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    It is good, than it is great, than it ends like gold at the apocalypse, than you ignore the rest , but you can't even though it's trash you are just to deep into it.
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    Pixar screams kingdom hearts even more than Disney itself, they are very reflexive about their feelings, and everything having them so It is huge. Just hope they getting proper worlds and not just a "Chicken little stunt".
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    I am the opposite, I mostly like stories with at least two sides show (like Song of Ice and fire, Basilisk, and most recently Tokyo Ghoul). It is pretty easy to develop feelings that we are looking at Good X Bad even in the real world (because we live in our point of view), to be in another's shoes is something that most people avoid/can't do it properly. Most times the conflicts are Good X Good, Bad X Bad or even more common naive X naive.
    So It is a style of writing that I am very fond of, and I can bypass something to read a good story in this format.
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    Keep it simple:

    It is in portuguese but it says:
    "Super heavy: Hulk, Thor, Hercules, Iron man
    Hulk: Hulk should get his own category
    Thor: There is no match for me on earth
    Hercules: Your strenght only comes close to my own.
    Iron man: With a suitable energy source I can maintain this level for 10 seconds.
    Heavy hitters:
    Thing, namor, Doc Samson, Vision, Tundra,black bolt
    Thing: No fair spidey, I should be in the previous list
    Namor: In the ocean my strength is supreme
    Doc: I am Doc samson, I have the strength of a calm hulk ... it is a pitty that Hulk is never calm
    Tundra: I Should be at a higher tier don't you think Black bolt?
    Black Bolt: "....."
    medium weight: Valkyrie, She- Hulk, , Luke Cage, Silver Surfer, Colossus, Ghost rider, Spider man
    Valkyrie: I am the greatest warrior at asgard
    She hulk: When you get to know me, you will change your impression about my powers spidey
    Luke Cage: Luke Cage among this bunch? I pitty the fool...
    Silver Surfer: Why would one need strength, when one have cosmic powers at his side?
    Colossus: I am still a teen just wait for me to grown
    Spider man: That is were I stand

    light weight: Tigra, Nighthawk, werewolf, Spider woman,beast, captain britain
    Tigra: Do you think I should be here?
    Nighthawk: I am twice as strong a normal human, and cosplay as batman.
    Werewolf: Grrr
    Spider woman: I am stuck in between a werewolf and a beast!
    Captain britain: I am the spirit of britain of old.
    The rest:
    "They don't have super strenght, but trainend their body to the fullest"
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    Basically none. First of all they never announced for it, They could do it in the long run if the Wii didn't fail as much as it did, but since the game isn't out yet and the NX is already proposed it will be easier to skip Wii U and go to NX (should they want to port it).
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    Seeing movies, music, video games really helps. But without any level of context is pretty difficult. For me learning english was like 4 years of the"to be" verb plus entertainment sundely I understood it. It depends the difficulty of the other language and proximity towards your mother tongue. Portuguese is pretty close to Spanish, so even without classes it is possible to "understand" each other, but to truly learn the differences without using the common thing of your mother tongue is hard. For example "embaraçada" in portuguese means ashamed in spanish "embarazada" means pregnant.
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    This is a really common place for me. I've been through forums since 2003, and since then most foruns I've been died out, the ones I had the longest run were a Saint Seiya forum and a Bleach forum, I'll most times idly stick with them as the forum dies by itself, today a old timer from the bleach forum that I go since 2007 finally "gave up" on it, today that forum that I cherished for such long time has 3 active users, not even its creator goes there and I don't know how long it will last. Sometimes I even try to keep in touch with those members at other locals , but the change of atmosphere makes it difficult.
    I can relate to the feeling, and even though today I am prepared to move on, it always come as a surprise when it finally happens. Wish best of luck!
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    Even though I agree with you at a philosophical level every tool has a "intent behind it", a primary use. Guns aren't bad, but they are made for killing people, sure you can use it for "good", but only because there are guns out there in the first place we need guns to control its wielders. It is different than any other tool that can be used as a weapon, but have a primary use that is "harmless". I am not taking the responsibility of the person using the tool, I am not saying that having a gun makes you automatically evil, but I take it with a grain of salt when someone say that guns were made neutral and almost pious.
    As for the use of weapons by cops off duty, the legislation changes from place to place so I'll speak of my opinion of what is right and not "legal", and even though in some cops do need them even off duty, I think it should be kept at a minimum, off duty cops are civilians therefore the presence of a gun changes their position/power/ and awareness of others around him.
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    Even though I liked playing with Riku again (as it is not always that we have the option), I felt that his arc/problems were already solved in the reverse/rebirth , and touched again in KH II (even if he gives himself to the darkness he never loses his heart). Sure there was that whole "he was Sora's dream eater thing", but that only happened because he gone through the problem of doing his make up quest before. I'll be bothered if Riku focus in all the games will be "you are darkness, you can't be a hero", it seems poor written like they don't know what to do with him.

