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    I wanted to post when I saw the episode but I didn't want this to get burried and I can't wait!!!

    I have this theory
    that Dean Thomas's memory was altered by Seamus so his best friend could have a 'normal' life and not worry about getting killed. So a wizard is at Howard's University and not even he himself doesn't realize it. And then Sam somehow knows everything about Dean Thomas/Wes because Hermoine is related to Sam and she told him everything because he's a psychology professor
    and that's all I'll say about that :) and I was watching it with my friend and she was like 'Why does the underdog look familiar?' So we looked it up and I was like 'DEAN! DEAN'S ALIVE!' Hahaha! I wish I had a sis :/

    To the people reading this--reply! You're welcomed to join us! :)
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    I've always thought of yin and yang--the two are in perfect balance. But that's just me. However, I think Aqua always associated darkness as something bad. She never thought darkness and light could go hand in. She always thought of darkness as bad, because of experience. I still feel bad for her. She was surrounded by darkness, fighting with the heartless, and her inner demons.

    Technically health and diseases do go hand in hand. Even with good health you can still get diseases.
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    Is this the new doctor?
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    Taco Bell.

    But I try not to go to Taco Bell unless I've earned the right to pig out and drink their Baja Blast mountain dew. So yummy. Anyway, it's usually Taco Bell for dinner, and McDonald or Jack in the Box for breakfast. For lunch though? If it's edible and will keep me full, sure.
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    Hiya guys!

    So I got a computer about a year and a half ago. It's already starting to poop out so I'm thinking about saving up four months worth of paychecks and buying something that will last longer than my computer which likes to, pardon my language, be a poop.

    I have an older MacBook Pro so I'm thinking about buying apple again. However, I thought, what would be a better way to get enough votes so that I can have people who have more experience dealing with this? I turn to the public, the forum.

    So should I keep up with the apple brand for a computer or should I make the switch and buy a PC? (I'm thinking Microsoft Surface Tablet 3, if not then something similar. I would love to not buy something every two years!)

    Let me know and vote please! Thank you!
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    I've been meaning to post, but just got down with mid-terms! Thankfully everything is settling down, for now. Yes, I really enjoy how the show is in chronological order, yet the flashbacks make it so more interesting! (I have to watch the winter finale! I'm dying to know whodunnit!)

    I honestly have no idea who
    the killer is but I place my money on Rebecca because of the whole 'Mr.Darcy' thing and with Lila.
    However, it could be anyone at this point. (I still need to watch the latest episode.)

    I love Wes--the actor who plays him was Dean Thomas in Harry Potter. I knew Bonnie looked familiar! Rhetorical question, have you seen Viola Davis in Doubt and the Help? She is fantastic! (Doubt is rated R, I think. No Doubt for these kiddies.) ^.^

    Anyone is welcomed to jump in and join the convo!
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    Banana! I'm so excited! I am definitely going to see that! (I love the beginning part, 'That's Stuart, he's an idiot') I have a Dave minion sitting with me right now, actually! (It's from the actually merchandise, apparently it costs $200 per a minion....O_O) Anyway, I can't wait to watch it! I was always curious to see how Minions came to be.....

    Should be an interesting journey.....
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    I saw the movie with my best friend. She had no idea what the movie was even about. She got pretty mad at me afterwards. It was really good, and I really liked it. I thought they did an excellent job! (I read your 10 reasons why and yes, you hit every mark)

    ......In the book and in the movie, Issac himself says that Gus is a pretentious person. That's just who Gus is. End of story. The whole indie image? I'm not sure what you mean by that. I thought the movie could have done better. Here's the answer to your confusion:

