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    We have all the windows open in my house since it is really hot in the house (my dad is a cheap meanie butt who won't -refuses- to turn on the AC, and he won't let us do it...grr...), now when ever the wind blows random doors slam shut... so far six doors have suddenly slammed shut in my face within the past two days and thirteen have with in the past week. So I came to the conclusion...

    My house hates me...
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    Dinosaurs are fallen angels according to a science teacher at my school...
    She was insane...
    She got angry and threw a book at a kid's face (poor kid) and it actually did hit him, just not in the face. Why she got mad at him, we all have no clue...
    She proclaims that her fish are her family members and she puts them in "time out" where they end up dying, which causes her to cry...
    Sadly some of the entertainment in my school life is gone now, since she got fired for throwing a book at another kid...this time hitting him where it hurts...
    I will truly (not) miss her...
    Maybe I'll actually learn something in that class now...
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    Mine would be on a Civics test...

    It was:

    Communism is...
    A. Good in theory but bad in practice
    B. Evil
    C. America's form of government
    D. IDK my BFF Jill?

    Which would you choose?

    Also in my science class you have to fill out a sheet if you forget your home work and two of my friends got them on the first day the system was in place...On the form you have to put what you forgot and why you forgot it.

    One of their responses was:
    I forgot my vocabulary worksheet because I was to busy dancing.

    The other was:
    I forgot my study guide because I went camping with my family and was not only bitten by a rattle snake but also by a rabid squrriel.

    My teacher was offically pissed after that...but it was funny.
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    This is...


    Sorry, I had to get that out of my system...
    This is what I get for watching 300, hundreds of times with my sister...
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    I do!!!!
    I can eat a whole bag of them in ten minutes, but I usually have a huge stomach ache afterwards...
    I had my family members eat them and they made funny faces...
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    I don't really have a title for this yet, explains it, here is a little story, If you like it leave a comment telling me you do, and I'll write another chapter or so...
    (I think this story sounds stupid...but then agian I think all the storys I write are stupid, so that doesn't really matter.)
    Dedicated to my friends... O.o o.O...

    Riku was sitting on the Paopu tree looking out over the ocean. Sora then ran and jumped over the tree, then calmly landed on the ground, leaning on the tree.
    “Nothing’s changed huh?” said Riku, he long sliver hair blowing in the wind.
    “Nope, Nothing will.” Said Sora
    “What a small world.” Said Riku.
    “But apart of one much bigger.” Said Sora.
    “Yeah.” Said Riku.
    “Hey Riku… What do you think it was…the door to the light?” said Sora.
    Riku laughed, jumping of the tree and landing beside Sora. He pointed to Sora’s heart and said, “This.”
    Sora put his hand over his heart, “This?”
    “Yeah. It’s always closer then you think.” Said Riku. Sora smiled.
    “Sora! Riku!” yelled Kairi, the two turned their heads to see her. She ran over to them carrying a bottle, and breathing deeply.
    “Hey, What’s up?” said Sora.
    Kairi held the bottle towards them and said, “Look.”
    “From the king?” said Sora looking at the bottle and he then grabbed it out of Kairi’s hands. He then took the cap off and then shook it to get the letter out, He opened the letter and began reading it. Riku then looked over Sora’s shoulder at it, and Kairi did then same but on the other side.

    ~Chapter One~
    “The Keyblade is said to hold phenomenal power. One legend says it’s wielder saved the world, while another says he wrought chaos and ruin upon it. I must know what this Keyblade is. A key opens doors. Master of the Keyblade. The lost two. Memory of Xehanort. Chasers. Keyblade war. It all began with…birth by sleep.” Said a voice.
    People in armor then appeared, fighting a man in armor and an old man. There was lodes of Keyblades there, hundreds maybe thousands! One of the three people fell and it revealed her face, She had not even shoulder length, blue/lavender hair and deep blue eyes, the shortest of the three ran over to her, she then sent a blizzarga, to the tallest one. It the put a shield over him, and out of now where some of the Keyblades rose off the ground and flew towards the tallest, hitting his shield. The shield blew up, and the two that were on low ground looked up. The shortest one the took off and the girl yelled, “No!”
    The tallest one then fell to the ground, standing up he pulled his Keyblade up and started to fight with the old man. The old man set an attack at the tallest, and sent him fling backward. Once the tallest gained balance again he looked at his arm, it was covered in ice, the Ice slowly moved up his arm and on to his shoulder. The tallest then looked at the old man, as the ice reach his collarbone. The old man held up his Keyblade, the shortest then came from the air, but right before the blade hit the man, the man disappeared. Grabbing ahold of the shortest ones head. The tallest one could see his own breath now, and he then looked at the old man, and his friend, who was trying to break free. The old mans the made the shortest ones head go straight forward, making the helmet crack.
    The tallest one stood up and then was blasted away by Keyblades. The tallest fell down to the lower ground, where the girl was. The girl then looked up, seeing the shortest ones helmet breaking away slowly, revealing one of his blue eyes and his blonde hair. The old man then froze the boy, slowly dropping him off the cliff, and the blonde one slowly fell to the ground, hitting the rocks on the side of the cliff as he fell. He once he hit the ground, he slid over to the girl. The girl looked at him, he helmet was gone, showing his whole face. He then slowly moved his eyes to look at her.
    The old man then held up his hand, there was a glowing ball of blue and pink fire, he sent it towards the sky. The then began pushing the clouds away, the girl was holding the frozen boy close, as she looked to the sky. She was staring at the sky amazed at what she saw, a blue heart shaped moon in the sky. The man then made a fist and brought his hand down to his side, smiling. The tallest on then pushed himself up on to his knees, and he then took off his helmet revealing his brown hair and his blues eyes became yellow.
    Sora woke up, looking at the clear blue sky, he sighed sitting up, and then said “Why am I having those type of dreams again?”
    “What kind of dreams are you having?” said Kairi, Sora flinched.
    “You know around four years ago, before destiny Islands was attacked I kept having weird dreams about being swallowed by this huge black thing?” said Sora.
    “Oh yeah, and I found you down here sleeping while me and Riku were building the raft, and I thought you were still dreaming when you told me about it.” Said Kairi.
    “Well, I’m having those kind of dreams again but this time, I’m not the one being attacked.” Said Sora.
    “Then who is being attacked?” said Kairi.
    “I don’t know who they are, but they are in a place with lodes of Keyblades around them…and there is a tall male one with brown hair and blue eyes, a girl about your size with blue/lavender hair. And then there is a shorter male that looks like Roxas.” Said Sora, “by the way have you talked to Namine for awhile?”
    “No, I’ll try and talk to her but she won’t answer.” Said Kairi.
    “Same with Roxas, he won’t answer me.” Said Sora.
    “I see you guys forgot about me again.” Said Riku.
    “Yeah, sorry.” Said Sora.
    “Well, did you guys hear? There are some new people on the Islands. Kairi, one of them is your dad!” said Riku.
    “What?” said Kairi she looked at him her blue eyes sparkling, she stood up, I haven’t seen my dad in so long, it was around seven years since I last saw him, and that was before I came to this Island!”
    “Well, if you want to see him, him and three girls are at your house.” Said Riku.
    “Well, I’m going to go.” Said Kairi headed towards the dock, she then turned around her shoulder length Red hair blew in the wind, “Thank you Riku.”
    Once Kairi was out of sight Riku looked at Sora. Sora’s face was really red; “Luckily I saved you from her seeing you like this.” Said Riku and with that Sora looked at Riku, who laughed.
    “So are the new people girls or boys?” said Sora.
    “Oh, there is Kairi’s father and then there is a girl with bright red hair and another one with black hair.” Said Riku.
    “Oh, can I go see them?” said Sora.
    “No, they are at Kairi’s house so allow them some time talking to Kairi.” Said Riku.
    “Ugh…Fine.” Said Sora looking at the boats, “Can I come over to your house tonight?”
    “Why?” said Riku, “If the reason is because I live beside Kairi and you don’t then no.”
    “That is not the reason.” Said Sora, “but that was a good reason.”
    “Then what is the reason?” said Riku.
    “Uh…I got in trouble, and I want to let it blow over for awhile.” Said Sora.
    “Fine.” Said Riku, “Remember school starts the day after tomorrow.”
    “I know…and it stinks…the summer is over.” Said Sora.
    “Yeah, I know, but we haven’t been in school for three years.” Said Riku; “I kind of miss it.”
    “Riku…you make me angry.” Said Sora, “The only reason you like school is because you are a suck up, a teacher pet, and you study to much!”
