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  1. Dante
    yesterday morning I was rushing to go see my brother, and slipped and fell down the stairs, I went to the ER for it last night, turns out I broke three toes, sprained my ankle, had a dislocated shoulder, concussion, and now cant walk on my left foot for up to 6 weeks, have a splint/half cast up to mid shin, and have to use crutches to get around
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  2. Dante


    What have I missed around here lately?

    is Neku and Pyro for real? XD
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  3. Dante
    happy 4th of july! Hope you all get to blow **** up, cuz we all know, thats the whole point of this holiday!!
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  4. Dante
    out of curiosity, who do you all look up to in the staff at this site? Who do you think does the best job, and why?
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  5. Dante

    Who here...

    likes The Boondocks? what are some of your favorite lines from it?
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  6. Dante
    Fire and Ice
    Robert Frost

    Some say the world will end in fire,
    Some say in ice.
    From what I've tasted of desire
    I hold with those who favor fire.
    But if it had to perish twice,
    I think I know enough of hate
    To say that for destruction ice
    Is also great
    And would suffice.
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  7. Dante

    O_o wtf?

    my tv is lagging....I've never seen that before....stupid Time Warner <_<
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  8. Dante

    lets see...

    how you do for someone that barely exists here.
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  9. Dante
    doing tonight? Neku and I just got home from work ^_^
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  10. Dante
    I thought youd like to see the real life counterparts of some of the locales used in the game....(I got this from a gamefaqs thread)

    Here's Moyai:

    and Hachiko:

    The phonebooth of love! (In front of Parco, AKA. Malco):


    and of course Po...I mean, Mark City:

    An underpass that's easy to get run over in:


    Um..."Towa" records:

    "CAT"'s graffiti'd wall:

    The park overpass, with the back of Tower records. I even got in a train as it was passing!:

    A cafe in Cat Street:

    There's a lot of inaccuracies too though...

    Cat street looks almost nothing like in the game:

    The park underpass would be a pretty claustrophobic place to get stuck inside:

    Udogawa is far prettier in real life (warning, picture may contain a naughty word):

    I don't know how many of the differences are for the sake of simplification and stylisation, and whether any of them are actual mistakes...

    One of the shops in Dogenzaka. Guess the Ramen guy went upmarket:

    "What? I'm back at the crosswalk again?":

    Shiba-Q Heads. See, instead of To-kyu, it's Shiba-kyu and instead of...oh, never mind:

    Po...Mark City. In reality, it has over twenty floors. Count yourself lucky:

    The back of the Moyai (yeah, it has a back):

    Cadoi City (in reality, Marui City AKA. OI City):

    The staircase at the bottom left of the Moyai/bus stop screen:

    The store close to Hachiko (Tokyu=Shibakyu, gettit?):
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  11. Dante

    Hey people

    anyone here remember me? I kinda went absent for a long time ^^;
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  12. Dante

    PC Scythe RO

    I invite everyone to join me at ScytheRO, its a great Private server for Ragnarok online, super high rate. I know you will love it as much as I do. PM me for the URL (since I think its illegal to post urls to other sites here.....
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    Hows everyone doing tonight?
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  14. Dante
    Hi Everyone, no, I'm not returning to this site...I don't think I deserve, nor would be welcomed here anymore by most of you. I made an *** out of myself and only proved everyone in my life right. I'm a selfish *******, and deserve to only be alone. I Just want to let you all know, I am deeply sorry, and truly wish you the best. I know, I don't deserve acceptance or forgiveness...that will be something I have to earn back. There are those that have stayed at my side despite my horrible personality change. and to them, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I love you for it. If you have anything to say to me, you know how to get in touch with me...or you can PM my brother here (thats me, Dante) and he will deliver your words of encouragement, or hatred. Maybe someday, once I find the man that I was two years ago, the man that smiled, and felt alive, and happy....maybe then I will make a return...but until then, I'm a ghost.

    Thank you for reading this, I probably sound pathetic right about now....

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  15. Dante

    About Alchemy

    Ok, I know most people think of the anime "FullMetal Alchemist when they hear this word, my question is, does anyone here know about, study, or believe the true Alchemy to be a reality?

    "In the history of science, alchemy refers to both an early form of the investigation of nature and an early philosophical and spiritual discipline, both combining elements of chemistry, metallurgy, physics, medicine, astrology, semiotics, mysticism, spiritualism, and art all as parts of one greater force. Alchemy has been practiced in Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Persia, India, and China, in Classical Greece and Rome, in the Muslim civilization, and then in Europe up to the 19th century—in a complex network of schools and philosophical systems spanning at least 2500 years."

