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    Hello to everyone new and old on Kh-vids. I'm back again due to a really heavy nostalgia and a bit of loneliness. I had a best friend who introduced me to Kh-vids who I was very fond of (and who has moved on with her life.) I really enjoyed making friends on Kh-vids and thought I'd come to see if any of my old friends were still using and if I could make some new friends! I want to stick around for a while!

    Ps. If anyone here likes, games, anime, manga, comic books, conventions, pets, archery, or drawing then we will be amazing friends! <3
    Thread by: Doc, Jan 8, 2017, 6 replies, in forum: Introductions & Departures
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    Flirt by staring at the person your enumerated with until they feel a cold shiver of eyes on them... Wait that's stalking never mind.
    Post by: Doc, Apr 17, 2015 in forum: The Spam Zone
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    No bad luck for me in that department yet. I'm not very fond of ever ending up on the bad side of an April fools prank. >_<
    Post by: Doc, Apr 1, 2015 in forum: The Spam Zone
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    Wow it's like I've turned 15 again and I was barely a wee gal discovering yaoi. ;)
    Post by: Doc, Mar 26, 2015 in forum: The Spam Zone
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    If they had a happy meal cosplay I would totally cosplay it. :|
    Post by: Doc, Mar 26, 2015 in forum: The Spam Zone
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    Oh my! I love Markiplier! I hope he's ok. I would hate to see someone I admire on YouTube get hurt. :(
    Post by: Doc, Mar 23, 2015 in forum: The Spam Zone
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    I'm a spring baby so I love this! <3
    Post by: Doc, Mar 22, 2015 in forum: The Spam Zone
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    I just came back from being a ghost and it's so dead I'm not sure what to do on the site... I'm literally giving it another try. It would be cool if the site was as crazy as it was four to five years ago. :( I miss a lot of the people.
    Post by: Doc, Mar 22, 2015 in forum: The Spam Zone
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    Bullying is a major problem in today's world so maybe in the video you can discuss some statistics of when it started and how it has risen in the last few years. You could also talk about peer pressure and where behaviors of violence are coming from. Most often the people who bully are also bullied themselves. Maybe try to talk about self defense and definitely promote socializing and talking to parents, councilors, doctors, friends, etc. Most people who are bullied are to ashamed to talk to others.

    The video is a very good idea and with a lot of facts, and a good amount of emotion (a mixture of compelling sadness and finally reaching a happy ultimatum) will compel other viewers to spread the word or at least spread the video around.
    Post by: Doc, Mar 19, 2015 in forum: Discussion
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    Ok I want that... ALL of that like right now.
    Post by: Doc, Mar 19, 2015 in forum: Movies & Media
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    Good luck Amaury! Don't get nervous and all tense, make sure to socialize and make new friends! You can do it! <3
    Post by: Doc, Mar 19, 2015 in forum: The Spam Zone
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    So how many of our Kh-vids users got a nice pinch yesterday for not wearing green? And if so just where did we all get pinched? -Waggles eyebrows- ;)
    Thread by: Doc, Mar 18, 2015, 15 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone