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  1. travellerofworlds

    It is a sort of AMV, I say sort of, because has scenes with talk together with music ^^, there is a scene where is a bit noticeable the background music, in destinyislands part..., sorry for that.
    the cutscene videos I give credit to you guys, I'm really thankfull, so that I can make this video, because kingdom hearts is the best game to express a message I wanted to express and show for a long time, is up to you to find it.
    I know the video is well coordinated, I did my best as I could <=D.

    I'm really thankfull to you guys :)
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  2. travellerofworlds
    I've been searching around if there was topic, and seems to not have it, so I did, if there is, close te thread.

    so what is your favorite "part-time" job?

    mine is poster duty :p , I found so much fun to do.
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  3. travellerofworlds

    New member

    hello, my name is Rita and I'm from Portugal.

    my younger brother incentivated me to play 7 years ago, and I'm not usually into games, we could say the only games I play is Beat'em Up, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Kingdom Hearts.
    we could say the game moved me in a special way :3

    I'm usually shy at start, but when i get used to, I can be very talkative.
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