    Alchemy as a philosophical and spiritual discipline

    Alchemy was known as the spagyric art after Greek words meaning to separate and to join together. Compare this with the primary dictum of Alchemy in Latin: SOLVE ET COAGULA — Separate, and Join Together.

    The best known goals of the alchemists were the transmutation of common metals into gold or silver (less well known is plant alchemy, or "spagyric"); the creation of a "panacea or the elixir of life," a remedy that supposedly would cure all diseases and prolong life indefinitely; and the discovery of a universal solvent. Although these were not the only uses for the science, they were the ones most documented and well known. Starting with the Middle Ages, European alchemists invested much effort on the search for the "philosopher's stone", a legendary substance that was believed to be an essential ingredient for either or both of those goals. The philosopher's stone was believed to mystically amplify the user's knowledge of alchemy so much that anything was attainable. Alchemists enjoyed prestige and support through the centuries, though not for their pursuit of those goals, nor the mystic and philosophical speculation that dominates their literature. Rather it was for their mundane contributions to the "chemical" industries of the day—the invention of gunpowder, ore testing and refining, metalworking, production of ink, dyes, paints, and cosmetics, leather tanning, ceramics and glass manufacture, preparation of extracts and liquors, and so on (it seems that the preparation of aqua vitae, the "water of life", was a fairly popular "experiment" among European alchemists.

    Starting with the Middle Ages, some alchemists increasingly came to view these metaphysical aspects as the true foundation of alchemy; and chemical substances, physical states, and material processes as mere metaphors for spiritual entities, states and transformations. In this sense, the literal meanings of alchemical formulas were blind, hiding their true spiritual philosophy, which being at odds with the Medieval Church was a necessity that could have otherwise lead them to the "stake and rack" of the Inquisition under charges of heresy. Thus, both the transmutation of common metals into gold and the universal panacea symbolized evolution from an imperfect, diseased, corruptible and ephemeral state towards a perfect, healthy, incorruptible and everlasting state; and the philosopher's stone then represented some mystic key that would make this evolution possible. Applied to the alchemist himself, the twin goal symbolized his evolution from ignorance to enlightenment, and the stone represented some hidden spiritual truth or power that would lead to that goal. In texts that are written according to this view, the cryptic alchemical symbols, diagrams, and textual imagery of late alchemical works typically contain multiple layers of meanings, allegories, and references to other equally cryptic works; and must be laboriously "decoded" in order to discover their true meaning.

    In his Alchemical Catechism, Paracelsus clearly denotes that his usage of the metals was a symbol:
    “ Q. When the Philosophers speak of gold and silver, from which they extract their matter, are we to suppose that they refer to the vulgar gold and silver?

    A. By no means; vulgar silver and gold are dead, while those of the Philosophers are full of life."

    Alchemy and astrology

    Since its earliest times, alchemy has been closely connected to astrology—which, in the Islamic world and Europe, generally meant the traditional Babylonian-Greek school of astrology. Alchemical systems often postulated that each of the seven planets known to the ancients "ruled" or was associated with certain metals. See the separate article on astrology and alchemy for further details. In Hermeticism it is linked with both astrology and theurgy.


    Carl Jung saw alchemy as a Western proto-psychology dedicated to the achievement of individuation; in his interpretation, alchemy was the vessel by which Gnosticism survived its various purges into the Renaissance. In this sense, Jung viewed alchemy as comparable to a Yoga of the West. Jung also interpreted Chinese alchemical texts in terms of his ana*lytical psychology as means to individuation. The act of Alchemy seemed to improve the mind and spirit of the Alchemist.

    So, thoughts, questions, comments, opinions anyone?

    I had to do the * there because it was reading the first part of the word as a curse word...
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  16. Dante
    I don't know Arc, your stupid. I know him better than anyone, he is my brother IRL, to the people that derepped me for having an opinion and stating it while defending my girlfriend, Do you know him? know how he is IRL? or do you only know "Arc" the online persona?
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    you guys actually de-repped me for disliking deathnote? how dumb. I would think people can express an opinion here without getting reprimanded, guess not.

    " dare call Death Note's story lame?!"

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  18. Dante

    Im bored....

    so im gonna brag a bit

    I'm dating Sara
    Sara loves me

    I love Sara

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  19. Dante


    Arc crushed his foot at work with an 1800 lb dogfood double stacked pallate....he got three fractured bones in his foot.

    I laughed at him.
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  20. Dante


    What should I be doing here? is there a goal?
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