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    "Does it matter?" Oren reached toward the celing and countless Heartless jumped for it, merging into a massive dark energy ball. Oren absorbs it into his being, creating a dark lightning storm in the ballroom. "Pitiful Nobodies. THIS DAY IS YOUR LAST!"
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    The sheer volume and diversity of FF characters, timelines, and outcomes makes it unlikely to be a solid choice to incorporate anymore into the world(s) of KH. KH stands out because of the integration, and by disrupting the balance between Disney and FF heroes/villians, then Sora's story becomes lost in everything FF
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    OCC: Dr Wigglz... I posted this a month ago. This is what you accepted
    IC: "This ends now." Oren jumps from the upper balcony and drifts down to the floor. All the heartless assemble behind him. "Your time is up, Nobodies"
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    OCC: Officially 2: Xorren the Nobody and Oren the Dark Being. The voice Xorren hears a bit ago is that text that appears in kh games, basically personifying the hearts of all worlds for a sec. Not under our or my control, but they ARE on the Nobodies side in this RP
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    Dark Thundaga strikes Xorren. "Shoot, I almost got the girl too"

    Xorren looks around the Station of Awakening... "What am I to do now?" A voice without sound tells him stand up and fight. "I will, if had strength to." Then I- we will help you......

    Thorn beams of light and dark surround Xorren, bringing him to his feet. He staggers then stands firm. The thorn beams are absorbed by his blades, making them glow and transform.

    NO! Xorren steps forward and slices the air with his new weapons, Oathkeeper and Oblivion.
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    I haven't worked with the Play as Mickey code, but all videos i've seen of Mickey executing a reaction command have resulted in the T-stance. I'm pretty sure the gaming codes don't have commands for the Mickey sprite, only Sora/Roxas/whomever. MEANING, that's the game saying "Hey. You cant do that"
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    Xorren could feel his control over the dark fire was raging nearly out of control. He tampered the energy with light but his resolve was wavering after taking hits from Invisibles behind him. He is forced to one knee under the weight all of the attacks. Using the last of his strength, Xorren leaps back out of the blast radius, hitting the wall above the Ballroom's exit. He falls heavily near the Beast, who is on defense fighting Heartless, and Belle. Xorren reaches for his blades, but everything starts to fade. His last sight is Belle running towards him... His last thought: "Heart of this world, I'm sorry.."

    Belle reaches to help this mysterious hero; as they touch, there is a flash of light that begins to expand, driving the Heartless from the very immediate area away.

    "More tricks, Xorren? I'm not impressed. It's time to erase you and your petty friends for good, Nobody.

    This world is mine
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    Same deal as before, but blocking is key. If you don't mind losing some, play through a couple times to time when to block Hades's attacks. Damage taken is limited then

    did you get Cloud to join your party?
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    If your disk isn't scratched, then just carefully clean it. That normally works for me for all my PS2 equipment.
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    OCC: Xorren, Xenree, Xoram are all in Beast's Castle, in the Ballroom. Xoram defeats all the Neoshadows and Large Bodies with his most powerful attack. Brief respite, then Invisibles and 4 Darksides are summoned. Beast and Belle are in the doorway of the room. Xoram is running to protect them. Xorren is in the center of the room, defending against the attack, after telling Xoram and Xenree to get away and protect the denizens of the world.

    Everyone else is on the Land of Dragons doing.... something.

    All that and I took control of a Dark Being who's coming....
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    Your command matrix needs to be upgraded to higher lvls and watch how and when you compile commands. I only just got the game, but I've found that continually adding commands together makes all the battles where I needed them much easier. I remember my deck had Cure lvl 14, Thundara lvl 6, Quick Blitz lvl 56 (or so...), and Ariel Sweep lvl 20-something.

    Block all attacks and max out combo chains aannnnnnndd...

    make sure you got Cloud the layer prior. It makes both Cerberus and Hades easier to beat, especially when he uses his Omnislash attack.

    Hope this helps somewhat!
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    There was no time for thought. Xorren activated his Limit Break, channeling energy to his weapons. The Heartless's attack met Xorren's crossed swords. Glowing with light and darkness, the blades were three times longer than normal, but the strength of the counterattack was nearly equal to the Dark Energy. Sparks and lightning erupt from the contact as Xorren channels yet more energy into his blades. They blaze with light and dark fire as strengths are matched. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh" (OCC: think Dragonball Z Spirit Bomb summoning-esque)
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    "Fool!" Xorren exclaims while sparing a finger to point behind the approaching Nobody. "Protect the denizens of light!" That Nobody had to have heard that Xorren thought. But that minute distraction allowed a Darkside time to gather a Dark Energy attack. Xorren brought his attention back to the Heartless as the attack fell on top of him....

    OCC: ummm, shoutout: Land of Dragons storyline? where did you guys end up?
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    Xorren was tired. He let his swords lower until the tips hit the ground. Xorren was somewhat impressed with the swordplay of the other Nobodies, but mere show would not change the tide of the war.

    As if on cue, four Darksides and a wave of Invisibles appeared. "Nothing is ever easy..." Xorren turned back to the astonished Nobodies, "Get out of here!"

    There was no time to say more. Xorren parried 3 Invisible blades, jumped and sliced through two. "Leave...
    because he's coming."
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    OCC: I'm just going to take control of my Dark Being now, to make things in the Beast Castle storyline more interesting...