    “Sora, you know that you could be as smart as me if you actually worked hard at school.” Said Riku and the two left going to their houses, to get to Sora’s house you had to walk past both Kairi’s and Riku’s house. The two were walking past Kairi’s house which was on the right handed side, and there was a lot that could fit a house on it before it drops off onto a cliff, on the left handed side. The two then saw a girl sitting there, the girl looked like Kairi, but her hair was black and fairly long, almost down to her waist. The girl’s outfit was looked like Kairi’s but above the belt was a really dark purple, the undershirt was purple, and the part below the belt was black.
    By the look of it the girl was crying, she was sitting curled up in a ball, and the wind was blowing her hair. The two stopped and looked at her.
    “Should we go see what wrong?” said Riku.
    “I don’t know,” said Sora, the two stood there watching her. The girl then stood up the sun was setting.
    “I guess she wasn’t crying.” Said Riku.
    “Yeah, I guess so.” Said Sora the two began walking again, they went past the lot then looked back over to look at the girl, and she was gone. “What happened to her?”
    “I have no clue,” said Riku as they began walking again.
    Then another girl was then standing farther up the road; she was standing on a rock. She didn’t look sad, she looked angry. She just stood there looking at the water far below. She was humming a tune; it was one that sounded familiar.
    Riku looked at Sora, “That song…”
    “Isn’t that song the song of the sacred moon?” said Sora.
    “Yes, it is…It was the song that the moon sounded like it was singing.” Said Riku, “It was sacred…only the ones who have come close to kingdom hearts have heard it…how could she know it?”
    “Only, the organization, you, me, Kairi, Donald, King Mickey and Goofy should know the tune since we are the only ones who have come close to it.” Said Sora.
    “Your right…” said Riku. They stood there, the girl now had a hood on, her long black, that hair that almost went to her knees was equally divided onto each shoulder. The cloak was black, but there was only one button on it and that was one the top, near the collar. She sighed slightly looking at the two.
    “What do you two want?” said the girl.
    “Wh-who are you?” said Sora, “And how do you know the song of the sacred moon?”
    “I know because, I once was it.” Said the girl, she jumped down off the rock, and she was practically standing on the tips of the grass.
    “Wait! What do you mean ‘I once was it’?” said Riku.
    “I am the protector and princess of the sacred moon, and its world.” Said the girl, she faced the two boys smiling.
    “Its world….” Said Sora.
    “Its world of complete darkness should never be touched or even connected…No one should ever use the power of my people…that is why I am here.” Said the girl.
    “What is the use of being here on the Islands when your world’s power maybe used?” said Riku.
    “I’m not here as a human…I am here as a goddess, and a ghost, I have been attacked, and…I have been placed into a deep and dark sleep.” Said the girl, “My ghost has been living in a girl here on this Island…that girl is a sister of one of your friends Riku, Sora.”
    “Our friends sister?” said Sora.
    “A sister of a friend…black hair…Kairi’s sister!” said Riku.
    “I knew you were a smart one Riku,” said the girl. “Our world is not just some place humans can live in, It is a Sacred place were the god or goddess of the every world lives. In other words if it was attacked and one of the gods or goddess died then that world would be destroyed and would be taken over by darkness, the worlds live in harmony with their god or goddess. They depend on each other, and if one dies the other dies also.”
    “Why are you telling us this.” Said Riku.
    “Because…I need you two to protect her. She is the only one who can wake me up, she is the only one who can protect all the worlds from been attacked by both heartless and Nobodies…she is the only one protecting the world’s from being destroyed.” Said the girl.
    “But all the nobodies and heartless dissappeared when we finished off the organization!” said Riku. The girl began to glow.
    “My time is almost up…The organization has been resurrected, and every one of it’s members have all been sent to a different world, searching for Kira…and if they get her the universe could be ruled by them.” Said the girl smiling as she faded away, “there is one here…One you and Sora should know well.”
    “Who is it? Is it Xemnas? Or is it Roxas?” said Riku.
    “It is Xemnas…the strongest is always sent to the world the Keyblades are on.” Said the girl her voice fading away with every word until it went completely silent.
    “Riku! Sora!” said Kairi she ran to them, “My sister Kira has been kidnapped by Xemnas!”
    “What already?” said Riku.
    “Yes already.” Said Kairi.
    “Well, I guess we won’t be going to school again this year.” Said Sora.
    “Right.” Said Riku the three then found a letter from King Mickey.
    “I guess we should wait here until he picks us up.” Said Sora.
    “Right.” Said Riku. The boys looked at Kairi, who looked worried, “Don’t worry Kairi she should be safe.”
    “I know…” Said Kairi.
    A few minutes later, King Mickey arrived with the gummiship the three began to get on when some one yelled “Wait!” they turned around seeing a red head girl.
    “Aura!” said Kairi.
    “If your going to go find Kira, let me go with you…the more people there is the better.” Said Aura.
    “But…” said Kairi.
    “Kairi, let me go, or else I would be worried about my younger sisters.” Said Aura.
    “Fine come on.” Said Kairi as they got on board of the Gummiship and drove off.
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    This is something I came up with after I finished th series Romeo X Juliet....

