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  1. Majik
    I haven't posted here in eternity.
    CnC please.

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    You can now only share your account with 1 other PS3, instead of 4 like every day till now.

    Thread by: Majik, Nov 5, 2011, 14 replies, in forum: Gaming
  3. Majik
    So I'm fairly new at photoshop. I think these two pics I did are fairly decent but not fantastic.
    I would like other peoples opinions on what aspects I can do to improve.

    Riku. - 3DS - 2.png

    Shining Gundam.
    My attempt to copy Laplace's style. /fail Gundam.png

    Please send me a link to a tutorial you think I should work with to improve.
    Thread by: Majik, Oct 27, 2011, 1 replies, in forum: Arts & Graphics
  4. Majik
    I have the U3 BETA that is only accessible to United States citizens. (You can play the BETA in any region, but the code to actually get the BETA is only accessible here.) Would anyone like to game share for it? The BETA has been announced to carry over to the full game. So your stats, cash, costumes, kickbacks, all unlock material, etc will be carried over to the real game. So basically you get a 2 and a half week head start on playing the multiplayer and ranking up. If you would like to game share for it say what your willing to trade for it and I will PM you the details.

    Sorry if admins here do not like game sharing.
    Thread by: Majik, Oct 14, 2011, 7 replies, in forum: Gaming
  5. Majik

    Has anyone other than me gotten a chance to play this? Me being a fan of the first inFamous, I have been waiting for this for quite a long while(which is actually rare for me. As I don't play, let alone anticipate video games as much as I did when I was younger). I must say, Class-A game right here. Definitely the most highly improved sequel I have seen so far this year. Everything from the story, gameplay, animations, to graphics is equivalent to Uncharted 2's standard. This game is like watching a superhero movie at a theater.

    The story picks up where the first left off. Cole has come to grips with his powers and must grow stronger to be able to defeat "The Beast" that his future self, Kessler, has warned him about in the previous game. He travels to New Maris where he meets a man named Wolfe, one of the developers of the Ray Sphere. Wolfe informs Cole that blast cores are the key to increasing his powers which he must collect before it's too late. As Cole continues to grow stronger, the Beast destroys city after city as it makes its way to New Maris to fight Cole again.

    Gameplay wise, it is far greater than inFamous 1. The way how powers are handled is alot better. Their are alot more powers to choose from/upgrade as you become stronger. You can also change which power is assigned to which button (to a extent) on the fly. New super moves called "Ionic" moves make you feel like you can blow the hell outta anyone one in your way, which is how you should feel with a superhero game. You also get to choose between a new superpower, fire or ice, depending on your karma choice. Melee combat has been completely redone. Instead of fist-to-fist combat, you wield the "Amp", a woop-ass stick capable to stylish moves.

    Graphically, (as I said before) it's on par with Uncharted 2. Which most of you should already know how good that game looked. It's nice for Cole and the gang to have realistic looks and animations instead of looking like rag dolls from the first game because of handmade animation Sucker Punch used.

    Even the credits in this game look cool... Or it could just be the music used in it was very fitting for the end of the game. Either way, I definitely recommend you all to try this game out.

    And for the record: Throwing cars at people is fun.

    Big Spoiler:
    John is the Beast.
    Thread by: Majik, Jun 4, 2011, 34 replies, in forum: Gaming
  6. Majik
    Anyone play multiplayer on Uncharted 2?
    If anyone wants to play with me I will PM ya with my PSN ID.

    Im level 51 btw.
    Thread by: Majik, Jun 27, 2010, 0 replies, in forum: Gaming
  7. Majik
    Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed the "Highly anticipated" game that is to be announced this year is not a FFVII remake as many believed.

    Thread by: Majik, Jan 23, 2010, 8 replies, in forum: Gaming
  8. Majik
    This is the best game i've bought in awhile :0
    If your a MMA fan like me this is a must.
    Almost perfectly simulates mixed martial arts (well, the types they have atleast).

    Only complaint I have about it is the online, sometimes **** quit if your stomping their faces in. and the buttons can be a tad hard to get used to (was for me atleast) but if you actually bother with the tuts it helps.

    Anyone else here bothered to try it out?
    Thread by: Majik, Oct 13, 2009, 0 replies, in forum: Gaming
  9. Majik
    So, Sony is intrested in their super PS2 emulator, not to mention they plan to release PS2 games on PSN, plus future dreamcast ports/emulator?


    Source: [URL="$1328865.htm]GameZine[/URL]
    Thread by: Majik, Sep 25, 2009, 8 replies, in forum: Gaming
  10. Majik
    The latest issue of V-Jump featured new info over Birth By Sleep.
    Including a new (possibly multiplayer) mode showing Aqua, Terra, and Ven in their armor forms where player can join up in a "joint struggle”. As well as introducing Neverland. So squint your eyes and take a peek at the small screenshot.
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at" /></a><br /><br /><a href="" title="QuickPost"><img src="" alt="" border="0"></a> ​

    In other news, episode 4 of coded was released today.
    It features Sora, Hercules, and cloud fighting their way through Olympus Coliseum.
    Also, it was revealed the next chapter of coded will feature Agrabah.

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at" /></a><br /><br /><a href="" title="QuickPost"><img src="" alt="" border="0"></a> ​

    Source: The Heart Station
    Thread by: Majik, Sep 17, 2009, 31 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
  11. Majik

    So, X-2

    I laughed .
    Thread by: Majik, Sep 2, 2009, 16 replies, in forum: Gaming
  12. Majik
    First sig i've made in god knows how long.
    I think it turned out well other than the guys fat head in the lower right.
    and yea, kinda plain.

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  13. Majik


    is 10 times harder when your mouth is numb.
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  14. Majik
    i started messing around in photoshop again.



    Newer one

    Thread by: Majik, May 15, 2009, 4 replies, in forum: Arts & Graphics
  15. Majik
    was messing around in vegas, song is haunted by evanescence. first amv eva xd
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    Anyone know where i can get crisis core vids from that are not subbed (looks ugly with them) in english?
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    laplace's evil self motivated me to work in photoshop again >.>


    Thread by: Majik, Jan 30, 2009, 2 replies, in forum: Arts & Graphics
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    Can any of you photoshop pro's here tell me the name of the font used in this picture?


    the one that is used to say "Transgen"
    Thread by: Majik, Jan 25, 2009, 1 replies, in forum: Help
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    anyone here have a ps3 and call of duty 4?
    Thread by: Majik, Jan 23, 2009, 1 replies, in forum: Gaming
  20. Majik

    Fight Club

    I watch it today :0
    first time i've seen it since a few years ago.

    anyone else seen this?
    edword norton was perfect for the narrator.
    i like the overall story to, a man who feels trapped by society becomes best friends his alter ego (which is represented as another person).
    this alter ego starts to make the narrator become someone he doesn't really want to be (basically its making him a bad person).

    so whats your opinion of this movie?
    Thread by: Majik, Dec 18, 2008, 8 replies, in forum: Movies & Media