    Dark Being
    Username: jschubert94
    Name: Oren
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Dark grey skin; jet black hair similiar to Xaldin's; wears an amorphous black cape, reminiscent of a vampire's (the classic kind..); Golden eyes; often has an aura of darkness, especially pronounced when Oren's feelings are provoked; has the Heartless emblem on his chest and a pronounced scar on the right side of his face; when his cloak is removed, his limbs have the same dark threadlike pattern that Riku had for a time in KH and Vanitas in BBS
    Personality(They may have qualities remaining of their former self): Ruthless, jealous, angers easily, likes to play with prey before completely demolishing it
    History: The darkness swallowed his home after being attracted to his jealousy over something that had happened. He took to travelling through worlds, and now has a massive Heartless army. He resides in the World That Never Was, but has recently been travelling to capture the worlds' hearts. Received his facial scar after his last encounter with Xorren, and is now sworn to get revenge. By destroying that pesky Nobody.
    Weapon: Darkness itself. Oren can manipulate it to create a variety of weapons, or just create dark spheres or thorn beams to shoot at enemies
    Other: Nobodies will fight, because if they don't, Oren WILL end the worlds...
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    Xorren was confused of the duo's conversation, a beast and all. But he did understand that the denizens of the many worlds would differ, but all must be protected. He looks up and sees a monster dancing with a girl. "Must be the Beast of which they're referring to.." These two had to be Nobodies though, with their Black coats and talk of Heartless and hearts and love. "They're tired, but the darkness that surrounds this world doesn't sleep.." Xorren starts to work his way past the mystery Nobodies when there is a scream from the girl and a snarl from the beast. Dozens of Large Bodies and Neoshadows have appeared around the perimeter of the ballroom, surrounding the world residents. Two errant Neoshadows appear behind the resting Nobodies. Xorren sliced these into oblivion and called to them: "Come on!" He runs into the ballroom taking out Heartless left and right..
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    Xorren is confused, "A Keyblade? I only have my swords..." Riku nods but points to Xorren's blades, which glowed with light and darkness respectively. "The hearts of the worlds have chosen you for something," the King comments. Xorren turns back to the door, "The hearts of the worlds..." Sora interjects, "But who are you?"

    "I am Nobody but me, Xorren" After saying these words, Xorren's head starts to overflow with memories of a past fight between light and dark. The wielder of both looks oddly familiar.... "I understand now. Keyblades communicate with worlds' hearts. If there isn't balance, then they call out to heros to correct the balance."

    Xorren turns back to the Keyblade Wielders. "The enemy now is of darkness. Light cannot defeat it alone, only a combination--" "Yes," Kairi interrupts "Utter darkness cannot be defeated unless light and dark work together."

    "It seems the only way to beat the dark is to work together then," Sora says. "Seems so," says Xorren. " There must be more Nobodies like myself out fighting the Heartless, but they could be scattered far between worlds. Our dark pathways have become ambiguous. Light will gather strength as we beat back the dark, then together we can take down the Dark Beings."

    Xorren turns again, takes a deep breath and summons a Dark Corridor. "I will do as the hearts of all worlds bids. This realm needs balance needs to be restored."

    "The Heartless have been sealed from this world temporarily. Work to become stronger as heros of light. I will return." Xorren sheathed his swords and strode through the Dark Corridor.

    "Huh? Did you see that?" exclaimed Sora. "Yeah.." said Riku. The King assured them, "He'll be back soon. I don't think we're done being surprised by Xorren yet" The Keyblade wielders left the Secret Place, into a new dawn on Destiny Islands, each wondering why Xorren's blades transformed into Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades for an instant just as he but them away!

    ~~~~~~~~~~OCC: oooooo, tricky. plot hole fixed, thanks Dr_Wigglz. alright, i'm back in the story.

    IC (again): Xorren steps out of the Dark Corridor to see a large grayish-blue castle. "There's been a battle here, looks like anyway..." He then sees catches a glance of two people in Black Coats walking through the gatehouse. He draws his swords and quietly chases the duo down, making sure he cannot be seen or heard
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    OCC: I like the dark corridor (not knowing where you're going) kinda deal... its how i got to destiny island in the first place (reading Xorren bio again..) Also p.s. i'm still on said world, but i'll finish up shortly and move on to another world. Annnndd question: can i control the keyblade wielders for just like a post or two? It would clear up some plot holes I'm creating if i can.

    IC: Xorren slices two more neoshadows into dust, but the remainder of the Heartless hung back as if waiting for a command. Tired and panting, he looks back at the door he is protecting. "The heart of this world cannot be extinguished.." Xorren looks at the Heartless army, seemingly massive in the small space of Secret Place. "I wanted to avoid this, but you leave me with no choice..." he exclaims as he turns and plunges his white sword into door. "LIGHT!" The Heartless advance as one but are thrown back and dissipated immediately by a shockwave of light. The cave entrance to the Secret Place shines brightly...
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    Xorren shut the door to the heart of Destiny Islands. "That's why this world has not been overrun by the darkness--" He cut off quickly as shadows appeared behind him. "but they're going to try aren't they," Xorren mutters as he draws his blades. Slicing through the enemies with ease, he wonders "where is your leader?"
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