    The Story
    The Montagues and Cuplets have been gone for centeries, Neo Vorna has lived in peace for quite a while, That is until fourteen years ago. The Akakios family rose leading Neo Verona into another era of peace, and then the Chernobog family, (Note: Chernobog means God of darkness, evil, and greif). Most of the Akakios family was killed without a fight, that is until they aimed at th princes and Princess. Three of the children suceed in escapeing, but sadly the last one died saveing his brothers and sister. The three survivers are August, the second oldest son of Sir Bladric and Lady Karissa Akakios, Daniel, the third oldest son of Sir Baldric and Lady Karissa Akakios, and Rosa, the youngest of the four children and is the only daughter of Sir Baldric and Lady Karissa Akakios.

    The three survivers were then taken to a safe house hidden on the outskirts of town, they then were rasied by Felix, one of the very few royal gaurds to survive. Felix made sure that Rosa never learned the turth until today, her sixteenth birthday. He wanted to see how she would react, her brothers rembered the whole thing, so they wouldn't have to be told about it agian. After hereing he truth about what happened Rosa leaves the house going into A near by meadow, Hearing a pegasus' call. Starting from then on, The soldiers and Family that survived the attack meet together every once in awhile, and send eachother letters, planing their attack to take back Neo Verona from the Chernobog's.

    The sons of the Grand Duke Chernobog lost their mom to a epidimic that took out a very little number of Commoners. That left the three sons with their horible father, the two oldest sons Anthony (23) and Aaron(21) refused the throne and moved away from the keep, leaveing their younger brother Eward there, Edward was forced to become king, soon to be engaged to Lady Abregeil.

    Let the Revolution begin!

    August's ponit of veiw during the night fourteen years ago
    "August where is mom and dad?" said Daniel holding Rosa's hand. The four children were walking in a train, one after another. The made it to the throne room, where their parents were. Ivy looked at them putting his finger to his lips, the young ones slinced.
    "Today is the Day I become duke and distory every single Akakios!" yelled Sir Chernobog, "Go kill the children!"
    "Yes," said The gaurds the looked at the new king.
    "We have to go!" whispered Ivy picking up Rosa and holding his other brothers hands. They ran for a few minutes, being chased by gaurds.They then made it to the roof, being cornered by the gaurds.
    "Ivy!" yelled someone from the sky.
    "Felix, get August, Daniel, and Rosa out of here!" said Ivy stpping infront of his siblings.
    Felix then picked up all of the children, except for Ivy, there was no room for him on the Pegasus. felix then flew higher into the air, "Hold on tightly!" yelled Felix.
    August looked down at his older brother, then, a sword flew into Ivy, Ivy slowly dropped to the ground, dieing, "Ivy!" yelled August as the seen went out of veiw.

