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    The group followed Eren inside the portal itself and they found themselves in a city that looked like New York, and yet every building was made of wood. The city was surrounded by a hollow frame of wood, reaching ever-so-high above the wooden skyscrapers, there were cars that were made of wood, but they weren't powered by fuel. The same fireflies they saw in the tunnel were hovering around the cars, giving the inner parts energy. It seemed like the fireflies were the main source of this world's energy. How cool was that? Instead of using fuel, you use something so natural.
    "Welcome to Metlis, the capital city. We've taken what we love about your world and made it our own. It is a grand fortress for all that is good," he shouted to the group, trying to get a louder voice than the market to the right of him, who were selling potions and food to eat. Jay looked up and saw the sky among the leaves and the dragons flying around the top of the tree.
    "In front of you..."
    Jay looked forwards instantly and saw a palace within a bubble. It was sparkling in silver and yet had a wooden texture to it.
    " the Yule, the royal building I preside in and you all will be resting there tonight..."
    Suddenly elven girls began to rush towards them in what seemed like a stampede down the street behind them. Jay figured that royalty are treated the same, both on Earth and this new world they were on. Eren is pretty much Prince Harry or the next pop star.
    Eren blushed a little. "Well, this is embarassing. How about...we start running..."
    Eren began to sprint down the busy road.
    "Why did this have to happen now?" he thought.
    Jay kept up with Eren.
    "Does this happen to you, every time?"
    "Umm, pretty much!" he exclaimed. "Gets annoying sometimes..."
    "EREN, I LOVE YOU!" a girl screamed behind. They sounded like they were getting near.
    "Very annoying..."
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    I've heard that it's a specifically a release date, not a release window. Could be wrong though.
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    This makes me super excited. They have a plan, and if they have a release date, it has to be soon. I think it's going to be a 2016 release date, maybe even early 2016.
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    Hawaii would be pretty cool. I used to like that movie, but now I'm not much of a fan of it. A continuation of The Lion King would be excellent as the bare wastelands were really boring in Kingdom Hearts 2. It would be great to see The Lion King's world in Kingdom Hearts 3's PS4/Xbox One graphics.
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    I hope it's alright if I post in an old thread. I thought I'd update it as Tangled and Olympus have been confirmed for the game.

    Here's what I'm hoping they'll announce next.

    Big Hero 6 - San Fransokyo
    The Emperor's New Groove - I don't know how it would work but it would be great to see Yzma and Kronk in Kingdom Hearts 3. They're hilarious.
    Treasure Planet
    Star Wars - Death Star - The gummi ship gets taken in by the tractor beam like the Millennium Falcon. It would be based on A New Hope.
    Robin Hood - Sherwood Forest
    The Avengers - Set in the Battle of New York - It would be awesome if we get a high action world in Kingdom Hearts 3.
    Toy Story - the film is a classic.
    The Incredibles - Seeing the film's animation style in Kingdom Hearts 3 would be great. Plus a battle in Metroville against the Omnidroid would be cool! The characters are well written as well.
    The Sword in the Stone - It would be cool to see Merlin's world. It was actually in a Kingdom Hearts 2 comic for a magazine called Big Time in England.
    Frozen - Erendelle
    Oliver and Company - The Big Apple - It has a dark element and I'd love a world based on the busy city of New York.

    Returning Worlds

    Traverse Town - It would be great to revisit the world. It gives me a lot of nostalgia.
    Destiny Islands - I want to explore the world and finally see the island's culture.
    Wonderland - An updated Wonderland with Tim Burton's version would be cool.
    Port Royal - I'd like to see how Pirates of the Caribbean would look in Kingdom Hearts 3.

