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  1. kingdomheartz


    Bush can duck and dive lol
    Thread by: kingdomheartz, Dec 14, 2008, 46 replies, in forum: Current Events
  2. kingdomheartz
    Gun Fight in Toys R' Us what is wrong with the world?,0,2830895.story
    Thread by: kingdomheartz, Nov 29, 2008, 25 replies, in forum: Current Events
  3. kingdomheartz
    Man Killed by customers who trampled him on their way into Wal Mart.
    Thread by: kingdomheartz, Nov 28, 2008, 30 replies, in forum: Current Events
  4. kingdomheartz

    Hey there!

    Hey there!I'm kingdomheartz but you can call me Obito or kingdomheartz (which ever you prefer lol).I just joined KHV today and i already like it here.
    Thread by: kingdomheartz, Nov 14, 2008, 18 replies, in forum: Introductions & Departures