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    okay. so today me and my friends were crossing the street. And this guy who looked pretty much like our teacher from junior middle school walked by.

    He was like..talking to himself looking at us. And we looked at him because we thought he was our teacher!
    but he wasn't. so we looked away.

    And then all of a sudden in the middle of the ****ing road, he looked back and is like:

    "What? You looking at me!?! You look at me I'll look at you right in your pupils".

    I'm like, WTF.

    So we just continue to walk, and we look back, he's on the other side of the street, and is like still watching.

    I wanted to kick hiss ass.

    Who does that?!?! In the middle of the street?

    But like we just started laughing our asses off. But I still feel scared >.>
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    damn you. D:
    eh. I have an exam in 3 hours, and need something to pass the time. oh yes, studying would do that, but nawwwhhhh.
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    megaman >:

    who wouldn't love to go to a school where all you do is play video games?

    i'm playing the game: megaman battle network 6...and i suck at it ><
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    The Fratellis

    I fell in love with them because of an IPOD commercial xD

    they are really good.

    Try their songs:

    Flathead (iPod commercial xD) I guarantee you have listened to it.
    Chelsea Daggar
    Whistle For The Choir
    Baby Fratelli
    Creeping up the Backstairs
    For The Girl

    etc. Heres their sites:
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    please be mature about this....D: WARNING. its not that pretty..


    So on December 22nd, its Global Orgasm day. And basically, at the exact time of solstice, everyone in the world has sex. Okay, i'm not saying this as a joke, its actually true, I'm just wondering what you guys think about it.

    I heard about it on the radio >.> They say it was done last year as well.

    The point of it is to get all the good energy vibes you get...when...yeah and putting it in the Earth's environment, so everyone is happy. Anyways, its about war too. Its like you do this for PEACE not war.

    ANYWAYS, what do you guys think? It's really...yeah.
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    it looks brilliant. good job to whoever made it =]
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    I've been thinking about you :3
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    umm, I have a school project due tomorrow (lulz), and its about violence

    I just wanted to know if anyone had any examples of violence.

    Like a movie, or a book or a tv show or from a magazine. OR a video game xD

    Please &thx
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    Has anyone listened to the song Sensual Seduction by Snoop Dog?

    Well, I did, and it was at night too, on the radio. I'm about to sleep, I always sleep with the radio on btw.

    So all I hear is:

    so we can get a...

    lets just say I thought it was sexual and something that starts with E.

    Anyways the real lyrics were

    "So we can get a sensual seduction"

    Listen to it here:
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    The Strokes

    Anyone like the Strokes?

    I'm obsessed with them ><

    I knew of them before, but I never listened to them repetitivly like I am now.

    If you haven't heard of them, you guys should. Amazing band.

    Some songs:

    Reptilia, Last Nite, 12:51, Heart In A Cage, The End Has No End. There are many more xD
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  11. Nailpolish <3
    Yes, my uber boredum has led to this.

    Anyways, I make SIGNATURES and AVATARS. Bellow are some examples of my "work".

    Please fill out the form, and do not flame on this thread. Don't complain if I take to long, if you want me to make you a crappy 5 minute signature/avatar, tell me.

    the signatures:




    ^ which is for my GREATEST friend, ~muffin~ aka Sab.

    the avatars:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    the form: (signature)

    Image/Render: (prefer a big one, atleast 700+ width)
    Font: (optional, if you trust my taste xD)
    Words: (If you want anything written on the signature. Please don't give me a huge paragraph, a sentence is fine)
    Size: (width + length, I usually use 400x150. Remember the forum rules)
    Texture: (optional: I can choose for you)
    Other: (additional facts)


    Words: (1 to 2 words!!!)
    Size: (prefer 100x100)
    Animation?: (optional, if you want a movie box, or rain, or anything else please ask.)
    Other: (additona facts)

    There you go. Welcome to my Graphic Shop <3 (streamers, balloons, confetti fall from the sky)
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    Best song #2

    Yeah, I made one a while back, but that was long time ago, so I want to make another one =/

    New songs, etc. I want to see which song you guys like. Please be honest. If your a Hip-Hop freak, its not wrong to like Rock, etc. Since a lot of people I know are like, when I tell them I like Rock, always say. "EWWW. Marylin Manson (etc)"
    I love all these songs. So I want to know which is your favourite.

    Anyways. Here are the songs:

    1: Lupe Fiasco- Superstar (Hip Hop)

    2: Britney Spears- Piece of Me (Pop)

    3: Kellie Pickler- I Wonder (Country)

    4: Feeder- Feeling a Moment (Rock)

    5: Keane- A Bad Dream (Rock)
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    11:01 Pm Est

    Its 6:14 PM EST.

    I can't wait for 11.

    because its going to premiere the new Britney Spears Video.

    Yeah. I like the song, Piece of Me. So don't judge xD

    And I hear shes going to attempt to dance.

    Yesh, I said ATTEMPT

    She has some new "moves"

    I saw a bit of it. It looks bad. But I still want to see.

    Sorry, I know its not in the music section, but thats because I'm pretty sure its not worthy.
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    Yeah. I found this great site with a lot of high-quality images. I was going to use some one else, but his pictures weren't going to go with what I was planning on doing. Anyways her it is: There are 3 versions.

    CnC, (I actually saved my PSD so I need some feedback)

    1. Grey with a some purple

    2. Dark Pink

    3. Blue

    Pick the best please and CnC. Thanks =]
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    yeah. very simple.

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    Okay, you can say, for this one, up to 4 letters (1 vowal) each post =] don't post a lot though.

    This is realllllllllly random. from Family Guy =/

    A --t -- --e----- -e--, -e --- -- t- ----e -e--- - --t--. ----e

    GO xD

    Ill give you some: A, E, T

    After this is solved, you can make another one, who ever got it right, any quote, from KH or w/e. I just picked FG, because o_O
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    ever skipped school?


    I did today =/ My mom is at work and I just slept all day.

    anyways, back to the question.
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    zomg APPLE!!

    yeah >.> my iPod top is broken, I dunno, it fell off and now I can't get it off hold!!! So I can't listen to it. I have to wait until its fixed.

    so I have about 3 music-free days. Except when I'm listening to the radio or on the computer.

    but now I actually have to listen to what my teachers are saying =/
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    its for a layout for my site. ><

    did I violate his face xD

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    It's over

    The amount of awesomeness this thread has compared to the 9000 thread, ITS OVER INFINITY

    oh snap.
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