    0. Write Montague somewhere in your post so I know you read the rules!!!
    1. No yaoi/yuri
    2. No godmodding or powerplaying, give the other person time to react!
    3. fallow KHvid rules
    4. Only nobles have their personal pegasus
    5. Comner famliys only have up to three pegai, and those are only used to pull carages (at least until we get farther into)
    6. Not everyone can be a noble!
    7. No one will be added to the Chernobogs or Akakios!
    8. Also no playing as other characters, and no killing others characters without asking!
    9.Red invisable rule 0 before one.
    10. If royalty you you must fill out a form so we know what they look like, but you CAN NOT change the name or age! (and if you are doing Rosa you must say somewhere in the form that she likes Irsis do not ask why!)
    11. you can have up to three characters
    12. Rosa is the desendant of Juliet and Edward is Romeo's desendant, just because they are desendents doesn't mean they have the same fate as them.(This isn't really a rule, well I don't think it is.)
    13. Three strikes and your out!
    14. Act like your writting a story, and use qutitation marks! (EXample: "No!" yelled so and so running out of the room after so and so.)
    15. PG 13 only (no higher, if going higher, go into PM's
    16. Absalutly no curseing every line, there are kids on this site! I mean there is no reason to keep curseing!
    17. Use OOC: Out of character, and BIC, Back in Character. (If that is not what they mean, oh well, because this is what I was told they mean)
    If I think of more I'll add them later...

    Premade Characters

    The Chernobogs
    Grand Duke Chernobog-
    Anthony Chernobog (23)-
    Aaron Chernobog (21)-Roxas81334
    Edward (17)- Roxas81334

    The Akakios
    August (20)-
    Daniel (18)-
    Rosa (16)-

    Character forms
    Nobile or Commener: (Don't have to put this if you are Royalty)
    Supports: (Akakios, which means you are apart of the planing of th atack, or Chernobog)


    Chernobogs (and their fallowers)
    Usernname: Roxas81334
    Name: Edward Chernobog
    Age: 17
    Nobile or Commener: Royalty
    Apearence: Looks like Romeo from the show, but doesn't have his familys crest on his clothes.
    History: His father took over Neo Verona, killing most of the Akakios family. He hated his father for that, and then not soon after he turned five his mother died, leaveing hm and his brothers to live with their mean father. The situation became worse once both Anthony and Aaron refused to take throne, they then lefted the Keep finding their homes, Aaron's home is oddly close to where August, Daniel, and Rosa live, well, on the other side of the meadow, and Anthony's is some where. Edward and Aaron usaully meet and talk to eachother about life and about how their father became a monster.
    Weapon: A sword that is handed down from generation to generation by his family.
    Supports: Chernobog (forcefully of it would be the other one)
    Other: None

    Username: Roxas81334
    Name: Aaron Chernobog
    Age: 21
    Nobile or Commener: Royalty, but becomes a commener by his own will
    Apearence: Shaggy black hair, green eyes, a
    History: His father took over Neo Verona, killing most of the Akakios family. He hated his father for that, and then not soon after he turned ten his mother died, leaveing him and his brothers to live with their mean father. Him and Anthony refused to become king, so they then left the keep, leaveing Edward there, their father then force Edward to become the next ruler of Neo Verona. He moved in to a house near a meadow, across the meadow lives the survivers of the Akakios family.
    Weapon: Bow and Arrow
    Supports: Akakios
    Other: none

    Akakios (and their fallowers)
    Username: Sakura101
    Name: Elizabeth Gardenia
    History: parents died when she was a year old and was taken in by the Cuplets when she was 5 years old. now she works as a maid, nurse, and protector of the family.
    Element: Water

    Sorry for it beng so long!!!:D
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    A random thing I thought of....

