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  1. Vexen_Is_God
    Warning. My mixing skills suck those songs mixed by me will sound...well...bad.

    CLICKY Houki Boshi SHORT English Cover
    I didn't make the lyricks. I own only my vocals.

    CLICKY Cooking By The Book COVER
    My fiance mixed this so its a good bit better sounding mixing wise than others. I made it for a friend's birthday. I own only my voice and a few of the images I put in there that I drew.

    CLICKY Though I Cry I am Happy Inside SHORT Cover
    Also for a friend's birthday. I own my voice and...myself xD

    CLICKY Paparazzi Cover SHORT
    I changed the lyricks a little. It was for my fiance. <3 Heehee. My horrible mixing is here once again. lol
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  2. Vexen_Is_God

    Things to fix currently. Arms too thin, sleeve needs to blow UP instead of out like I have it.

    Other than those things I'm working on, what else?

    My art has improved lots since....a year ago was it? Hasn't it? :P

    I did this just quickly. Following my friend's example for animated portraits for his game.
    This is for my own game.

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    Testing battle pose sprite for Kayci.

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    Sprites from Fallen Angels. I'm animating them now.

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    Just a few fanarts of the game my team is making.

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    Just some newbish things.

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    Many of you know I come from a medium-not-so-great and sometimes physically and always mentally and emotionally/verbally abusive home. I've been hit, been spit on, have to hear yelling every day. I'm not able to move out because of financial situations and even when I have a job my money is immediately stripped from me or I'm forced to buy my brothers and I food or else we don't eat for a night.

    I've really wanted to move out completely for some time now. Specifically near my boyfriend so we can get married one of these grand old days. My brother may be trying to help, but its not doing enough to get us out with the tyrant we live under (a.k.a. mommy dearest). She's pushing to get the internet turned off out of spite pretty much now...won't help me find a job and cusses me out because I can't get one (Not really allowed to drive, and all jobs are way out of walking distance and my brother can't drive his far because it was in a wreck now)...I've resorted to clicking ads online, but that's not helping fast enough, though it does help.

    I pretty much have given up on being able to get out of here until she dies. I've tried since I was seventeen to make my share to help me get out just to have it sucked from me and more. I'm really sick of it. It's nothing but bullcrap everyday...The only time I feel happy is if I'm working on SOFA (the game I'm creating with my game dev team) or other projects, so I'm so happy I have this to look forward to, but without the internet to keep up, it is going to be a pain.

    Does anyone want to give suggestions? I'm at the end of my rope here, and if I can't access the net, EkIchi (my wonderful game team made up of all of my great friends) will plummet down into nothingness. What should I do?
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    Decided to try to keep Kayci's Star ocean style while making the sprite bigger and cleaner and giving her a definite pose. I am thoroughly satisfied with this now. <3


    Got to get a few more input from the team (they are the ones that requested a bigger sprite), then the animations can roll in!
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    Star Ocean Forever! <3 Who else loves this great series?
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    Hello. I'm going to give those here the opportunity to enter my contest as well. We've had quite a bit of entries in the Logo Competition for the game design team, so expect some serious competitors out there, yes.

    This competition is Star ocean: Fallen Angels specific. For those of you who do not know what SOFA is, you may check out our thread on the SOU forums RIGHT HERE. It may be better that you do so before entering.

    Competition 1: The Character Design

    So you're thinking...'I'm no artist!' Not a problem, this competition is for artists and writers. You may provide an image you draw, or a lengthy description of the character. Here are the requirements.

    1. The character is male.
    2. The character is NOT human or Nedian, but a race you may make up yourself.
    3. The character wears a headband adorned with wings (you may design any type of headband you like, just make sure it has wings)

    * The concept may be

    - A full body sketch
    - A fully body line-art
    - A full-body finished art with colours
    - A lengthy description describing the look, clothing, face, hair, headband, alien features (tails, ears, etc)

    If you do not provide colours, we'll take the liberty to make them up ourselves. The writing should be descriptive as possible so we make sure your design in mind is translated correctly through art. The more detail we have, the better..and the better your chance at winning.

    The character already has a name and personality. We just need the design, graphics wise.

    Deadline: January 13th
    Winner Announced: January 15th


    * Your character design will be featured in-game.
    * You will receive a soundtrack from SOFA free, after it is produced.


    Good luck to all participants. May the best design win.
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    A very real moment hit me as I looked up the Star Ocean Second Evolution website. You can call me a freak or over-passionate SO2 Rabid Fan, but I don't care. There's something about this that touches where other games cannot. Here is part of a conversation where emotions were going out of control and I reminisce about the game that changed my life.

    My passion:

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    Old work.

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    A very quick concept of how I imagine Shigeo's Celestial being - Jophiel, The Beauty, to appear, for my team's game: Star Ocean Fallen Angels.

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    Very quick 5 minute sprite rough to get colours and patterns down for the main character of my team's game-in-the-making, Star Ocean: Fallen Angels. Kayci is one of the main choosable characters. I tried to mimic the size and style of the sprites in the Star Ocean series. I did fairly well I think with mimicking that style. Search up Star Ocean Second Evolution on YouTube if you want to view the style I am trying to copy.

