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  1. Trilix

    Patching Guide
    1. Visit the Zipball Maker at Wait for the page to load, it may take some time. (Zipball is down, use this link in the meantime:
    2. Click on Download file. Save the zip file and extract it.
    3. (Optional): Download these files at and place in your downloaded "import" folder if you wish to remove the japanese subtitles during the opening & ending cutscenes.
    4. Place a clean, unmodified Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix ISO into the extracted folder.
    5. Rename the ISO to kh.iso.
    6. Run KH1 ISOMaker.exe.
    7. When prompted to
      Press enter to run using KH.ISO...
      press enter.
    8. Wait while the magic happens. ;)
    9. When
      New ISO finished!
      Press enter to exit...
      is shown, press enter.
    10. kh.NEW.iso is the new, patched ISO.
      kh.iso is still the clean, unmodified ISO.
    The following worlds are currently not included:
    • Hollow Bastion
    • Traverse Town

    A fatal error has occurred: Could not find file '...\kh.iso'.
    Make sure you have copied the ISO to the same folder as KH1 ISOMaker.exe and that its name is kh.iso.​
    A fatal error has occurred: The process cannot access the file '...' because it is being used by another process.
    Some other program has opened the ISO and is blocking access to it. Close any program that has used the ISO lately.​
    All KH1 ISOMaker.exe says is Adding @noname/XXXXXXXX.bin from input ISO and the new ISO isn't different.
    Make sure you have a file named _HashPairs.log in the same folder as KH1 ISOMaker.exe. It should come in the zip file.
    When you first start KH1 ISOMaker.exe, before you press enter, the first line should be something similar to
    Using HASHPAIRS file version 1.5.0 (Crazycatz00) with 3302 entries!.
    The Zipball Maker said something about a Fatal Error.
    Please send a message to Crazycatz00 with the full error it gave you. If it still had a download link, please also send the _Online Zip Builder.log file that is included in the zip file.​
    -- Crazycatz00

    • PS2 compatibility.
    • Temporarily reverted back to 4:3 original aspect ratio, will re-add 16:9 widescreen mods as an optional download at a later time.
    • Adjusted minor text positioning when deciding on NEW GAME options.
    • Adjusted text for Dive to the Heart/Destiny Islands/Disney Castle.
    • COMPLETE OVERHAUL of text mapping thanks to crazycatz00. Text is now 100% accurate to original english subtitles.
    • Treasure boxes now appropriately display its contents while opening, though a bit glitchy.
    • Completed ALMOST EVERY WORLD with the exception of Hollow Bastion & Traverse Town as they are the longest. Will finish those at a later time.
    • Permanently removed black widescreen bars shown during cutscenes and lowered subtitles to compensate. See comparison screenshots HERE.
    • Please PM me if you notice ANY Final Mix exclusive content missing that may have been caused by this new update! If you do, tell me exactly what is missing and what part of the game it is. Send me a memory card save if possible. This is an easy fix.
    Thread by: Trilix, Feb 20, 2012, 2,821 replies, in forum: Code Vault