    I was walking around my school when I heard something fly above the school. I continued to walk though the school, I heard the sound again and again. I made it to the first sky light, I saw some kind of Robot fly by. I looked at it more, the ground shook and I smelt smoke I looked at the hallway to my left the hallway was collapsed letting the cold autumn breeze in. Then I felt the ground shake again, the hallway behind me collapsed along with the other hallways too. The only way out was by the skylight. I couldn’t climb up that high. I looked out the skylight and noticed those weren’t planes or Robots…they were GUNDAM. I was looking up when a missile hit somewhere near where I was. It broke the glass above me. The glass shattered and cut me as it fell to the ground. Another blast made me fly backwards and hit my back against a rock along with my head. I then passed out. That was the first time and maybe last time I saw a GUNDAM.

    Chapter One: The Beginning
    I opened my eyes to a brightly-lit room. I looked around my head and Back ached, my legs and arms hurt. I wished I knew where I was…but I never knew. I lifted my head and looked around seeing a near by window. I looked out the window and noticed I was in a huge…towering building, But where was I this wasn’t my hometown in Missouri. I laid my head back down, I was so confused. I wanted to see my family, but where were they?

    The next day, I woke up the sun was in my face. No one had come into the room I was in. I just couldn’t look down at my body. My had was spinning, the room was blurry. Then the door opened, the nurse came in and I saw people with cameras outside of my room. The nurse smiled at me.
    “Why are they here?” I said quietly.
    “Because of you.” Said the nurse.
    “Why are they here for me?” I said.
    “Uh…how should I say this?” said the nurse, “you’re the only survivor in Missouri from the bombing.”
    “The bombing was the whole of Missouri?” I said.
    “Yeah.” Said the nurse.
    “So where am I now?” I said.
    “You are in Orb.” Said the nurse.
    “Oh…” I said holding back tears.
    “So how are you feeling?” asked the nurse.
    “I’m fine.” I said, “I’m in just a little pain.”
    “Okay.” Said the nurse, “you’ll most likely going to be out of here by tomorrow so enjoy that.”
    “Okay…What al is wrong with me?” I asked.
    “All that’s wrong with you is a broken arm…everything else is just sore.” Said the nurse.
    “Oh…Okay.” I said, I let out a sigh of relief. I lifted my head again I looked at the nurse. She was getting something out of the cabinet.
    “Well…Take this.” Said the nurse, handing me a pill.
    “Okay.” I said as I took the pill.
    “I hope you don’t mind but when you are released some people are going to take you to the government building, where the leader of orb is.” Said the nurse.
    “Uh…I don’t care really…” I said.
    “Okay…because Orbs leader really wants to meet you.” Said the nurse, “He really, really wants to.”
    “How old is the leader?” I said.
    “He is twenty.” Said the nurse, “a year older than you.”
    “Yeah.” I said grimly.
    “Well…have a good nights rest.” Said the nurse leaving. I fell asleep soon afterwards.
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    Base line
    Kira Dismuke is the son of King Jamie dismuke, Ruler of Sunope and Greatest hero of this era, He is alsway a disgrace to his family, which leads to makeing him be come an assain. Now a war is comeing in between to nations. One nationg is Sunope, Where his family lives, and the other is Moonope, where Kira lives a life without his family.

    Kira's Story
    Kira Dismuke, at the age of 13 killed over ten thousand people, this began when Jamie pushed Kira to do his best in everything. Kira ran away and never came back, he didn't want anything to do with his family.
    Kira, at the age of 14 beean working for the king of Moonope (his families enemy). Kira then became more of a disgrace to his family.
    Kira at the age of 15, he is now most wanted in Sunope and most liked in Moonope. Sunope is tired of all the killings, so they have began to hire bouty hunters to look for kira. Kira has gone into hideing, and that is where you come in...

    1. no god moding
    2. you can have up to three characters
    3. be active
    4. warn me if you are goign to be gone for a long time.
    5. PG-13
    6. :D
    7. random rule!!!
    8. no fights in OOC please.
    9. post Zackfairisthebest in blue if you read the rules.
    10. Plase use OOC and BIC,
    11. have fun!!!
    12. no killing off other characters!

