there’s no reason to be friends with an ex unless you have a child together. While I agree, I do also think that there are plenty of reasons someone could still be friends with their ex. I mean, if the relationship was great, and you guys still get along, I see no reason to not stay friends if that’s what you want to do. Personally, if me and my current bf were to break up, I’d still be friends with him because we have a lot of history together, he used to be, and still is, a good friend to me, and I honestly just couldn’t see my life without him in it.

    What’s you guys’ opinion on staying friends with an ex? Is it for you? Is it not for you? Are you friends with an ex? If so, why? Why not? Are there rules?
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  11. mindy lover
    The other day, I watched Virgin Territory on MTV, and it was amazing. I instantly connected with 75% of the people in it (3/4 people).

    I loved Lisa because she was really straight forward about how awkward things were for her in terms of her questions and thoughts on intimacy. I also empathized a lot with her story, because I shared a lot her sentiments when it came to her and her fiancé’s vow of celibacy.

    I also loved Domonique, because she was blunt, really fun, and not afraid to say that being a virgin didn’t stop her from living her life. I loved that she addressed some of the struggles she faced as someone who just wanted to experience love, marriage, and commitment before giving that part of herself to people because (and I quote), “These boys ain’t loyal.” (And also it was funny when she said she thought people “tossed sex around like a ball.”) I also empathized with her severed relationship with her parents and their divorce.

    I thought Kyle was really interesting. He was a great guy who was just saying he wanted to be in a committed relationship before he just gave himself to someone and that he thought others thought of that as a weird notion. I also thought the struggle he had with telling his friends he was still a twenty-something year old virgin after so long was interesting. (I also loved the point he made that he and Dominique made about people telling them they didn’t look or act like virgins—what does a virgin act or look like?

    I guess the thing I loved most about the way the show was presented was that they focused on the people’s lives at hand, and that it wasn’t just about their being virgins, and that it was more about their journey as individuals. I also thought the people were very relatable.

    If you watched it, tell me what you liked or didn’t like about it. If you didn’t like it, feel free to comment about that too.
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  12. mindy lover
    So, I was watching The Color of Friendship on Disney the other day and it made me realize just how underrated some Disney movies really are. What it also made me realize was just how different Disney is now. There used to be shows like Boy Meets World and Lizzie McGuire that weren’t afraid to address those awkward or tough subjects like puberty, self-image issues, sex, eating disorders, and growing into a mature, responsible adult. Now, even the language used is different.

    In my personal opinion, children’s shows on Disney, like on other channels that target adolescents, now sugar code or avoid a lot of topics they didn’t used to (not that I discredit the shows they do have that address a few of those problems). I also feel, sometimes they focus on things that aren’t all that important in life, or at least they don’t address many problems adolescents do face today like they used to with older shows and movies and I know some of that has to do with times changing, however adolescents do still face many of the problems they did then. Why do you think that is? Do you agree? Do you disagree? If so, why?
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    Question: why do you think some people are so driven to make others feel bad?
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  14. mindy lover
    Everyone has something they's sorry about. Post yours below.
    I'll start: I'm sorry I never told you I hated that sweater.
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  15. mindy lover
    Share a fact about something you're not sure is weird. I'll go first.

    I like to squeeze my mosquito bites because i think that if i do i can decrease my chances of catching something. Is That Weird?
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    Alright, I have always had this infatuation with cutting; however, some of my associates do that and i don't feel i have the right to judge anyone, especially b/c I've been struggled with this same thing before. Cutting used to be a bub part of my life up until lats year, i haven't done it since, nor do i ever plan to ever again. However, not many people are as strong-minded as me or able to cope how i do.

    What are your views on cutting? Do you have any stories to share?
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  17. mindy lover
    Okay so my friend told me if I were a bunny I'd be the best one. Somehow we started making bunny jokes which lead to me making up movie titles like:

    Grand Theft Bunny
    The streets of San Diego will never be the same.

    Post funny bunny movie titles below.

    Attack on Bunny
    Can humanity survive or will the big babies kill us all?
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    OMG this crew is so great. They have good beats with really good artist collabs
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    God, I love watching his videos. That new Bae thing killed me. There's lots of videos i haven't seen b/c I'm never really surfing YouTube for random reasons. But all in all, Swoozie is really funny, has a nice personality, and has the ability to make me laugh when i feel like crap.

    Do any of u guys like him?
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  20. mindy lover
    The questions is really where I fit in here. I'd like to join a family so i have a great support group. Here's a couple quick facts about me:

    1. Shy, artistic, and sensitive to sarcasm, b/c usually i can't tell the difference.
    2. Kind-hearted, and have the ability to understand anything anyone's going through. So i'm big on empathy.
    3. A hard worker.
    4. Someone who loves Role Plays.
    5. I try to stay away from Lounges unless the current energy is positive.
    6. Always looking for a good conversation. Debates, not arguments.
    7. I like to try to keep the peace.
    8. I love to draw, write, paint, create web sites, and sew.
    9. I can talk to almost anyone given the convo's not about sexual content or filled with curse words.
    10. I speak Spanish, English and a language I made up on my own fluently. I speak a little French, Italian, and Portuguese.

    The last site i was at, i had major problems with the ppl and cyberbullying. So I'm looking to be adopted into a family who can probably help old wounds heal and maybe stick up for me if need be.
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