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  1. NightCrisis
    I just had a dream where Zexion confessed that he was a girl and I was like: Nooooooooo. Dreams sure are random...
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    Haha LOL

    I just found this really funny video on Youtube that has Pokemon in it. It's about a guy prank calling a store and it's really funny. CX
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    It's pretty easy, really--just pick a movie song for the user above. The rules are simple--follow the regular forum rules and everything would be fine for everyone. Just like this one for example:
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    I love this one Spongebob Squarepants episode, LOL.
    The best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the time
    the one with the color, turtel neck, that's the kind
    but when you're wearing that one......special......
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    My stomach has been hurting since I ate a whole lot of stuff yesterday. Since you know--it was New Years. Do you guys know the best way to handle the pain? Thanks...
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    Hey KH Vids. I can't wait for KH3 to come out. I've already been trying to make a fan version of what it might be. Here it is and I hope you guys enjoy. If you want me to write more, just tell me and I'll get onto it.
    Ventus sighed in and out as he slept. "Sora!" He then opened his eyes wide and gasped for air. Who--who was that? he thought as he gripped the edge of the chair tightly. Ventus then looked around the room, seeing weird Heart designs embedded in the walls. He looked at the ground. How--how long have I--? Aqua and Terra! Ventus sprang out of the chair and looked around the room, but he didn't see any of his two best friends around. Foolish hero--your awakening has only caused chaos... A familiar voice erupted through the room. Ventus looked around the room and summoned his keyblade. "I'm not afraid of you!" he said. The voice then let out a dark laugh. Let's see about that. I'm your worst nightmare... The next thing Ventus knew, everything turned dark.
    Ventus opened his eyes, only to see that darkness was around him. The same voice from before echoed around him. Foolish hero--to be afraid of the dark is to be afraid of your own self... "What--what do you know of me?!" Ventus yelled. I know that you hold weakness in your heart. Weakness that you can't let go. Your friends... "What do you know about my friends?! Let them out of this!" The same dark laugh echoed through the void. Let's see about that, shall we? The darkness then tugged at Ventus and pulled him forward. The next thing Ventus knew, he was on the beach in another person's body with two other people that he hadn't seen before.
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    I'm wondering--should I buy the new Kingdom Hearts game when it comes out? :/ What do you guys think?
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    I just find it funny that the parents let their little kid drive the car. Learn when you're young is all I say LOL.
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    BAP stands for Best Apsolute Perfect. They're the only one and best K-POP band that I've ever listened to. :D Here are some awesome songs made by them.


    No Mercy
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    I'm scared...

    I just had a dream of a ghost girl calling my name. What does that mean? I hadn't told any of my family members just yet. It felt so real to me... Can anyone explain why I dreamed of this?
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    Help Virus?

    I was using Google Chrome a while ago and the site just froze on me. I don't have any screenshots, but like I said--it froze on me. I tried to close the browser and then it gave me a download error. I was like: I didn't download anything. WTF? Right now I'm using my iPod touch because I'm too scared to go on my computer to see what the virus did to it. The last time I checked, I hadn't clicked on any ads on this site.
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    OMFG--I want to be a video game tester when I grow up since it's only just testing video games all day long. It's almost like Heaven for me.
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    I was wondering--what actually is Kairi's power? I mean--she turned Sora back to normal when he was a Heartless. What actually made him turn back to normal though? That's the question.
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    I just saw Shrek unwillingly, because my little sister made me and donkey's voice is stuck in my head. D:
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    On my way to school one day--I was at the subway and I saw these strange people looking around hurringly. As I looked at them, they looked taken aback and looked away. Were they spies or something?
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    Hey KV Vids. Ever since I wrote a status about me being a detective for hire--I've been trying to make my own detective series. ANY PEOPLE WHO WOULD LIKE TO PLAY PLEASE READ THE BOTTOM INFO FIRST.

    Username: What is your KH Vids username?
    Detective Name: What is your detective's name?
    Looks: What would your detective look like?
    Background History: What is your detective's background history? As to say--what made him/her want to be a detective?
    Place You Work At: Where does your detective work at? Give a specific detail. Not just say--"Oh--he works at the police station." What's the name of the police station?
    OOC: What would your story OOC like to be? First? Second? Third?
    More Info: A first person is the author's point of view--as to say "I" instead of "She". Second person is the heroine/hero's point of view in the story--as to say "Rachel looked outside the window and saw snow began to fall in her backyard." Third person is another character's point of view of the story.

    You've been chosen to be a detective. Would you accept the job and fight crime? Or decline it? Madame Orvine--the Head of the Secret Supervillain society is on the run again. This time, though--she has strong people by her side. Chase her down and arrest her. There may be obstacles in your way.

    1. Please don't start arguments on who gets to start first. [If you do, I'll personally go up to a Super Moderator and ask them to lock this thread.]
    2. If you want to change your OOC, contact me by messaging me on my profile.
    3. Refrain from using negative words.
    4. Please don't piss off other members--it's not polite.
    5. Refrain from using short sentences. Using paragraphs are more detailike than short sentences.
    6. Follow the regular forum rules--as to say--don't double post or you'll get it from the Super Moderators.
    7. Please fix vocabulary errors if you have the time to. We don't want to figure out what you're trying to tell us.
    8. Please don't ignore other members--thank ya kindly.
    9. If you've got a question--about this RP or anything at all--contact me by messaging me on my profile.
    10. Please don't copy anyone else's character or RP story for this RP. Please be creative and make your own.

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    Hey KH Vids. I've been trying to make a fanfic called Doctor Who Into the Unknown. Here's my draft of it.

    The Doctor coughed as he tried to get up as his time machine tumbled around in the empty space. Guess I hit the wrong buttons again... he thought as he stood up. The Doctor then looked at his control panel that had a 3D image of what was outside of his time machine. Everything was pitch black like that of a dark hole. Maybe he was in one.

    How do you guys like it? Just give me a holler and I'll write more.
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    We've only got 26 members online here... We should have more. D:
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    Hey nightouters who stay late on KH Vids--let's have an awesome party. Hell yeah!
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    David Guetta

    Are there any people on here that like David Guetta's music besides myself? I think his music is really great--such as his Titanium song--which is my fave.
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