    Moonope- a place were the sun rarly shines, a place full of darkness and Evil.
    Sunope- the oppisite of moonope where the sun shines bright during the day, a kingdom full of light and happiness.

    The jobs
    Moonopeian Soilders- You are hired to kill anyone who tries to harm Kira, you are also supose to watch Kira's every movement, this Sunopeian prince may be liked but you still can't trust him.
    Sunopian Soilders- you have been hired to find Kira and bring him back to Sunope, where he will meet with the royal family.
    Moonopeian civilian- you are very fond of Kira, who betrayed his own family, you do nothing to protect or attack Kira.
    Sunopeian civilian- you are disgraced at the prnce, you are just one of those not so very important people.
    sunopean Noble- you aren't very important, but you work for the king around in his very large castle, you usally don't really see you highness.
    Moonopeian Noble- you help your king in many ways, you help around the castle and you sometimes help Kira.

    Royal Characters
    (I'll put more about them later....)
    Jamie Dismuke-The king of Sunope, was always pushing his son kira.
    Elane Dismuke- the Queen of Sunope, is mother of Layla, Kira,Kairi, Chirstine, and Roxas
    Layla dismuke- kira's older sister. Has brown hair and lue eyes. is 18 years old.
    Kira Dismuke- a headstrong boy who betrayed the royal sunopeian family, he is very creative and can be raally quite at times. Has deep blue eyes and shaggy light brown hair. 15 years old.
    Kairi Dismuke- Kira's twin sister the two are exact oppisites. She has Icey blue eyes and dark brown hair. 15 years old.
    Chistine Dismuke- Kira's younger sister, has brown hair and blue eyes. Is 12 years old.
    Roxas dismuke-Kira's younger brother, has brown hair and blue eyes.Is 7 years old.

    Character Forms

    Played by/Username:
    Naton you live in:

    Premade Characters

    Played by/Username: Magick
    Name: Evangeline (Yes I reuse this name a lot)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Bio: She is an assassin, who is hired by random peoples to kill other people. She has been ever since she was 15 and lives in solitude.
    Weapon: Two katanas and a bow.
    Job: Assassin.
    Personality: Quiet, can be kind. She hates her job, but sees it as the only way to survive.
    Naton you live in:Moonope

    Oh...yeah... This Rp DOESN'T revovle around kira, It revovles around the poeple in the two Nations.
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    Story dedicated to Day~Dreams for helping me think of one of the characters names and the title...:D

    P.S can you find out who is who's desendents?