    This sprite was based on a rough sketch Sai provided. I think the colours match her very well. There is white, red, and some gold in there. Because we are taking a 'mount sprites as textures to a 3D plane approach' I didn't use pixel by pixel but made this in photoshop with burn/dodge tools mostly and flat colourization.


    This is the overall rough. It needs cleaning and tweaking, but I was trying to determine the exact design we wanted for her colourization-wise and all.

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    Because I had forgotten our it is slain by me saying the words I vowed never to say. This is for my friend, Silver.


    Lonely night with the breath of winter
    Where we find ourselves on this sturdy rock
    Your fingers touched by my fleeting tenderness
    Until we reach our one promise

    I know
    I once again have let
    You down
    Your every word has led my fate to drown
    These eyes
    Were never meant
    To bleed
    And here
    My heart smeared by
    An angel, fallen
    Forsaken by celestial creed

    Lonely night with breath of winter
    Where the light gathered to the milky heavens
    Your face touched by my insincere breath
    Until we reach our one promise

    Surely you know
    Once again our souls adhere to destiny
    Was it not my fallacy that ripped apart
    This fragile wing

    Take this oath and follow me

    “…Do you consider me as someone important to you?â€
    “Of course. We’re friends now, right?â€
    “I know.â€
    “…..Why would you ask it anyway?â€
    “I had to make sure…that this…what is pounding inside…was worth feeling.â€
    “Like a drum.â€
    “….Look, a shooting star!â€
    “Don’t jump like that suddenly. You’ll fall and break your neck.â€
    “I’m careful. You act as if I’m clumsy.â€
    “At times you can be…â€
    “Promise me one thing.â€
    “…Uh, okay.â€
    “In this world there are going to be many times I can’t be beside you. Promise me when the day comes that I have to leave for awhile, that you will keep your love just for me until I return.â€
    “I never said I loved you, Silver…â€
    “…I can feel it. Promise me you will never turn off your love for me…I don‘t ever want you say the words ‘I hate you‘.â€
    “Okay. I promise.â€
    “I also swear to you…on that shooting star.â€

    Brilliant night with heartfelt presence
    Where we find ourselves in love’s embrace
    Your soul touched by a solid memory
    Until we swear once more that one promise

    Tragick night with fluid horror
    Where we find ourselves broken by lost childhood
    Your body shattered by three simple words
    I hate you

    Take this torn wing and follow me

    I'm sorry I broke our oath. Perhaps one of my wings have vanished now as well.

    - Kaleste/Ashes
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    For Silver

    I know I'm supposed to be posting up next chapter to TwiLit Between but....dude, seriously...I just can't. I'm so heavy...

    I never want to love again or be loved again...I want to cast all of these emotions away.

    This is for Silver and for an epiphony.

    *and forgive spell just rushed out and crying and stuff sorry*

    Cerulean eyes I will fall for you
    The hair of the moon
    A shadow bemoans this stacked earth
    Heart of gold encased in your mortal shrine
    You are mortal correct?

    Today was a feather upon my mouth
    Your lips that I so hastily pushed away
    Will not be there tommorrow
    Just as your sanity flees from your impassioned spirit
    You can still feel these words, correct?

    Just so as the days change this destiny will come to pass
    Just so you know, I know but you do not
    Dramatic irony
    Pass your hand through the silver mane of yours once more
    Figure it idle talk
    I know what is sore....sometimes the ends cannot be made clean
    You will fall prey

    No matter how much I try and stop this
    Let the rain fall rain fall let it fall on me
    No matter how much I hide it from my knowlege
    Let the truth fall let it fill me
    My angel with one wing

    Isn't love careless? I think so too
    You didn't seem afraid at all this past afternoon
    Your lips creased in a smile, correct?
    I know I saw it

    When the dawn turns to blood
    There is a secret of my realization
    Yes you will be there to protect me angel yes
    Standing by my side
    Yet when the day turns to night for your cerulean eyes
    I cannot be there to cleanse
    I cannot be there to erase

    No matter how much I try and stop this
    Let therain fall down let it fall let it
    When a dove screams its last breath and is replaced by a silence
    Let the blood gall down let it fall let it wash my hands

    Ah my lovely angel with one wing
    Where did the light go

    Let the blood fall down and cover my face
    Broken emotions appear on my sleeve
    I will wipe it away with your strands of silver
    Then this rain of dispair can wash it all away

    Let the rain fall down let it fall let it fall

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    Musick composed by Marluxia-thepansy
    Image made by Me

    All (c) EkIchi Games

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    FallenMyst has uploaded his first snippet from his RPG Maker VX game Twilight Crusade which may be downloaded RIGHT HERE.

    Note you may need RPG Maker VX to play this game as it is now in the current state. The file is quite large and it is non-encrypted. Once the official BETA is released it will be a much smaller file. The patch is coming soon with more to the game and some fixes. Enjoy whathe has now.

    We enjoy input so feel free to speak your mind about it.
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    For my song for Xemnas from myband's album 'XIII'. With lyricks from the song.

    Version 1:

    Version 2:
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    Made these quick banners for Zeonark's fanfiction. <3

    Version 1:

    There are NO good clear pictures of Xion really...I spent more time looking forimages than actually making the banners...Le sigh. This was the best I could find really.

    Version 2:

    I was PRAYING these were the correct characters. I know nothing about them really, so I searched up their names and this was the image I got of the characters. So I hope they're right and I hope it looks decent.
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