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  1. Reisen
    Looks good to me, the green background could use more depth with all that negative space attributes
    Post by: Reisen, Apr 11, 2019 in forum: Arts & Graphics
  2. Reisen
    Were you trying to do a "misty tag" with the pink bg border? If so, you failed. Mainly because the tag is short, and not only that, the tag is black and white. So it doesn't fit together naturally. I would just take the pink out and leave it to what you're current signature is now.
    Post by: Reisen, Dec 13, 2011 in forum: Arts & Graphics
  3. Reisen
    Pretty decent, my only suggestion is making the tag is a little bit more brighter? In terms on depth so riku could blend more with the tag and not stand so much out like a sore thumb. The text could use a different font maybe, but good job.
    Post by: Reisen, Dec 13, 2011 in forum: Arts & Graphics
  4. Reisen
    It just feels like a simple tag, nothing spectacular about it really. It does feel incomplete.

    In all honestly, it looks like a crop out, than you actually doing anything to it.
    Post by: Reisen, Aug 22, 2011 in forum: Arts & Graphics
  5. Reisen

    That demyx on the right sure does look like the one a site staff made on KHI in this link. Did you try to resize it and edit overtop of it.? Wallpapers/demyxsmaller.png
    Post by: Reisen, Jun 12, 2011 in forum: Arts & Graphics
  6. Reisen
    I think you should have chosen a better 'choice of stock' to begin with. Not only that, I think it needs to blend in more. Maybe gradient map; dark red? There is so much going on in the background, I just don't even.
    Post by: Reisen, May 27, 2011 in forum: Arts & Graphics
  7. Reisen
    Only thing that bother's me is the text placement and the borders.
    Maybe try using Gradient Map / Blue to blend it in more? Other than that, it's ok.
    Post by: Reisen, May 25, 2011 in forum: Arts & Graphics
  8. Reisen
    Spot holder .

    [ will edit after I post my tag. ]
    Post by: Reisen, May 7, 2011 in forum: Competitions
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  11. Reisen
    TEAM TRICERATOPS (DPWolf & mixt) - nice and simple.

    TEAM VELOCIRAPTORS (Misty & Guardian_Soul) - It has a nice flow although, as some of the others said ; the random bubble seemed odd, and the smudging felt like a last minute "to-do". Idk, I still like it overall.

    TEAM BRACHIOSAURUS (Laplace & Cody) - Too bright; focus point is way off and I can't read the text. The only best to last one that I saw.
    Post by: Reisen, Apr 29, 2011 in forum: Competitions
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    Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear about your lost. I wouldn't be depressed or moody if I were you in any case. But it's harder than just me saying this, because I know your grandfather wouldn't want you to feel so down in the dirt. Hang in there kiddo. xxxx.
    Post by: Reisen, Apr 6, 2011 in forum: Help with Life
  17. Reisen
    I kinda like this, but back tracking on what misty say's is true. Also for the text, I wouldn't use BLENDING >> DROP SHADOW on the text. Instead just use overlay. As for the overall tag, I would use a gradient map color to help it blend in generally all together. Like a dark topaz color or what not.

    Not bad, kiddo.
    Post by: Reisen, Apr 6, 2011 in forum: Arts & Graphics
  18. Reisen
    I'm actually looking forward to this one, can't wait to see who I'm paired up with.
    Post by: Reisen, Mar 31, 2011 in forum: Competitions
  19. Reisen
    spot holder .
    Post by: Reisen, Mar 31, 2011 in forum: Competitions
  20. Reisen
    I really can't see any "orange" in v2. It's also too bright, level the brightness down a bit, and give the avatar some depth and some more colour.
    Post by: Reisen, Mar 26, 2011 in forum: Arts & Graphics