    Out of the box worlds

    Kim Possible
    Sky High
    Mary Poppins
    National Treasure
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    Eren laughed.
    "Yeah, they're friendly. They're part of the defense of the town. Taming dragons is a sign of strength in our heritage. Very few can do so," he replied.
    Eren frowned when he was asked about the missing people. He heard a report of humans being taken in the forest and never being seen again. This was just recent though.
    "Unfortunately yes. I just heard about it recently though. We've sent a group to investigate what is going on. We should hear back from them soon," he said in toned down voice. He couldn't figure it out. Why were they being taken? It was obviously Craxen. What did he want from them?
    The car stopped by the trunk of the tree. At the front perched three doves in a row, chirping among each other. When Eren left the car, he strolled up to the birds and spoke three names. "Hercules, Merlin, Alice."

    Jay walked up to Eren and the doves.
    "Is that a password?" he asked.
    Eren nodded.
    "Yeah, they're named after heroes of your world. Watch."
    The doves circled around to create an oval, and they became faster, quick, at the speed of light, and then a portal appeared within it. It looked like a potion being created in a pool.
    "We only use these doves for humans as it is highly dangerous for humans to enter inside one of ours unless you're extremely powerful...which I am not..."
    Jay was barely listening as he watched the doves spin around and around in a white light.
    "Say those three names and whenever you need them they will come," Eren explained.

    Craxen grinned.
    "Well, I guess that's sorted then," he said as he slithered back to Lilith. "Of course you can kill. You will be working together" he said, staring at her with his slit yellow eyes. "You will be my crown jewel. I will even let you kill the prince. Wouldn't that be great?" he said.
    Craxen created a portal behind him and turned around, his tail slithering among the wooden floor.
    "You will receive your powers tomorrow, and then I will test you,"
    Before he entered the portal, he glared at Alec.
    "You better be ready because if you're not, well...."
    He clenched his claw.
    Craxen laughed hysterically as he walked inside the portal. It faded a few seconds later.
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    I just finished Episode 2 and 3 in the same night. I was really hooked. I honestly think Episode 3 was full of filler, and it's the worst episode so far. The ending as well is underwhelming. It was predictable.
    The alternate universe storyline has been done over and over again.
    While playing it, I really didn't like Chloe at all. Chloe's so selfish and acts like a rebel just for the hell of it. I don't buy the friendship between Max and Chloe either. It just feels really forced, and I wished that they focused on other characters rather than her. Her character might be explained more in Episodes 4 and 5, but right now, I'm not a fan of Chloe.

    Overall though, Life Is Strange is great! The voice acting is spot on, the characters are three dimensional, and rewinding time is really interesting. I can't wait for Episodes 4 and 5.
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    Another aspect leading me to think that they're going to focus on Kingdom Hearts at E3 is that Final Fantasy XV will not have an appearance at this year's E3. Instead it will appear at Gamescom.
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    Square Enix's E3 conference is less than 2 weeks away, and I wanted to ask you, what do you think we'll see for Kingdom Hearts if anything at all?

    There have been two rumors that have floated about.

    1) Square Enix France gave Facebook messages that asked fans what their expectations are for Kingdom Hearts III and also said to relive the magic of Kingdom Hearts with Kingdom Hearts 3 in a hashtag.

    2) Disney and Square Enix are close together at E3's booth set ups.

    Personally I believe that the Square Enix France Facebook posts are an indicator of their plans. The second is just a coincidence, I think. I might be wrong though.

    What I believe is that they will show Kingdom Hearts 3 footage with a Kingdom Hearts HD Collection for PS4 with Dream Drop Distance HD ReMIX at E3. They asked what peoples' expectations were for the game, and they also said to relive the magic of Kingdom Hearts more than six months after Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX was released. It's most likely that something's going on.

    What do you think? What are your predictions for Kingdom Hearts at E3?
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    Alex’s four wheeler bumped up and down the ground, and the voices began to get louder and louder. What was happening? He only heard one or two voices before. Now he was hearing dozens. His head was pounding at this point, but he was trying to hide it from Danni. He didn’t want to look weak in front of anyone. Not being able to pay attention to the ground, the four wheeler suddenly flipped to the right. With his heart beating ever-so-fast, Alex was quickly able to jump off the vehicle before getting seriously hurt. His arms, legs and back were all scrapped along the rocky ground below, and his head was even more painful. It felt like it was going to explode.
    “I need to get out. I can’t handle it. Too many voices. Please, help!,” he shouted from the pain from the voices and the scrapes he endured.

