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  1. Ojex
    Because I want to watch all of the cutscenes over again, and read all of the conversations between the Organization that you get between missions. Also, this way, you can switch to a different difficulty level and start over again.

    Hmm. Maybe instead of a code for Panels, a code for changing the Day? IIRC, we already have a code for changing the difficulty, and with one that changes the Day, it would make people think twice before skipping ahead to the last day with almost no Panels at all.
    Post by: Ojex, Mar 9, 2010 in forum: Code Vault
  2. Ojex
    Except that I'm talking about having the full inventory on the first day. Its not that I want to speed through to 100%, but that I want to start with the same level and abilities as the previous game (which would place me at level 82, or thereabouts).

    And as for "max level up panels" potentially messing the game, just limit it to the maximum you can get through gameplay.
    Post by: Ojex, Feb 25, 2010 in forum: Code Vault
  3. Ojex
    I had an idea for a code or three. I know that we can use a code to get all gear panels (though I don't recall if the GearMod Panels are included in the code), and therefore, we know that we can use a code to get panels. So, instead of using "Times X Exp" or "Get Y Exp" codes, how about "get Z Level Up Panels?" Or even just a code to get maximum of every panel in the game?

    I ask this because I want to start a new game+ like thing, but since they don't have this feature, and I don't feel like selecting every day in the Holo-Missions over and over again (you still miss out on some cut scenes that way), I was thinking if we had such a code, we could start a game with as much as we had in the previous game we had.

    This also means we'd need a code to unlock all the slots to put the panels in, but that's a different matter, hm?
    Post by: Ojex, Feb 23, 2010 in forum: Code Vault
  4. Ojex
    Ah, you mean swapping the moveset of the weapons as opposed to the characters. Or, perhaps, swapping the "skin" of the weapons so that, say, the Kingdom Key+ looks like the Omega Weapon. Am I right?
    Post by: Ojex, Feb 13, 2010 in forum: Code Vault
  5. Ojex
    Did you add a joker to the "Play as Riku" code? Doing so creates a trigger for it to work, though you'll have to press the trigger-button to activate it practically every time you change what room you're in.
    Post by: Ojex, Jan 25, 2010 in forum: Code Vault
  6. Ojex
    To continue with and extrapolate upon sora-final-riku's train of though, think of it as this:

    Dual-Wield Roxas, when given the Saix move-set and weapon-set, wields a singular claymore.

    Saix, when given Axel's move- and weapon-set, wields two chakrams.

    Marluxia, with the proposed code, would be attacking with a scythe in each hand. (perhaps just giving DW-Roxas's move-set, but not changing the weapon?)

    Alternatively, you could have Xaldin using several shields in place of his lances when he attacks. (perhaps accomplished by using Vexen's weapon-mod, but not changing the move-set?)

    Experimentation may be required.
    Post by: Ojex, Jan 18, 2010 in forum: New Releases
  7. Ojex
    There are those of us, myself included, that don't really care about getting 100% completion, we just want to screw around with the game. I normally don't use any cheat codes at all until after I've beaten a game.
    Post by: Ojex, Jan 17, 2010 in forum: Code Vault
  8. Ojex
    If he was sure they would work, he wouldn't need them tested, right?

    Arm Mod (Axel) doesn't seem to do anything.
    Animation Mod (Axel) doesn't do anything, either
    Model Mod (Axel -> Xemnas) is also inoperative.

    Perhaps if you added a joker to the codes to make them activated?

    I use 94000130 FFFB0000, which activates the code by pressing select.

    The above joker may also help The Black Rose and pyroKyle.

    Just attempted the Model Mod by adding my preferred joker to as the top line, and it didn't work then, either. I might also try adding the joker to the other two, but I'm not sure if that'll do anything.
    Post by: Ojex, Jan 3, 2010 in forum: Code Vault
  9. Ojex
    I'm here to be a tester for codes that need them. I shall test as well.
    Post by: Ojex, Jan 2, 2010 in forum: Code Vault
  10. Ojex
    Please note that the above codes have so far only worked with ROM and Emulator. Real DS-compatable codes are still in the works.
    Post by: Ojex, Dec 18, 2009 in forum: Code Vault
  11. Ojex
    While you were a little harsh, xxnike629xx, I do agree that he should have used the "search" function of the site.

    Either way, how're the NTSC U/C weapon/moveset mod codes coming?
    Post by: Ojex, Dec 10, 2009 in forum: Code Vault
  12. Ojex
    I had the same issue with the xp codes, in that I could get 10000 after a mission and level, but get no panel for it. So I had to use the code to get close to leveling up, then actually grind the rest of the way.
    Post by: Ojex, Nov 30, 2009 in forum: Code Vault
  13. Ojex
    How about just invisible to those fields you have to avoid? So you don't have to bother dodging Lumiere, Cogsworth, or Pete? Or is that what susanoomon5490 meant?
    Post by: Ojex, Nov 27, 2009 in forum: Code Vault
  14. Ojex
    These codes work after adding a joker (I use 94000130 FFFB0000, which activates the code by pressing select)! I just tested them out on a basic mission (killing Deserters with Xion in Twilight Town) and Roxas was swinging around the Kingdom Key DOmega just like King Mickey, though the code has to be re-applied when you change areas.

    As for testing with Mission Mode, I could only test it in solo, but neither Sora nor Saix had any reaction to it. Roxas get nothing while dual-wielding, but with one keyblade, it works.

    BTW, chibi-Roxas is hilarious.


    Did some further testing. Sometimes the game will freeze on black (like trying to load the first mission with Xaldin with both on and active), and it will sometimes affect your partner (Axel's chakrams were replaced by two KKDOs, and he was constantly becoming chibi, though Xion didn't get the KKDO, she still became chibi). Also, the code won't combine with the character mod code.

    Also, the weaponset code can be used independently of the moveset, but the moveset cannot be used without the weaponset code.
    Post by: Ojex, Nov 18, 2009 in forum: New Releases
  15. Ojex
    I can test them on my real DSi. I've been wanting to play as Mickey wielding the Torn Heavens (I prefer the original name) for quite a while now.
    Post by: Ojex, Nov 17, 2009 in forum: New Releases
  16. Ojex
    Thanks for the codes! Unfortunately, it seems that the codes for using someone else's weapon/moveset don't seem to work with my Action Replay DSi. The codes to play as a different character work fine, though.

    Something I'd like to do, is to play as Mickey while wielding Lexaeus's weapon. Because Torn Heaven is almost twice as big as the Mouse King, and it would look hilarious. I also think it would be cool to play as Xemnas using Oblivion & Oathkeeper.

    If I'm right, the first thing I mentioned should have worked with this code combination (as two seperate codes activated at the same time)

    Play as King Mickey (press Select):
    94000130 FFFB0000
    2204C65B 00000010

    Use Lexaeus's Weapon (press Select):
    94000130 FFFB0000
    1207E856 0000656C
    120B2CCA 0000656C

    If I've got something wrong in there, could you tell me what? Thanks!
    Post by: Ojex, Nov 14, 2009 in forum: Code Vault