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    That is all.

    I'm leaving because I simply don't want to be here anymore. It used to be fun, but now I just don't give a shit.
    I really don't think I'm coming back, so if anyone actually cares, I'll be on msn.

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    ° Mine sucked. °
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    ...and my sig and avvy. I just love toygers!

    Ya, so I was emo_bunny...
    Anyways, I'm just curious to know what do you think of my new name.
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    She's wearing something that's... Not pink!!!!
    Fine, this thread has no point...
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    Liek, WTF?
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    Just another pointless thread, made by me. Just thought I should share some of my stupidity with you guys...

    Anyways... I was just watching as my little sister was playing KH. She was in the middle of the Demyx battle and a reaction command popped up. And ofcourse I was all like: "WTF?!?!!? There's a reaction command called Catch the Rain!!!!"

    So yeah, guess what the reaction command really was...
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    Try not to laugh as you sing along to this video...

    I couldn't do it...
    Failed miserably.

    EDIT: Editing this, to make it a little more simple.
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    I didn't know that could happen...
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    I couldn't help it... He's just so hot.
    I didn't make the video, but I found it and got a crazy idea to start a thread about this...
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    I like Zexy, Demyx, Larxene, Yuffie, Aerith, Tifa and Reno!!!!!!
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    That I'm never gonna tell!
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    Imagine if the people in Destiny, Radiant Garden and The Castle that Never Was found a bunch of Gummi Ships and go in. The ships have an auto-pilot and crash. Soon, everyone finds themselves in a lost, exotic island, far away from home.
    The Gummies crashed on different sides of the island (and when I say so, they will find each other). The Organization has crashed on a smaller island (just pretend that they're alive), really close to the one where Sora and his friends are.

    The rules:
    -no godmodding
    -no yaoi/yuri
    -romance PG-13
    -no big breaks on typing (or you'll be kicked out!) except if on vacation and computer not avalable (for other reasons, inform me)
    -no killing without permission
    -only 1 character from each group
    -you can have up to 3 characters, but only 2 OC's (only they can be in the same group), and only 2 organization members!

    These are the groups:

    Dih good guys (group a):
    Group 1a:
    Sora: soraroxkairishot
    Kairi: Kairi_girl_92
    Roxas: Roxas-Chick
    Namine: *TwilightNight*

    Group 2a:
    Yuffie: emo_bunny
    Leon: theonly9one

    Group 3a:
    Yuna: Luna561
    Rikku: Spunk Ransom
    Paine: len
    OC: Debbie: Chεrry ♫
    OC: Daxma: daxma

    Group 4a:
    Cloud: Roxas-Chick
    Cid: Chεrry ♫
    Riku: The Fifth Element
    OC: Leen: len

    Organization XIII(group b):
    Group 1b:
    Xemnas: theonly9one
    Xaldin: GenesisRebirth

    Group 2b:
    Saix: theonly9one
    Axel: *TwilightNight*
    OC: Flo: emo_bunny

    Group 3b:
    Demyx: Xaale
    Luxord: Noba
    Marluxia: Marluxia13579
    Larxene: emo_bunny
    OC: Evie: theonly9one

    Example for OC form (also my OC):
    OC Form:
    Name: Flo
    Age: 14
    Female/Male: female
    Weapon: A shuriken. Most of the time it's small, but when Flo has a lot of energy, she can power it up into a big one,
    Good/Bad: good
    Attitude: sometimes she's emo, sometimes she has anger controlling problems
    Appearance (you can draw, describe or give a link): She has shoulder length blonde hair, light blue eyes and pale skin. She's got dark blue, really ripped jeans and black converse, and a top with black and red horizontal stripes.
    History: Her land got sucked into darkness, and as she escaped, she was captured by the organization. Flo travelled with them to this island and now she's stuck here like everyone else.
    Group: 2b

    The OC's:

    Name: Carrie ''Evie'' Harper (prefers to be called Evie)
    Age: 16
    Female/Male: She's a chick
    Weapon: Blaster (you know, the lazer shooting guns from e.g. Star wars?)
    Good/Bad: Goodish
    Attitude: She can be rather cheerful, but in a very sardonic way, and she has got a wry sense of humor. She loves playing guitar and piano, singing and reading... (some of the many things she misses from her own world) She has her share of 'emo'-moments every now and then, but over all she is quite happy in a Yuffie-like, somewhat annoying way!
    Appearance (you can draw, describe or give a link): I'm a lousy drawer, so I'll try my best at describing her. She has a slightly roundish face, long, wavy gold-brown hair, sea-blue-green eyes and red lips. She is about 5' 4'' (a bit over 160 cm I think), slender, and she is dressed in a torn black, knee-length skirt, a light blue top and a dark blue jean jacket. Her skin is normally pale, but she has spent a few weeks at a tropical island now, so it's becoming tanner.
    History: Evie is a Earthling. A dark portal appeared in front of her on her way home from school, and she got sucked in to it. In the darkness that she was in, she found a blaster, and then she found herself on a tropical island. She has been gathering food, water and fire wood, and practicing shooting in the mean time, but hasn't explored the island yet. Now that these strangers have come, everything has changed for her! Plus, she has forgotten everything concerning Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy
    Group: 3b

    Name- Debbie
    Age- 17
    Female/Male- female
    Weapon- She has a bazooka and a umbrella that can shoot blades everywhere.
    Good/Bad- Good but eccentric.
    Attitude- Quiet, calm and unique. She is also random and keeps to herself unless its necessary.
    History- Lived a pretty normal life, but one day the world she lived in became infested with demonic creatures that eventually killed almost everyone, turning it into a ghost town. She found a portal, and was just about saved from being killed by those creatures. Unfortunately, her world has been destroyed, and no-one can come back in it. The world she had once lived in has turned into a breeding shelter for those creatures, and use the corpses of the dead people to make one of the worst monsters.
    Group- 3a

    Name: Daxma
    Age: 17
    Weapon: Twin Oblivion/terra keyblades
    Attitude: His attitude is variable and he seems to have a quality in his attitude that tells everyone that if he's challenged he won't be hit sown.
    Appearance:Black cargo pants,Black jacket,black T-shirt,black boots.All the pockets of his clothes are metal plated.He has spiky blonde hair and has sharp white eye's that have an Omniscients about them.
    History:Has had fighting abilities from a young age but also had an extremely sharp mind do he knew when to use them.He challenged Organisation XIII as many times as he could.
    Group: 3a

    Age: 14
    Female/Male: female
    Weapon: kunais , a katana that spreads some energy when she's feeling mad
    Good/Bad: good
    Attitude:she's nice and get's kinda scary when she's mad ,smart,opptamastic ,cheerful,
    History: Leen used to live in earth .. on her way home from school a little kid appeared ..the nighours kid asked her to follow him ..when they arrived the kid showed her the black portal that appeared in his treehouse, she was sucked up by that portal and ended up at a place outside of a small peaceful city ..where at the moment she forgot everything about her past life ....she trained and looked for food up that hill.
    Group: 4a

    Okay! Have fun!
    Thread by: zexykupo, Jun 27, 2008, 222 replies, in forum: Retirement Home