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    Anime Lovers!

    Hey all you anime lovers... talk here cause i'm bored... :D
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    Anime Quest


    Do you love anime? do you wish you could play as you favourite character from any anime? get your character a job? start as a kid? grow old? all as your favourite character? Well you've come to the right place...

    To join in on all the fun go through this link...

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    The Past of the chosen one

    “In a wonderful village not far from the misty hills over the horizon there lived a small boy that lived through a ‘violent and destructive’ civil war between ‘nobles and exiles’. This battle went on for 17 years and only got worse for everyone even the youngsters of the village. But one out of all the villagers, one remained, a sixteen year old boy who had been born one year into the great civil war. His name is not a usual name to be heard. Even in his own town. For he was the chosen one, but he did not know then, but now he travels around the world helping people with his awesome powers that control ‘light and dark’. This so called chosen one had made one mistake in his life… it was the last one he had ever made since the killing of the elders that had been in the same building with him that fateful night… This shady man stood at the door, barely able to carry his own sword let alone swing it to defend himself. But he seemed different… he was like he had these dark force about him that was going to reveal itself, and did that very same night as he walked into the room and sat down, he started to chant something about eternal darkness is the key to our salvation… it so happened that as he spoke these words the burning flames in the fire place started to come alive, they burnt everything and damaged so many, after they had gone to terrorize the rest of town these skeletons jumped out of the ground beneath our feet… but I won’t go any further with my story until you are ready young Kyle,†Says Zangiku to the new kings child.

    “But I want to know what happened to my ancestors, please Zangiku,†says Hadro “I will tell you but the king has ordered for you to go to bed and I must be off to,†replies Zangiku. “But,†says Hadro. “Look Hadro, you are big and strong, most people in the world won’t be as big as you, so you have the right to do things your way, but don’t be too hasty, your body will not take the shock of its new way of battle, the way of the dark and light warriors of the north of Solest the village that takes only the bravest and most strongest boys and trains them to the best damn warriors they can be!†exclaimed Zangiku. “But I know all that but I want to know what I might be facing so I can get a head start on the opponents in the battle arena,†replies Hadro. “Like I said many times before you father became the new king, all will reveal itself with time,†says Zangiku. “Okay, but I’ll be waiting for the other part of the legend tomorrow!†exclaimed Hadro as he ran off to his quarters. “I hope he never realizes that he is the next chosen one like my father was,†Zangiku thinks to himself as he walks out of the prince’s bedroom. “I can’t wait till I know the entire story,†Hadro thinks to himself as he climbs into bed and goes to sleep. As Zangiku walks into the throne room where the king was waiting, the king says, “Did you tell him?†“Yes my lord, but I left out the part about how you killed half the world and changed it to you saving them,†replies Zangiku. “Very good remember to never tell him that I did all those things or it will break his heart, I don’t want to have a son with a broken heart,†exclaims the king. “Just remember my king, he will find out sooner or later,†replies Zangiku as he walks out of the throne room. “Hmmm, I don’t like the way that the Duke talks, it’s like the prince already knows?â King Triton thinks to himself as he walks out of his throne room into the hall where he walks into his room, where his dazzling queen waits for him.
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    hi all this is my second AMV made about bleach and it's got the song called Kill Everybody by Stone Sour

    LINK >>
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    -Editted- ~ DA
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    Hi everybody this is just the first part

    Prologue: ( it aint long )

    Will anyone be able TO stop this dark force from emerging or will they all fall to DARKNESS like their friends or will they battle their way towards the darkness that swallowed their friends and fight for their FREEDOM!!!!!!!

    Chapter I, The Eagle

    As the eagle flew high in the sky notifying the village guards of an attack by the Black Eagles, the bandits not far from the village. “Kix, where are you,†Janet yelled out in fear of the Black Eagles bandit leader (Scarf) coming straight at her. “I’m at the well,†Kix yells back. Janet screams at the top of her lungs when the bandit leader stops in front of her and commands one of his elite warriors to pick her up and take her back to the camp. “Oh, no, that must have been Janet,†Kix thinks to himself.

    “Janet,†Kix yells out. “Help me,†Janet calls out to everyone around her. But the guards were too busy to help her but one named, Shade, Shade runs over and calls for back up, “oi, you lazy fools get out here and fight,†yells Shade to his squad mates. “Why we’ve already taken out so many of these damn bandits,†yells private. “I said get out here you lazy numskulls,†yells Shade. “Shade, help me,†Janet yells in fear. “Get out here now or forever be sentenced to torture by law,†Shade yells threatening his squad. “Yes Sir,†they all yell as they run out ready for battle against the bandits. Shade whispers, “You three men go to the right and the rest of yo go for the left, I’m going from front on.â€
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    DarkPirates >>LINK<< is in my signature in between Battleknight & tribal wars
    Tribal Wars >>LINK<< is in my signature just above sephiroth
    FallenSword >>LINK<< is in my signature at the bottom
    BattleKnight >> LINK<< is the firsth thing in my signature
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    hi everybody

    hi everybody... i like to make AMV's so if you find a good site for downloadable clips for anime's plz tell me...
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    do you have the need to have speed? well you've come to the right place to find the best cars in the world. we do street races, off road, intenational etc... fasten your seatbelts and get in! you have a mission to do. go out there and make a name for your self or do something you've always wanted to...

    Age: [ must be atleast 15 ]
    Home Car:
    Sponsor: [ optional ]
    Gang / Police Squad / Outlaw : [ optional ] [ 2 or more members can be in one gang / Police Squad ]
    Nitros oxide type: [ optional ]
    Custom Paint Job / Classic:
    Job / Occupation: [ can be race leader { race maker } with permsion from KillerX or Dmaster ]
    Relationships: [ optional ]
    Other: [ optional ]


    1. No god mode [ if you die you DIE! ]
    2. if really injured must go to hospital for minimum of 2 posts
    3. You can't win every race you enter
    4. asking people for gang / police squad info from different gangs or police squad will be disqualified from their next 3 races
    5. no more than 3 characters

    Name: Luke
    Age: 17
    Car: Lamborghini Murcilago
    Home Car: Nissan Skyline
    Sponsor: Brembo
    Gang / Police Squad / Outlaw: not yet
    Nitros oxide type: wet type 2
    Custom Paint Job / Classic: yellow with black tribal line down the side
    Job / Occupation: Race Leader
    Relationships: Derek ( cousin )
    Other: helps all newbies
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    if you have any good sites with anime clips that are downloadable plz post them in here if you wish to...
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    this is my first amv ever. the only clips of anything i could find are dbz plz comment on it. note it has a blank bit at the end and im still working on it though.

    go through this link to see it :::
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    Name: X
    Likes being: bored
    skill: auto bored
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