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    sorry I just didn't really get the support I needed so I couldn't make the thread.
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    This is a continuation of a Role-play created by me, darkriku with a lot of help Drunken Roxas this role-play is about a group of new nobodies this thread is for Expert Role players that enjoy role playing here are the rules:
    · No Spaming please use Occ’s and Bic’s at all times if you have something to say out of character
    · Please try to use good Grammar and Punctuation and Spelling to the best of your ability.
    · Please try to write three sentences per post.
    · No god moding [especially during a fight] and control your character maturely
    · PG-13 swearing and relationships keep in mind we have younger members but you can beep out the words you are saying to make it more realistic if you really think it is necessary
    · No new members will be allowed into the thread with out invitation and do not post your character profiles here I will do that in the section below if you would like to sign up go here
    · Please if you are accepted do not post until I pm you and get your story line set up and we agree on a starting point
    · I will only allow 5 members join a week

    It has been 150 years since the death of a powerful nobody named X and Kinara, a formerly nobody that had reclaimed his heart through darkness and tried to Rule all worlds in darkness by fusing the Kingdom hearts of Men and the Kingdom Hearts of Worlds But X and the other nobodies of the organization Twilight Guardians stopped him and with the help of King Mickey opened the door of light destroying all heartless and beginning a new age of light, the golden age. Everything of the "Heartless" and the "Nobodies" have been forgotten, the world has been at peace, living in harmony with one another, although the path way's between worlds have been demolished, worlds have been at peace to themselves...until now, but peace can only last as long as light is in every ones heart and darkness is slowly creeping back into the world. Xeanhort, an evil man, obsessed with power has returned unknown as to how, but his presence has returned and his heart has brought back the heartless which in consequence has returned the nobodies. The Golden age of light is ending, the sun is setting and nightfall will soon be here but keep in mind before the darkness is the twilight.

    Org members [you do not post yours I will edit this post to include yours as you join on the other thread]

    Number: 1
    element: Darkness
    Title: The Wraith of shadow
    Weapon: Kusari-gama [Large Sickle and chain] with the weight at the end of the chain a nobody symbol it also has chain extensions that run around his body and have different weights
    personality: some times calm and happy [representing the good side of darkness] but other times angry and mean and in bad control of power. He is always eager to learn something but even gladder to teach
    Hobbies: reading and training also making new technology for the castle and training new recruits
    appearance: a old and torn organization coat with black gauntlets on arms and legs and shoulder armor as well. Wears a black armored chest plate on his chest. His arms, legs and torso are wrapped in dark blue chains and on top of his organization coat he wears a lopsided crown.

    No. 2
    name - Alexa
    age - 26
    element - weather
    weapon - hand axe
    title – The storm child
    personality - quiet and friendly. Thoughtful
    appearance - Tall and broad. Unruly mop of brown hair and blue eyes.
    Likes/dislikes - Like honesty, intelligent conversation and being useful.
    Hates disruption, cruelty and being annoyed when she's reading
    hobbies - reading, music and relaxing
    small bio - Coming from a large family, Alea tended to look after the others. Her main love in life was to help the family and protect the younger ones. She was attacked heartless and became a nobody. She took on the name Alexa.

    ***The beginning of this story is rather lengthy but please read it***

    Start of the story:

    Down in the deepest depths of the realm of nothing in the World of Sleep was a lone body of a man floating slowly up and down in the breeze. His eyes were closed and his body was bear, he had long dark purple hair and a tall slightly muscular body. A small dark hole was next to him, tendrils of darkness reaching out as he breathed in. He inhaled the darkness and started stirring from his slumber. Inside the man’s mind was nothing but clouded with white mist but it was slowly starting to fade as his thoughts and body stirred. He opened his eyes and saw that the white mist was not only in his head but also all around him except for a small hand sized portal which darkness slowly seeped out of. He realized that he was floating on his back and struggled to flip over vertically. He thought to himself, “What is going on? Where am I?” His entire body was extremely sore he could barely move it was as though he had forgotten how to use his muscles. After stretching out he felt his muscles regenerating fast “How is any of this possible?” he tried to think back but there was nothing. He stretched around again as a breeze drifted through the air carrying another tendril of darkness through the air. As he breathed in the bitter tasting air he clapped his hand to his head moaning in agony as a stream of memories ran through his head. It only lasted a second or two and then he straightened up again and said aloud, “My name is Xainkar, and I am nothing.” His mind now fully awakened after his sleep Xainkar’s ingenious mind started to work again “A way out,” he thought and then his fell upon the small dark hole “Of course, how could I have been so stupid” he drifted over to the hole and then paused he had no doubt that widening the portal would cause him to remember every thing but was it worth it. He had an empty hollow feeling in his heart and wondered would it be worth the risk. “I have no heart.” He said to himself out of nowhere and then gaining confidence said, “And I am certainly not afraid of the dark!” Xainkar murmured to himself, his old arrogance returning. He stretched his hand out and as if obeying him the portal widened and Xainkar stepped through.

    He was swallowed by the darkness it was painful at first but then he started to enjoy it. His memories had returned he was himself again, Xainkar, the Wraith of darkness. He surfaced out of the darkness onto a large illuminated platform surrounded by darkness. The platform depicted a large group of people standing around a large castle. He walked over to a familiar looking face and realized it was himself he looked down at the face covered by long dark-purple hair and blackened eyes. “The Twilight Guardians!” he said remembering his old comrades and then came the memory of what had happened to them and who he had become. He hung his head hating himself for the pain he had caused. Then a flash of light appeared and formed into a chest. He walked over to the chest and opened it. Inside there were a bundle of black robes. Remembering that he was naked he reached down inside the box and then put on the black coat. He remembered it so well. He walked on and another platform appeared as he stepped off the other one. It depicted a man with long silver hair and a long white coat and different types of monsters surrounded the man. Xainkar remembered both the creatures and the man. “Xeahnort and the Heartless” he whispered and then a column appeared in the center of the platform. On top of the pedestal was a large dark purple scythe with long dark blue chains coiled beneath it different weights also glowed beneath the chains. “My Kusari-gama,” he thought, “it looks bigger than I remember it,” shadows then began appearing through the darkness elongating into heartless. Xainkar swung his scythe at the heartless while twirling the weighted chain end in the air sending it catapulting into the heartless. Xainkar started fighting slow at first and picked up speed and strength as he fought. When he was done he said, “To easy if it’s a challenge Xeanhort wants he will regret the day he ever stepped into the realm of light” He opened a portal of darkness and then stepped inside pulling up his hood.

    He exited in the world of the Radiant Garden. It looked very different from what he remembered. He was standing on a ledge of dark blue earth and he saw an enormous castle before him and a large town. “I wonder how much time has passed,” he thought to himself. He walked inside the Castle to every one that walked by him they saw nothing except perhaps a shadowy figure if they looked long enough. In this way Xainkar proceeded to the computer room. It was late by now and nobody was in site Xainkar walked over to the computer and pressed a couple of keys. A door panel slid open and Xainkar walked down the endless flights of steps until at last he was at the bottom. He pressed a switch on the wall and a door opened. Walking through the door into corridor and then he was in a circular room. He walked over to a large chair in the center of the room and light spread out through designs of the floor. A door appeared and Xainkar stepped through into a room filled with many old broken keyblades and hundreds of suits of armor “The remnants of the keyblade war if from what that computer tells me is right and darkness is starting to return the worlds then I have to try to stop it,” he fitted himself in a pair of armor over his jacket he put on the gauntlets and leggings and then strapped on a black chest plate that had a nobody symbol on it. Finally he walked over to a high stand that had a dark circlet on a rack he lifted the disk carefully with his hands and placed it on his head then one point appeared on the crown.

    Xainkar felt a soft sliding noise around him and spun around lightning fast his sickle already in his hand ready to attack. He was starring into a cold gray face of a Dusk nobody. Then a portal opened from the ceiling and hundreds of Dusks and creepers came down. “Who are you?” the dusk asked in a strange hissing language of the lesser nobodies. “I am Xainkar” he replied. “The Wraith of darkness, Lord of the Twilight Guardians and the new King over nothing and Twilight,” Xainkar hissed out in the nobody language. The dusk said, “Bold claims but how do we know who you say you are?” Xainkar released a wave of darkness that ran through the crowd of nobodies. They instantly stopped moving and bent on one knee. They all hissed out in a chorus, “All hail Lord Xainkar the Leader of the Twilight!” A smile moved it’s way across Xainkar’s face. “We have work to do.” With that he opened a portal and stepped through, the nobodies all-twisting along behind him.

    In the months that followed Xainkar researched the new threat about to ensnare the worlds. It had been over 150 years since darkness had fallen upon the worlds but it had came again under the command of Xeanhort. Xainkar had traveled to the Nothing to look for Xemnas his only lead on the newly formed Xehnort. Xainkar walked into the world of Nobodies that had faded away from the world only leaving behind a ghost in this world "he isn't here," Said Xainkar "he has gone to rejoin his former self" Xainkar then realized how big this problem was "I can't do this along I need Warriors to help me conquer this darkness I will make the Twilight Guardians anew to help me keep this world from colasping in darkness," Xainkar turned around and stepped into a portal of darkness going to recruit new members

    occ just wait a little bit do not post on this thread until I pm you or I will force you to delete it if you have comments on the story but them in the sign up area for now
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    In kingdom hearts final mix when sora fights Xemnas for the first time. it uses japanses subtitles and i don't know what he is saying. Any one have an idea?
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    ok I wrote this mainly for the members of the Twilight guardians thread a group of new nobodies that formed an organization so this will probably make no sense to any one else This story is basicly about a man named Kinara and how his research into the hearts of world and people and how it brought the destruction of his world [yes his story is similar to ansem or Xehnort if you perfer so but i didn't really copy it his is different and he did the things Xehnort did for different reasons incase any one feels they have to point this out] and i only wrote it to explain Kinara and "X"'s past. Also i based everything in this story on kingdom hearts philosaphies not real world science. yes i know it isn't much yet but i didn't have much time and there will be more volumes by the end

    Report 1
    "My name is Kinara and I am a scientist in the world of Everan. I am a young man just recently out of a university and married but already i have begun to contribute to our magnificent world. I am well respected and well liked in the community and my scientific work is marveled at by many people across this world: for I have just discovered something amazing this world is not the only one it is only one of millions. Using advanced microscopes I have determined that stars are that other planets exist just like this one. The thought of there being so many worlds makes me feel this world is very small and that I am nothing in comparision with the rest of the world. But i fear this discovery will help none of us for our world is in the middle of a violent civil war where no one seems to be winning just death and destruction. Even though the war burns on my research continues in fact the other day a meteor showing hit the planet showing us a rare metal I have never seen before. What could its purpose possibly be and how could it have come all this way? The metal is like nothing i have ever seen before but I already know it can be applied to space travel I wonder if i built a ship out of it could I too visit other worlds? It apears i am only begining to begin to see how this world works. Soon i will begin studing the core of this world now i have a better grasp on what is happening around me. I will update this journal later."

    Report 2
    "I have excavated an acient ruin one of the olderest in the whole world. Inside i found a large door like nothing i have ever seen before! This door was ajar and i looked through to see a large core it was pulsing like a heart. This must be the Heart of the world. A discovery like this sends shivers of excitement down my spine. Before we thought the core was just magma but now I realise that the world is alive. But on to other things the ship i have made for interplanetary travel is coming along greatly. I have called it "Excalibur"* after a legend in our planet about a magic sword. Magic ..... I wonder in this technologicly advanced world i live in does magic exist outside of this place a childish thought but still one worth investigating when i get to the other world. The war is still very bad and the death toll is increasing one of my friends was majorly injured in the war and I have put his body in a tank and i have been exaiming his heart. This is a once in a lifetime chance normally when some one dies there heart disapears but his heart still lives. The body died after several days so i separated it from the heart it is damaged and it is not the same heart as it used to be but i think i can repair it into a new one. I like the idea a new heart. One last thing as i went back to study the large door i found a strange creature it looked like a large black insect i will write about it when I return from studying my lab obsevations."

    Report 3
    "The black creature i found far from being an insect as i first foolishly thought is one of the most extrodinary living things i have ever seen it is made up of darkness ..... I know it sounds foolish but that is the only way to describe it. The creature has demonstrated ablitities to turn itself into shadow. During my tests i once tried to find out what was in the inside of this strange animal I tried to draw blood from it to my surprisement the knife blade slid right through it yet i could touch it with my hands i wonder if the reason is because only living things can touch it? Or is it some other power? The creature is extremely aggressive and tries to attack me often i have put it in an energy cage that it seems it can't slide out of. Though violent it is extremely intellegent more than any other animal i have seen i can tell. I decided to visit the door way again and i found more of the black creatures and different types of them too, I began to wonder where did they come from? and what are they? I sopose i will find the anwser with more study there certainly seems to be enough test sujects. But i am still reluctant to write about what else i found on my second visit to the door way i still barely believe it myself..... A man in a dark cloak. I found him by the door lurking in the shadows as i aproached he called out to me "You in I are alike .... we both seek anwsers to the truth of the worlds" I looked up at him "Who are you? Why are you here?"i asked "I am the Ansem seeker of darkness I have come to connect this world, bind it to shadow and darkness" said the man I relised then that he must be from a different world I shouted out to him "you can't destroy this world! Hundreds of people live here" the man looked at me from under his hood "There lives do not concern me and you do not tell me what I can and can't do" Ansem then gathered some kind of energy in his fist [I wonder if it is magic] then he shot it out and it hit me in the chest I was brought to my knees the pain was so bad but something awakened within me someone else."

    Report 4

    "The day has arrived that set out for the new world I have readied my ship and i sent out. I was a little worried that the rock system i made would work but it held up fine except for a small part at the launch when the ship started to shake. I must have traveled for two days or so but after a long time I came to a planet. It was strange the outside shell of the planet looked like a huge version of the inside then I realized I was not traveling through space at all but through a pathway from the heart of one world to another. I crash-landed into the world and when I woke up I saw a strange city with dozens of large Neon signs. I looked at one that read "welcome to traverse town". To me it looked like it was sort of a gathering point from every world but I wondered what it was for. In the town i met several people including a mechanic that helped explain what he called a gummy ship and repaired my ship. I thanked him and then I traveled around the city eventually I wondered into a strange section of the town that was surrounded by water. It seemed to be an old house I looked inside and found a man there. But he was no ordinary man he was a wizard. He introduced himself to me and I inquired if he was really a wizard still barely believing such a thing could exist. The wizard, Merlin took out a wand and started to show me his magic. After he told me all of this I was amazed. I then asked him about how the were connected and he began telling me about how each world was tied to the darkness. I discussed with him the man I had seen called Ansem and I was surprised that Merlin knew of him. After I was done talking to him I wondered through the third district. I was suddenly attacked by a massive swarm of the black creatures I could not shake them off… I thought I would die but a strange woman wearing a large dark robe called off the heartless. Then she turned to me and said “And who is this?” she said. I replied, “I am Kinara a scientist from the world of Everan. What are those creatures?” “They are the Heartless people whose hearts have fallen into darkness” The women answered. “You have power hidden deep in your heart, Let me give you just a taste of it” an strange green light orbited around me and I felt what had been awakened by Ansem growing more inside me. I left after a couple of hours In my repaired gummy ship and set the course for home."
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    It has been two years since the destrution of the Place of the Dawn and Xainkar escaped the onslaught of the forgoten Nothings and after wandering through out worlds he is prepared to restart the Twilight guardians and he is looking for new and old members so the nothings can once again rule the universe He also seeks anwsers to the mysterious beings that attacked his palace and killed many orgaization members

    note I am only looking for people to join this that like rping a lot and that will post on this thread regularly and will take this semi seriously and not make any random or stupid plot changes

    I encourage members from the original thread to join you can use your old nobodies from the other thread

    Template for members
    Number II [i give this number too you depending on your rank]
    Name: Xainkar
    title: The dark muarader
    apearance: organization coat that has black chains wraped around it and long dark hair with dark purple eyes
    element: darkness/shadow
    weapon: two dark bladed kusari-gama
    nobody type that you summon:maurader nobody [if you don't know yet i will tell you later]
    personality: Moody
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