    P.S.S- I know I might have spelled somethings wrong....:D

    Capter one: The Life on the Islands​

    "Nina!" said Nora wondering where her twin had gone off to.
    "what is it?" said Nina appearing from behind a tree.
    "Leo he has disappeared." said Nora.
    "Nora...Leo didn't dissappear he is at the secret place..." said Nina, "you know the place with all those old drawnings?"
    "I know." said Nora, "so...what are you doing all the way over here?"
    "I'm search for something." said Nina.
    "what is it?" said Nora.
    "it's nothing you need to know about." said nina.
    "Fine..." said Nora. "Nina you know your the only one who doesn't like Leo."
    "I like leo." said Nina,Nora smiled, "As a friend that is."
    "I know that and everybode else does too." said Nora laughing a little, "uh...why do you mostly hang around with Leo and Reno anyways?"
    "Because they are my friends and the most dearest to me." said Nina
    "So your saying you hate me?" said Nora.
    "No thats not what I mean!" said Nina backing away.
    "I comeing you guys!" said Leo.
    "what are you guys doing?" said Nora.
    "ssh.we had nothing to do so we are playing hide and go seek tag." said Nina, "please lower your voice it will blow my cover!"
    "Uh...okay." said Nora qutiely, "uh...I'm going to leave now."
    Nora walked to the stairs that went to the top of the small cliff made of rocks.She looked at the trees were she saw her sister sink back into the Shadows.Nina put a finger to her lips telling her to stay silent. Nora nodded and continued to walk to the other side of the islands.She was confused and hopeless, she still wondered if her sister really loved Leo. The a large wind blew, it blew her long brown hair and it covered her deep blue eyes.Nora sighed as she thought I guess I'll never know.
    Meanwhile Nina hid in a secret cave that was hidden in vines she stuck her head out to check ifLeo was around, she saw Leo and Reno walking around searching for her. She disided that she made them wait long enough so she came out from hiding in the vines she sat there and the boys past her five times before the noticed her. They both taged her at the same time. Then a gust of wind blew. It blew Nina's shoulder length blonde hair makeing her bangs cover her icey blue eyes. The wind also blew Leo's shaggy Sliver hair into his green eyes and blew Reno's Red hair into his Blue eyes.
    "well, I guess we better head back to the other side huh?" said Leo.
    "Yeah." said nina and Reno. The three walked back together.
    Nina and Reno were stting on the old tree. It was the tree that Kairi, Sora, and Riku sat on a long time ago, but now it was dieing and was soon to fall down. Reno and leo talked quitely amongst themselves. Nina on the other hand sat there watching the ocean think about the most dearest thought.
    "he guys have you ever wondered if there is another world out there?" said Nina.
    "your crazy..." said Reno rolling his eyes and looking out at the setting sun.
    "your right Nina...maybe...maybe this world is apart of something much bigger!" said Leo smileing at Nina then looking at the sun.
    "Maybe..." said Nina she gazed at the many miles of water in front of her.
    "Thats it you both have gone crazy!" said Reno hopping off the tree.
    "hey! Where are you going?" said Leo.
    "home." said Reno.
    "Well...that sounds like a good Idea. Nina you should go home too." said Leo.
    "Yeah..." said Nina.They made it to the path to get home and Reno looked at the two behind him, he waited for them to catch up, and the three set up the long path to go home together.
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    'ello army :D
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    the story falls on the baseline of the show and Manga...
    Ryoma Echizen just moved to Japan from U.S.A...
    Ryoma is a first year regukar at Seigaku...
    He has many adventures on and off the court....

    The characters that play tennis will eventully make it to nationals...Trust me they will....

    1.Read all the rules
    2.No god moding...
    3.You can have up to two characters
    4.Your character has to be in school!!!
    5.Your character doesn't have to play tennis,they can play another sport...
    6.No controlling others characters...
    7.Keep everything PG 13 and under...
    8.:DHave fun :D

    (I can't remember them all so if you want me to add one I will)


    School they attend:
    sport they play:

    (I can'tremeber them all so here are some if you want me to add on then tell me....)

    Fudomine Middle School
    Rokkaku Middle School
    Rikkai Daigaku

    Username: AndrewTemari101
    Name: Yuki Hiroshima
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Yuki loves sports and has many friends. He is an adventurous kind of guy and is a mischief maker at heart. He is also good at making friends and keeping them. He is rarely mean and hates it when he is wrong.
    School They Attend: Fuzoku
    Sports They Play: Track and Field
    Grade and Year: 11th Grade and Junior
    Other: He loves steamed pork dumplings and Temari.

    The RP's Theme....
    (I love this song)

    If anyone knows how to move this thread please tell....
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    This role play takes place in the Kingdom Hearts worlds.
    The Role play will begin when we have at least 5 characters!!!

    -No killing other characters
    -Keep love scenes PG-13
    -No controlling other's characters
    -First come first sevre
    -1 threw 3 characters per person (no more than three)
    -No god modding

    Riku:#8 Axel
    Axel:#8 Axel
    Cloud:King of Darkness
    Zack:#8 Axel
    Sepiroth:King Of Darkness

    (If there is one you want to add on tell me...)

    (girls can play as guys and guys can play as girls...)

    If you don't want to be one of the actual characters then you can make up your own...


    takes place after KH2....
    All the worlds have been beging attacked...
    No one knows what is happening...
    Is it the work of organization 13?
    Or could be another organization?
    Or is it the work of heartless?

    In the role play we will try to figure out who the crimnals are....
    I will still be accepting characters once the role play starts....
    :) :)
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    I'm thinking about leaveing KH vids...
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    I just joined

    I just joined(like five days ago).
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