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  1. Soraoscuro
    Heya guys, i needed your help to recognize some names in the game, i'm translating RE:Com to my native language (Spanish) and i have seen names of things i have never seen in the game, or maybe i just didn't get to see those, but well, the names are the following ones:
    -Zexion Trap A
    -Zexion Trap B
    -Riku A
    -Riku B
    -Riku C
    -Riku D
    -Cloud A
    -Cloud B
    (And so it continues with Axel, Roxas, and others)

    Do you know where this names appear at?
    You would be a helping me a lot if you knew where this names appear at.
    Thread by: Soraoscuro, Jul 2, 2009, 3 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX
  2. Soraoscuro
    Lemme explain you guys, this a series of videos using codes where YOU decide its story, you can give out ideas, pieces of story you think it would fit, or it would be cool that would appear on the next episode, almost everything is possible.

    Enjoy the videos :O

    Episode 1 - The clothes' burglar & Ven's training
    Thread by: Soraoscuro, Mar 12, 2009, 20 replies, in forum: Video Showcase
  3. Soraoscuro
    Well, if you saw one of my hacking tests, Goofy did a 1-hit-kill on Sora, and now it's time for Sora to get revenge.
    I made this video just to show that i found a way to color mod and role mod in KH1, even though both are DMA codes, and a bit hard to find. (Green Sora ftw!)

    These codes won't be released, but i show you guys the video so you know it's possible to role mod and color mod in KH1.
    Thread by: Soraoscuro, Feb 19, 2009, 11 replies, in forum: Video Showcase
  4. Soraoscuro
    Well, people are uploading random english cutscenes from the game, but i prefered to upload them in order and in HQ, so i thought on posting them here as well in the case people were interested.

    1st Floor

    2nd Floor

    Axel - 1st Battle

    3rd Floor

    4th Floor

    5th Floor
    Thread by: Soraoscuro, Dec 5, 2008, 14 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX
  5. Soraoscuro
    Yes, i modified Terra's animations to make him faster and stronger, the ones that fought Terra will notice quickly the changes.

    Test 1

    Test 2
    Thread by: Soraoscuro, Jul 10, 2008, 10 replies, in forum: Video Showcase
  6. Soraoscuro
    Well, here i'll show my best hacked battles and restricted battles from KHII and KHIIFM (Sorry about the language of the hacked battles, 'im spanish, so my game has spanish voice acting.) For now i'm trying to beat Bizkit's Terra's restricted battle.

    Hacked Battles

    Roxas and Riku vs Roxas and Axel

    How many Terras are needed to kill Sephiroth?

    Sora is trying to escape from the throne room

    Sark Wars!

    Sora and Riku vs Axel and Demyx

    DW Sora vs Axel

    Roxas, Axel and Demyx vs Xemnas[/URL]

    Restricted battles

    Marluxia Data CM Lv1(No damage, More restrictions)

    Terra CM Lv1 (No damage, More restrictions) [Sorry about the quality of this one]

    I hope you like my videos :3

    EDIT: Damn, i didn't notice that there was a KH videos subsections, could a mod move my thread to the correct place?
    Thread by: Soraoscuro, Jun 18, 2008, 0 replies, in forum: Video Showcase
  7. Soraoscuro
    Hi, i'm on this forum since long ago, but i never got to introduce myself properly.
    I'm spanish, 18 years old and i love KH, but the most i love is hacked and restricted battles from KH :3

    Well, see ya!
    Thread by: Soraoscuro, Apr 15, 2008, 11 replies, in forum: Introductions & Departures
  8. Soraoscuro
    Someoen knows the Roxas status? like HP, strength, defense, %of elemental resistance, things like that.

    Thanks in advance.
    Thread by: Soraoscuro, Oct 5, 2007, 7 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
  9. Soraoscuro
    I have a question, i have the final mix i beat Xemnas and did clear data but Terra doesn´t appear, you have to do something before to make him appear?
    Please answer i would be grateful.:)
    Thread by: Soraoscuro, Jul 16, 2007, 2 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
  10. Soraoscuro
    Could someone tell wich are the abilities
    of the new keyblades and their effects?
    Thread by: Soraoscuro, Jul 2, 2007, 5 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX