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  1. TwilightSky15
    I'll have to look through them then. Thanks for the advice! :)


    Well the computer noises from the first clip was perfect because no ones talking and it's basically just ambiance but the one for the towns defense mechanism is a lot harder because you have the sound of water falls in the background plus Sora exclaiming in surprise and Adobe Audition will only let you cut so much...
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  2. TwilightSky15
    Hi guys! I have to do a project for my game audio class where we have to take sound effects and apply it to videos (I got the Sombra intro video from Overwatch) and I'm looking for two specific sound effects from KH 2.

    The sound the Hallow Bastion defense mechanism makes when it pops up.
    The sound of Diz's computer room in the mansions basement.

    does anyone know where I can find these? I'd take them off You Tube but then I'd have a bunch of unneeded background noise and audio.
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