    So the girl is his assistant and she goes with them to the Anne Frank Museum after quitting her job. The connection is that Anne Frank, like Hazel and Gus, was treated different from society. Anne represents how people get treated differently because of society. Gus and Hazel are like Anne, in the sense that they are treated differently from Society. On purpose, they hide because of the cancer. They couldn't live a functioning life anymore. They weren't 'normal' anymore. In the film, you saw how Hazel struggled with walking up all those stairs and how people were staring at her with pity. They were probably thinking 'I'm glad it's not me', which was how people who weren't Jewish like Anne, probably stared at her star of david like Hazel's oxygen tank. They were glad it wasn't them. Also, Van Houten himself was survived by his daughter, who died from cancer and knew what it was like. The similarities between them all kind of woven itself together. The main point was probably that Hazel and Anne; two very different girls, forced into isolation until they found comfort by those who were in the same situation.....(Peter was Anne's first and last love, just like with Hazel and Gus, though Gus and Hazel got along when they first meet.) You can probably analyze this situation until death but there are so many interpretations of that scene.

    I don't understand what the big deal is. So what if Gus is pretentious? He's just a character in a book, that John Green had written. It's just who he is.

    You're right, she is his personal assistant.
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    How to get away with murder, the TV show.

    Calling all HTGAWM fans!

    In this forum we shall follow forum rules and remember to use appropriate langauge because we do not want to take any innocence away.

    NOTE: This program for this TV show is rated 14+ so if you are not of the age, please ignore this thread. There are plenty of threads for you to post on, this one unfortunately is for old people. Please click somewhere else.

    There will be spoilers in this thread, if you do not like spoilers, please do not read this thread until you are caught up. When talking about the show, please try to use other words for the naughty stuff that happens on the show. (i.e. blood=red stuff, murder=whodunnit, etc) I think we would all like to discuss this show and not get in trouble.

    I wanted to post a thread about this amazing show, so please fire away! What we can talk about is:
    -our theories
    -discuss what happened
    -what we think will happen next
    -fangirl over certain characters good looks (Wes is cute,no?)
    -fangirl over the fact that certain actors have come together to create this amazingness
    -discuss everything related to the show

    You may discuss your favorite character but please NO CHARACTER BASHING. Why you ask? Because if you were acting as a character in a TV show/Movie doing your best, you would hope that your character is being protrayed correctly. (If you can't stand a character that much, tell us what you hope they will learn from their flaws. However, I will not tolerate people bashing a character or person. That character might be someone else's favorite character, so please do not make anything negative.)

    ALSO, no discussing the birds and bees. We may talk about kissing, but I really don't think discussing the birds and the bees is appropriate. Plus little ears have big mouths, so please refrain from discussing the sexual relations between characters.

    SO have fun and remember the spoiler tag is [ spoiler ]the secret spoiler[ / spoiler ] (no spaces)

    How To Get Away With Murder is on 10/9c on ABC. Enjoy! (I will edit this and reserve the right to change the rules.)

    Welcome to the discussion and please be sure to post that you actually read and agreed to the rules. To start off, you can put in your title what you want to talk about (i.e. Wes as a character, Episode 3, etc) as a summary.

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    I think it just depends because I know some really nice people who would drop everything for you and then there are these others who are a little more narcissistic than most. We all handle stress very differently.

    Okay, so that actually is a growing problem. I am actually in a class right now where we were talking about how one little object is becoming the bane of our existence. I will actually stop in mid-sentence and stare at them until they finally look up, and put their phone away. If someone gets their phone out in the middle of the conversation with me, you don't want to be there when that happens. But it also depends, if they've got a place to be and they are checking the time or whatever.

    BUT if not and they are purposely tunning me out, I will stop in mid sentence on purpose just so they can feel X10 worse. I remember one time I was telling my friend about something or whatever and she got her phone in the middle of my story and started to play a game on her phone. So I stopped in mid-sentence, and purposely stared at her for a good 2 minutes before she realized I had stopped talking and I was kind of glaring at her. She then went into this big thing how she had to check something important on her phone or whatever.

