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  1. Key master Sora
    You read the title... Have you heard of any place names like that?

    People keep telling me about a place called "blow me down national park in Dildo newfoundland"... We also have places like "drink water" saskatchewan and "Moose Jaw" saskatchewan...
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    well, I am currently trying to draw Terra, aqua and Ventus on with a mouse but it is very difficult! :( *ripping out hair moment...* will have the pic posted asap as it is taking me forever to do..... uggg....
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  3. Key master Sora
    This is a Kingdom heart Birth by sleep video I made!


    This is a vid that I made when I was talking to my friend I call terra. It sounded like the music he listens to so I thought I would try this for him. The song is Bullet with your name from Disturbed and the game is kingdom hearts bbs. I don't own the content of the video just the concept. Thanks kh-vids for the clips!
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  4. Key master Sora
    So ya KH-Vids, I finally discovered a way to do rainbow text or multiple colors! XD

    Thinking of you wherever you are, we hope for our sorrows to end and hope our hearts will blend, now I step forward to realize this wish, and who knows, starting a new journey may not be so hard, or maybe it's already begun, there are many worlds, but they all share the same sky, one sky, one destiny...

    (Hopefully that's right as I did that from the top of my head... O-O)
    Discuss anything you want here:
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  5. Key master Sora
    today with a tape measure when I was measuring for a shuttle run... XD A couple cadets tripped over the measure and pulled it along with them and it ripped up my finger. Started bleeding on the parade square. fortunately it isn't serious.
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  6. Key master Sora
    well, That Great big sea concert I was supposed to go to, I didn't get to go to it because the weather got too bad for me to travel to it... :( Can you believe it snowed already?
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  7. Key master Sora
    Yes! I am finally going to a concert I will enjoy! :<3: Great big sea all the way!!!

    I go tomorrow so i won't be on since I am going to a funeral then the concert.
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  8. Key master Sora
    KH Class RP OOC Lounge!

    Hey guys! This is an ooc lounge for KH-Class RP from Dabeatmaster123! I thought this is where we can put our journals for catch up and also discuss issues and ideas for the rp! Also we can Chat if you really want! Welcome to the lounge and it is now open! ^-^
    TO THE RP!!!!

    I find it really hard to do a long re-cap on the story so if you can, read maybe the last 2 or 3 pages to catch up on what is happening

    you can read all the pages if you want if you have the time and patience... If you want details on what is happening then read it!

    List of ideas:

    Meeting Sora and gang?
    Control other characters? : ex- If we are in Port Royal, someone controls Jack, another controls Elisabeth, etc
    World Location?
    Usernames beside characters?

    1. Destiny Islands
    2. Traverse Town
    3. Wonderland
    4. Deep Jungle
    5. Olympus Coliseum
    6. Agrabah
    7. Monstro
    8. Atlantica
    9. Halloween Town/ Christmas Town
    10. Neverland
    11. Hollow Bastion ( 100 Acre/ Space Paranoids)
    12. End of the World
    13. Twilight Town
    14. Land of the Dragons
    15. Beast's Castle
    16. Disney Castle (Timeless River)
    17. Port Royal
    18. Pride Lands
    19. The World That Never Was
    20. Castle of Dreams
    21. Deep Space
    22. Dwarf Woodlands
    23. Enchanted Dominion
    24. Keyblade Graveyard
    25. Land of Departure
    26. Mirage Arena
    27. Mysterious Tower
    28. Neverland

    Original Worlds:
    -Rose Town
    -Terca Lumiries
    -Daisuke's World (unknown name)

    -Rita (gone)
    -Reita (gone)


    Team 1:

    Team 2:
    -Rita (gone)
    -Reita (gone)

    Team 3:

    Other Characters:

    (White= good Red= bad darkred= Dead)
    -Hibiki (Gone)
    -True Kenneth
    -Chip and Dale
    -Queen Minnie
    -The Creator
    -Higher Powers
    -The Author
    - Magneticeon
    -L. Nuthead
    -Shadow Star
    -Xone (heart in a jar)

    - Xemnas
    - Xigbar
    - Xaldin
    - Vexen
    - Lexaeus
    - Zexion
    - Saïx
    - Axel
    - Demyx
    - Luxord
    - Marluxia
    - Larxene

    Character Layout
    Background Story:


    -User of the Keyblade: The user of the keyblade is an all around fighter. They usually don't have a powerhouse of moves, but they have a wide range of attacks and magic. They can attack, use magic, summon (D-links too), and turn into different forms.

    -Keyblade Warrior: Keyblade warriors focus on fighting in physical close combat. There also are keyblade warriors that know magic called "Spell Warriors". They usually focus on one type of magic, but they can use basic spells.

    -Dark Keyblade Warrior: Dark Keyblade warriors focus on using dark energy and magic. They are a powerhouse physically and magically.

    -Keyblade Mage: Keyblade mages focus on magic. They can learn a large variety of magic and it is their strongest strength. They are also decent at summoning but it's not their main priority. Their weakest attacks are physical.

    -Keyblade Summoner: Keyblade summoners are very skilled in summoning other people. They also master using D-Links. They aren't the best physical attackers, but they can do a bit of damage when using the keyblade.

    -Keyblade Driver: Keyblade drivers are strongest when they turn into a certain form. They are weaker in their normal form only knowing little skills, but when in a drive form they are at their highest strengths.

    -Warrior: Warriors use swords and are great in physical combat. Their swords grow with them and they get more powerful as time goes on.

    -Mage: Mages main attacks deal with magic. They are weaker when they use physical attacks unless a power is dwelled within their weapons. They usually use staffs and books.

    -Summoner: Summoners rely on other people to fight for them. They generally don't have a weapon other than things they find on their journey. They usually have items to remember who they can summon.

    -Defender: Defenders use shields just like Goofy! You would be surprised how a shield can help you in battle. They usually are best at defense and they can attack with their shields and ricochet them at things as well.

    -Strange Effect?: This is where a strange thing happens in the I/O Tower. It's usually when a combination of classes mix or there is a defect. They can also create special classes

    WEAPONS!!! (and items)
    Trixis- basic Key, Kingdom Key +, fire keychain?, Ice keychain? (trixis lost wayward wind due to ven coming back), armor and keyblade glider
    Daisuke-Normal Summoning keyblade, baseball pendent, Merlin's glasses, electrical chip, Xone's symbol, large bag
    Kenneth- Fire Key, Eternal Legacy, Ice Key
    lexi- basic Key, fire keychain?, Ice keychain?
    Xone- heart in a jar
    Xenree- Dark Void, dark keyblade, pendent of her brother
    Mage- potions and ethers, her doll of Ashir, a wooden staff, and a tiny book of spells+notes about said spells
    Ventus- Wayward Wind, WayFinder, armor and keyblade glider
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  9. Key master Sora

    Add me!!!!

    If you were my friend before the system crash and are not my friend than please re-add me!!!!!!!!

    So this thread you can talk about what ever you want. No need to thread hack
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