    Even though by the end of Reverse/Rebirth he is a full fledged dark warrior and probably Keyblade wielder, in the beginning of this fight he already accepts his darkness:

    "Follow the darkness, it will show the way to your friends"
    (Is this Disney?)

    Riku overcame Sora by the end of the game by not taking the easy way out using Naminé's power to suppress the darkness, like Sora did to recover his memories, in a way it was a anti-climax ending, as the whole game was about Sora don't caring about the "fake or real memories", but the chain of hearts, he could remake his friendships, could have been told the "truth " by Goofy and Donald, and what is forgotten is not lost so he could have all the memories without forfeiting Naminé, but even though that was the "wrong choice" it was Ok, because Sora is human and is prone to making mistakes. All this catarsis makes DDD even more unnecessary.
    (But it was great for their friendship, as others noticed)
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    My take on Ansem SoD is that he seeks darkness above all else because he found out that darkness was a source of knowledge and power without equal (thus creating the heartless emblems), If he had found out a way to harness light like he did darkness he would probably don't mind use it as well or instead. He uses darkness for "enlightenment", but was corrupted in the process. It is different than Xehanort that knew both light and darkness and seeks a balance (or at least he says so). Ansem also thought that Kingdom hearts was "Darkness", and was surprised to know that in truth it was light. Xehanort obviously knew that KH was light, because he knew the tales of the keyblade war, so he is not opposed to "use light", like he did "creating ventus", and was aware of the princess of heart, he became the embodiment of darkness because he needs his 13 dark parts to create a new keyblade war, as 7 lights were already there for harvesting.
    And that is way I think Ansem was neutral (not to mention that he and Sora were the only ones not corrupted by the darkness when became a Heartless, so one should think that can be some good in him?). Not trying to justify his actions, he would let all worlds die for his objective, but at the same time is the "only path he knows" ?
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    Even though Xemnas and Ansem SoD are working for Xehanort, they truly don't know do they?
    If I am not mistaken, they only know the "truth" while time traveling, when they come back to their specific time they lose all their memories of the future (so Young Xehanort doesn't have future knowledge, even though Master Xehanort had put him in the "right track"? He whould just leave them do their thing because it would end where he needed them).
    Because I really think that each plan of each Xehanort incarnations plans could pay off if was not by Sora's meddling, I could think Ansem SoD as Neutral evil, as we always saw him as a "part of Riku", he would help Riku most of the times, even with an evil agenda, Also as a pursuer of knowledge it makes me think that he probably doesn't do things only for the sake of evil, but because he sees darkness as the "truth", so is more like he doesn't know better?
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    (...)I thought about how I wanted to package KH3D's essential story with a product that was a part of KH3 and its technology. In result, it was inevitable that the console would be the PS4.

    (I love how this makes no sense, so it was inevitable to ignore XBOX ONE, because of reasons)

    The Foretellers aren't really characters that can be fit into the timeline somewhere, so we are dedicating their story to a theatrical production.

    I am actually bothered by this, sure they do a " fake time travel thing", but they are on the past aren't they?

    Just as I explained in your previous question, we won't show the whole thing of the initial concept, but we decided to show it ahead of KH3 as a short episode.

    I am happy they didn't just cancel it, as BBS 2 would probably be better than all those DS games, but I am worried about being just one world, hope it comes back full in KH 3

    --Could you please tell us precise release dates, as well as the progress in development at this time?

    (An answer is unacceptable, they skipped the ps3 gen >(!)

    --Can you tell us more about what you've had to change for KH3D, such as going from two screens on the handheld to one on the console, etc.?

    Nomura: Since everything in the original was developed with the idea of having two screens, we're having to reproduce everything so that it fits one screen, so it's much different than the other HD releases, as it is more of a “remake.” Since the original design for the 3DS was a lot of fun to play with, in order to keep that same fun while remaking it for the PS4, we're having to cover a lot of ground and make lots of changes. I will have more details in the next interview, so please wait until then.

    I really hope they get this right! Until now in the games I've played the touchpad was almost useless would trade for my start button any day.

    Nomura: That's right. Aqua is the main character, so the story will follow Aqua through the realm of darkness. However, the flow of time in the realm of darkness is different, so it's not simply ten years that have passed. (...) this short story will be about the length of one world in the usual KH series.

    Why do you torture me with a such tiny game?


    I am kind of underwhelmed. Even though Kingdom hearts 3D is important plot wise, it must be the shortest Kingdom hearts games ever , even those games at Nintendo DS that are fillers in comparison have more gameplay to it, 358/2 goes out of its way to give us multiplayer (and the ability to play as Donald duck, that was my main reason to buy KH I), Recoded have those hacking gimmicks and such (even though It was boring replaying KH I one more time). So It is a short game bundled with a movie, and a demo... I had high hopes for BBS as It was an actual new game promised for ages, so I don't see why this collection will have a full price tag.
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    I really hope for some kind of cross buy. And it goes without mention that this should be since day one, as both Ps vita/Psp and Ps3 are able to play these old games, there is no excuse for the Ps4 not doing so, It is a matter for the future gens as well since we don't want our games to be locked in one console, because Sony/Microsoft are expecting that next gen will be download only, like steam , but they are not giving us backlog catalogue, meaning they want to be steam without giving us the service steam provides. (Just like DC is trying to be marvel without 10 years of movies).

    Not to mention that Xbox one is actually making their previous Xbox game free to download(only needs the game disc), making their Gaikai/Now inferior, if they do not improve their service it can be disastrous
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    Ok , so that's that.
    So 1+ 1.1+1.4= 1.5 , how?
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    Yeah I agree with Square dropping the ball in the console department, when you buy a console there is an expectation of "games that will be on it", sure is a bet, but the fault part in these are the game developers and not to mention Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft... we enter every new generation willing to early support their platforms that basically have vapour, because if it was not like this console gaming would be doomed and everybody would be better off with pcs (that still can be a final senary).
    When the developers and the manufacturer fails to deliver games, they are at fault because we supported them like we could (like the ps vita thing). When we started to play Kingdom hearts it started at Playstation 2, both numbered titles were at Ps2, and the only one that they shifted CoM, was remade for Playstation 2. Kingdom hearts II ends pretty much implying that there will be a III, so It was a safe bet to buy a Playstation 3 to play it. No one at that time could predict that it would take more than 10 years for the game to be ready and a generation would be skipped.
    Just imagine if there were no Fifa for an entire generation, Assassin's Creed and such?(or to go to a extreme , and have a Nintendo console without Mario?) People love to complain about this mass game production of AAA titles, but there is a genuine expectation that there will be such games in each console they buy, to not have them makes your system value less than they originally did, all the other "new games" are a special prize that will improve further the system value.
    Most of the side games made for nintendo handleds could be merged, or skipped, or even made a quick port to the "main console line", when Square didn't do that they betrayed the fans. Sure for people that started playing kingdom hearts in nintendo's console may feel like a betrayal as well, but the franchise didn't born at nintendo, so the expectation wasn't so natural like Playstation owners, Xbox owners to recive the game is sure a given, but I don't think anyone bought a Xbox one to play kingdom hearts as it was never there to begin with.
    I sum, they could've/should've made less games for nintendo, or at least made them multiplataform with sony at fast pace so that we could have received all those games for a decade.
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    I just received yesterday my Dream drop distance copy ;(.. I don't like playing on the 3Ds , but I finally gave up waiting for a port and this happens...
    Ok good game.
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    Not their best work, the Kingdom key was beautiful, but this one seems half made, the hearts (bottom and the one on the blade), the colors etc..
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    Crystal was the best in many ways (and I think it should be together with Gold/silver). It has the best generation evolution until Black2/white2-> XY, the other generations have few changes between the previous and the next . The second generation not only had 2 maps (that none game has had since, minus their remake), day/night time (that were dropped and then salvaged in future generations), cool story (the first gen is basically win the league) , expanded the mythos, gave us the RUINS OF ALPH to explore daily events (friday? Wanna catch a Lapras?) gender option, RADIO, cell phone -that was a minor inconvenience when you were bothered for gossip, but was cool for Rematch people that keeping getting better, itens (evolution stones!)- Quests where you received lended pokemons that you could trade for some random pokemon and just equip the mail or such!
    More chance of catching Suicune, the mascot of the game was for the first time the legendary semi exclusive, and not your inicial.
    COLORS! Cool pokemon, Shiny pokemon, EGGS (game changer), equipped items, berries (that were fun , not the sad ones we have now).
    It was the first in many things and I feel like some generations settle for the least inovation possible, some like the third even go into the trouble of taking things that we got on this gen.
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    For now it seems like a new theme for Windows 7, didn't notice any major difference even my facebook didn't log out when I upgraded, what is nice, but I was actually wanting to format my pc.
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    Amaury, because I don't know who are the others >(
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