    IF I have to get check my phone in the middle of a conversation, I will say 'Hang on, this might be my mom' (because when it is, my mom likes to hear from me immediately that I got her text and I am giving her a response). I'm usually pretty good about that, however if on those rare occasions where I'm not paying attention, usually as the listener I'll be like 'I'm sorry, let's continue, I just had to do something' (Because I usually do have something due, one way or another)

    You know though, I am guilty of tunning people out if they are talking about the same issue over and over again. I will purposely daydream because I've heard this situation probably 27378367834658973847820 times already from them.

    (When I talk about my personal issues, I usually only talk to a select few because I know that they will give me their undivided attention)
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    Sure! I'll make a thread there soon!

    Thank you~! Yes, people who tend to not follow the rules tend to get themselves in rather stick situations.....

    Yes ma'am! Hahaha! Thank you! Such a nice warm welcome here! Everyone is so nice! Thank you! :D

    [stands in shock then slowly starts sobbing softly] Why.....are you so........FUNNY!

    hahaha.....I had a feeling that response was coming, no worries! I was the TARDIS for halloween actually!

    Thank you very much! I will enjoy the ride!

    I actually posted a lot, but I will be sure to start checking them out! Sounds like fun!

    Okay! The Admins, Super Moderators, Moderators, Reporters, and Coders have all been very kind to me, so that's good to hear! (I did ask an Admin already a question and another person a question, they both helped me a lot)

    I will! It's so nice here!
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    Oh okay good! Are you on Season 10?

    (he's quite humorous, no?)
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    I agree but what about Ven? He's kind of stuck in a body for about ten years, laying dormant. But then again, being trapped in a keyblade graveyard and being trapped in the door to darkness? That just sucks.

    Aqua definitely got the worst of it, after all, she was the one to become a keyblade wielder before the guys only to be sent on a wild goose chase, amgounst other things. I feel for Aqua the most, I have to day.

    I would have not wanted to be Terra when that happened but I think it was unfair that his mind was stuck in the graveyard for more than 10 years while his body was taken over by Master Xehanort. Though, I think Terra had to learn his lesson the hard way, at least he wasn't Aqua.
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    Hahaha, it just depends. I'm not his #1 fan. I just really like this gif.

    But no, I'm not that bad. I'm still on season 5 and I prefer Castiel and Sam more than Dean. I find Dean to be a bit too.....silly?

    Did you have a bad experience with Dean Winchester fans? If so, I'm so sorry!
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    I had a dream of becoming a therapist. One day, I decided for a month, to act and listen like a therapist would.

    For a good long month, I would listen to all of my friends problems more than usual. Why? Because I'm not licensed to give them advice. But I listened instead. So that's what I did. Listened to the same problems over and over again. Here's what I discovered:
    -most of the time, people like to talk about their problems
    -some of the time, however, they notice that you are listening really intently.

    And then they start talking about themselves and their problems, yet you still listen. Now, I noticed that most of my friends liked talking to me more because I listened. And about half of them returned the favor when I wanted someone to listen to me talk. But the other half? They weren't really listening, they were ignoring me.

    SO my question is, do you ever feel like anyone is listening to you? Because listening and hearing are two totally different things. AND if you do, do you either feel ignored or simply tuned out? I WANNA KNOW.
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    Well, I guess you learn something new everyday.
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    If only I wasn't already saving up money for a car I could I hopefully go. I wonder what Tomorrow Children demo's will be like......very excited for the others.....

    I'm a little concerned about the whole DC thing, but as a DC fan, I'm very excited. I just hope it'll be amazing and worth the wait.

    *Le sigh* So wish I could go~
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    KH 1.5 & Original Re-Chain
    Did anyone notice that if you summon the card, Aladdin, you will not only gain EXP but you will also gain MP (moogle points)? I wanted to see if this was just added so today I actually hooked my PS2 and started playing in Agrebah using Aladdin's summon card to play and discovered this. So was it just me that discovered this or is it one of those that everyone knew all along?
    I feel a little naïve....
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