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    I don't think it's the fact that society is shallow, I think it's the fact that being in love with an inanimate object is considered a sign of poor mental health.
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    I hate to sounds judgmental, but I find this just a tad creepy.
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    May I suggest taking an exercise class with a friend at a local gym? I'm going to be taking zumba classes this summer because I thought it looked like fun. Having a workout buddy makes it more fun, but remember not to depend on them too much for support because if they crash then you will be more likely to also.
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    decided to post
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    The only reason why the uncanny valley is hard to cross is because of movies like iRobot that make you think that robots have the potential to gain control of their artificial intelligence and take over the world, enslaving all of humankind in the process.

    That's how I feel when I look at androids anyway...
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    Well, you could perceive it that way, but the they were the ones who actually completed the mission that was started 10 years ago. It's not a matter of celebration of his murder it's a matter of closure that they provided to the American citizens.
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    Obama birther = Osama
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    make you look more like Johnny Depp?
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    Im tired!

    I'm sure that you can type 4 pages in 12 hours (unless your writing session is interrupted by something)
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    Yeah, Oprah could own Liechtenstein forever at that price.

    And also... for the price of a college education, you too can pretend to be royalty.
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    I used to eat dessert like cookies and cake with water instead of milk. I only did that because I was a picky eater as a child.
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    Let's not forget that hair color is not the only thing that people make fun of. Styles of hair have also been a way for people to judge one another. Curly hair and Afro-textured hair (when worn natural and even sometimes braided) is considered unprofessional. Look up the Rogers v. American Airlines case of 1981.
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    War on Terror

    Terrorism is not a person or a country, but instead an action. With that in mind, how is there supposed to be an end to this "War on Terror", that began in the Bush era, if we're fighting something that cannot technically be controlled or stopped in entirety? Was this war designed to last forever?
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    Okay, so Osama bin Laden is dead. While it is a good thing because it brings closure to the families affected by 9/11 and the rest of the U.S., killing him won't bring back the ones who died during those attacks, therefore; we should not be celebrating his death, we should be acknowledging the fact that the person who was behind the 9/11 attacks received his just desserts and then we should move on with our lives.

    Oh and maybe congratulate seal team 6 (and hopefully their names will not be released due to the fact that they would become a target.)
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    As all you may have heard, Adele released a new album a little while ago named 21. One of the songs was featured in I Am Number Four. (Rollin in the Deep)

    I love most of the songs on the album. Her voice is amazing.
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    30 minutes of talk of chocolate pancakes? Hmmm
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    It sounds like you need confidence in yourself.

    You need to remember that you are just as important as any other person and you ARE worth something. Those rude girls who are calling you fat, don't listen to them. Most people would kill to below a size 8. Don't worry about your weight, you probably look fine. A good way to get those girls off your case is just to basically snub them, honestly, they aren't even worthy of receiving a sideways glance from you. Walk with pride because you are beautiful and you don't need their approval to think highly of yourself.

    The not eating complex will blow over. Eventually, one day you'll decide that enough is enough and you won't let anything get in between you and your well being.

    Good luck.
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    Sub cultures are more of a "how you look" type thing because you can change the way you dress and the way you talk, but you can't change your nationality and maybe your ethnicity (depending on who you identify with).
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