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  1. ReenaReeka
    The day Aiko fell from the sky, was the day that changed all our lives forever. Because of her, I then knew that there just had to be other worlds out there! From what Aiko says, some can be really dangerous, much like the one she came from, but I don't care. I know that as long as we remain together and our hearts stay strong, we can overcome any darkness ...

    That's what Riku thought, but that was a year ago... Now, the islands are in ruin and all of you are separated in a storm. You travel with Sora through countless wondrous worlds, in search of your lost friends. Sacrifices must be made on this journey; great ones. What will you be willing to give up to have him back?
    Hii. I'm SilverKey/ReenaReeka and I'm doing an audio drama based from Za Warudo's Kingdom Hearts fanfiction, Simple and Clean. The storyline stays based upon the Kingdom Hearts series but it also has an alternate line. We all know Kingdom Hearts as the story of 3 friends ... but what if one more friend was added into the equation.
    For recording, I'd like all lines to be sent to I'd like the recordings to be in MP3 format. A good mic is a must. This is a very important audio drama and it will be based solely on audio. Pops and such will ruin the quality. When you send in your lines, I'd like them to be sent in a .zip file labeled as: while the recording should be labeled as, Username_CharacterAuditioningAs_line#.mp3. I do NOT except WAV. I repeat, I do NOT except WAV. Auditions sent in such a format will not be listened too. MP3 is a must.
    The auditions for the first chapter will end on December 16. Auditions turned in later than this date will be voided. Also as a note, for this project, I'll be assigning US (understudies) for all those who feel that they need it. So if you're casted, please tell me if you will need one. Thankies. <3
    Young Sora
    Young Aiko
    Young Kujyo
    Young Kairi
    Age: 12
    Importance: ***** (Will be in the first chapter so I need this one urgently)
    Voice Type: Basically all that Kairi is, wrapped in a cute pink bubble of adorableness. The voice should be a bit high, not too much and still hold that Kairi-ness that fangirls hate. lol
    Audition Lines:
    1. S-something's falling from the sky!! (shocked, frightened)
    2. How do you think she got hurt? (worriedly, curiously)
    3. "Yeah. The legend is, that if you share a Paopu fruit with someone you care deeply for, your destinies will be forever intertwined. *giggle* (softly, cheerfully)
    * * *
    Young Riku
    Age: 13
    Importance: ***** (Will be in the first chapter so I need this one urgently)
    Voice Type: Let's all think Riku. The casual strong cool guy who is not only talented, but also just cool. Embrace that and put that in his voice. Also, I'm thinking maybe a guy can do this, but I'm open for if girls would like to audition as well. ^w^
    Audition Lines:
    1. I'm Riku. You're awfully open for being surrounded by complete strangers. What gives? (slightly harsh, testing like)
    2. ...You chased after me. It just makes sense to run if someone's chasing you. (teasingly)
    3. Hate you? Why would I-? I never... I - I don't hate you Aiko. Where'd you get that idea? (mildly surprised)
    * * *
    Age: 14
    Importance: ****
    Audition Lines:
    1. Sora, you lazy bum. I knew I'd find you snoozing down here. (slightly harsh, testing like)\2. I just noticed that something was missing... Where's Aiko? (slightly embarrassed)
    * * *
    Age: 15
    Importance: *****
    Audition Lines:
    1. Aren't you guys forgetting about me? So, I guess I'm the only one working on the raft? (basically like Riku said in the actual game)
    2. Eh, she's probably off communing with nature or something... (carelessly)
    3. Aiko ... what about finding your brother? Don't you need that? (compassionately)


    For this portion of auditions, I'm in need of two singers. If you are interested in auditioning for the singer roles of Kairi and Aiko. I'd like to hear your singing without music please. ^w^ For Kairi's voice, I'd like it to be slightly higher while Aiko's voice will be medium like. If you have any questions, post on below. ^w^ Thankies. ^w^
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  2. ReenaReeka
    I started my KH1 Sora voice early this year and was actually surprised that I could actually do it. My friend was doing a dub for KH and I didn't wanna audition for JUST Kairi sense for a while I got Kairi role after Kairi role. >.< Soo, I tried to do Sora and well ... you decide if it was good or not. ^w^

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  3. ReenaReeka

    Hiiyaaa. ^w^

    Heya dudes and dudettes. I'm ReenaReeka. But you can call me Reeka. ^w^ I'm a voice actress, writer, producer, and secretly a ninja. I lovey Kingdom Hearts and I just can't wait to meet all you guys who share the same feelings towards it. ^w^ Hehehe. ^w^
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