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    Hmm, now that is an interesting way, i didn't thought about it. That would be fun. I wonder if Roger Rabbit could also make an appearance (Jessica Rabbit won't happen anytime soon, since they even censored the outfits of the YRP trio, not to mention the matter with Aqua's clothing).
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    Oh speaking for myself i will definetely watch it since i'm already into Once Upon a time, as awkward as it's gonna be.

    Anyway, if there is anyone into acting they are currently casting, the above extract is from the casting call.
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    Taste is taste i am well aware thank you. Certain painters/artists have some works which are considered better than others you know. Just because you are Monet or Picasso, both with very personal and different styles, it doesn't mean that you are free of critisism. What i am talking about is technical stuff.

    When someone calls your opinion stupid it is offensive. He could as well prove his point without any derogatory remarks.
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    Pretty much this. How characters like Jafar, Maleficent or worse, Ursula found someone to have kids with? That would require something called love unless they, well, just reproduced so that they can spread the dark forces or something. I don't know, it just has something very awkward if not bad about it.
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    Your arguments are so impressive. Believe what you want.
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    First things first. Dude what?

    Let me disagree with you. My main argument for his really bad style of drawing comes from the fact that i've seen some really bad frames in the course of the manga and some very disproportionate characters. There have been certain frames in the course of the past year in which the faces of the characters when in 3/4 face view look awfull. Also in many of the chaotic scenes you can barely understand what is going on, something which is also very common in Naruto. By your logic we can only judge people by whether or not they can draw or not a circle and Oda's art is simple because the writing is simple? Seriously? Do we even read the same series? Techincally you imply simple writing equalls simple drawing style while complex writing equalls more advanced drawing skills. I can't even begin to describe how wrong this whole theory is. Just compare different shonen series like One Piece to Tegami Bachi or One Piece to D. Gray - Man.

    Can you just please stop with the attitude? I am well aware of the timeframe a writer/mangaka works i have no need of you telling me. You could argue that he is a bit sloppy because he has to work on limited time which is understandable, both Naruto and One Piece would have been better if they were published on a monthly basis since there would be more time (although even that is still relevant since a bigger time frame would equall more pages).

    So when you entertain someone you can't deliver something with quality and you're allowed to be sloppy. Then why series like D. Gray - Man, Tegami Bach or even western weekly releases from Disney stories to your average super hero comic which still according to you exist for your enjoynment (not for one's way of telling a story and being creative, expressing his ideas as you claim on the folowing part of your post) go through the extense of dellivering quality art?

    Oh wow you degrade what you defend. Good for you. Let me break it down to you. Every story in whatever form be it, comic, book, movie, regardless if it belongs or not in the avant garde or high art or cheap main stream pop art as most of manga are, have a a message either deep or not and so it is with One Piece. Whether One Piece, Scrooge McDuck, Andy Warholl, Jackson Pollock (who by the way DIDN'T draw any circles!) will make one think or not and pass a message it is entirely upon the perceptual capabilities that person which derive from his/her experiences, memories, feelings, life.

    Your personal opinion, totally understandable. I am not saying the story is bad (though the concept of good pirates still is awkward), just the drawing is not of decent quality.

    You know this were you completely lost me because that last part of your post made me completely furious. It is bad because it is bad. Yes, i admit i am not the biggest fan of his style but as far as i recall i didn't went to the extremes of saying i hate it, so i would be thankfull if you werer kind enough and stop putting words into my mouth! I am very well aware of the distinction of personal opinion and criticism. Second, i like the series, i like Naruto and yet i have the mind to criticise what is wrong with those series i like. Please learn manners! I didn't call you stupid or degrade your opinion and how the mother flipping universe you know what i like and of what quality are things i like and who the hell you think you are to judge them?! Consider your post reported and i would higly appreciate it if a moderator takes action. I won't tolerate anyone degrading me because i expressed an opinion.
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    Exaggeration, i know. But still bad drawing is bad.
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    The manga has the most horrible drawing in the entire history of art. It's like a really failed experiment of putting together Sergio Aragonés's way of drawing with everything manga has to offer.

    I admit Naruto has gone way WAY too far and it rarely shows anymore glimpses of what it used to be, but it is going be a sad day when i read the final chapter.
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    Meh propably is just Kishimoto's mediocre writing or the fact that he forgets sometimes to draw activated Sharingans like he did so many times in the past with Sasuke.
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    I have very mixed feelings about this.

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    Interesting to say the least but let's get somethings straight. Winnie is the creation of A.A Milne so if you want to blame anyone about that world that has created a lot of theories, including one which claims that the 100 Acre Wood is some sort of bedlam and all the haracters are schizophrenic, blame him. Unforunately i have yet to read Milne's original material and cannot offer a comparison with Disney's presentation but i doubt major differences exist.

    But don't underestimate the bear.
    From Wikipedia
    I believe you can attribute characteristics of thievery or gluttony to Winnie and many others to the rest of the characters of his world, always from the perspective of an adult but i doubt a kid would ever get in the trouble of overanalyzing Pooh for second texts and hidden meanings.
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    Well Merry Christmas to you too. And since it's already Christmas here as well, Merry Christmas to all of you!
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    Not really, but since we are a day away, what are your plans for tomorrow? Spend the day with friends, family, go to a schalet?
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    Xehanort looks so... scary in HD. Look at those wrinkles! BBS in PS3 will be so great!
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    Am i the only one who thought of macronutrients?

    Got that yesterday actually but now it works just fine.
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    This plus either Disney wiki or KH wiki. I couldn't remember what was required so i found it through KH wiki.

    Also the final floor is sooooooooooo hard. Still trying.
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    Is that where the song is?
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    Ah thank you, i've been trying to figure it out for an hour or so.
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