    Alex joined the three when they got on each of their four wheelers. As soon as he was on the seat, however, he remembered his first mission that she joined him with. It was both their first, and Errol assigned them an easy task. Get a package from one of his assailants. Easy enough, but it turned very wrong quickly, and at that point he was still trying to figure out his powers and could barely handle his thoughts. It was at night, and the two were heading towards a small town called Carlin. At this time, he wasn't aware of his oversensitive mental ability. As they saw the town nearing them in the distance, his head began to thump.
    Alex began to hear voices of cheer. They were happy. "Is it normal to hear voices this faraway from a town?" he asked Danni to the side of him.

    Danni heard a sudden change from the motorbike that Alex was controlling and turned her head just in time to see Alex flip. Skidding around, she stopped the bike only to go where Ryan had fallen. Keeping the headlight on, she got off her bike, running over to his side as she took off her helmet and let her fiery hair blow freely in the summer wind. "Alex!" she called out to him, kneeling down by his side. "Are you hurt? What's going on? Can you tell me?" She was clearly worried for her teammate, wondering what in the world had overcome him.

    Alex remembered when they had to abort the mission. It was embarassing, and ever since then, people have thought he was weak with his powers. When Danni said to get on with it earlier, it upsetted him. He thought that she understood. Perhaps he was wrong. He felt quite alone in the mansion, but to him, she was his best friend there. He looked over at Danni before they began the engines, which were surprisingly quiet. "Be careful," he said, remembering the memory. She was a lot less stressed out then. He thought perhaps if they saved Colton, they could talk more.

    Ryan smiled with watery eyes. He hadn't cried, but it wasn't sadness he was feeling. He was happy. He felt Jex hold him back and kiss his forehead. He felt his head fall next to his, and he shuddered when he stroke his hair. He smiled, staying there for a little while, not saying anything. He took a deep breath, and let go of his embrace, still holding his hands. Staring at his eyes, he began to cry, still smiling. He chuckled a little, feeling awkward from the silence. "No matter what happens, I'm with you," he said. He leaned in and touched his lips with his own, not feeling any uncertainty at all. He cared for Jex, and no one was going to say otherwise.

    As soon as Ryan let go, Jex pulled back to take a look at him. Now Ryan was crying, but it was happy tears. Golden globes met with his unusual purple orbs as Jex squeezed Ryan's hand to assure him that everything was alright and that he cared for him. Jex kept his eyes open as their lips met, gently kissing back to show how loving he could be and that he was glad he was here beside Ryan. He placed a hand on Ryan's cheek, finally closing his eyes to enjoy the kiss and carefully wiped away the tears from his face. He was so sensitive, so kind, Jex thought. Almost fragile, but he didn't mind at all. He pulled away and placed his forehead on Ryan's nuzzling his nose delicately to the boy's. "I love you," he said softly, his words coming out breathlessly. "I'm glad you're here with me."

    As he felt Jex's forehead on his, he could feel the warmth of his breath and the redness from his face. It was good to have someone by him. He knew at that point how much he felt for him. His breath faded as Jex said three words, "I love you." More tears streamed down his cheeks. "I love you too," he said. He moved his head back after they stayed quiet for a while and looked at the stream. He took a deep breath as he listened to the water.
    Ryan pulled away, and Jex let the silence fall in between them again, just enjoying the other's company as they sat there in front of the stream. Jex gave Ryan space, but quietly caressed his hand with his thumb, watching the babbling brook go by. "Are you okay?" he asked, keeping his voice low to not interrupt the moment.
    Ryan let out a long yawn and felt fatigued.

    "It's been a crazy day," he said. He sighed as he saw the water splash the grass. "I'm scared of what's happening, and Kiki, she-" Ryan cut off his voice, still haunted by what he saw.

    Jex perked up when Ryan had a sudden change in mood and looked over at him. "Kiki... who's Kiki?" he asked, hoping that he wasn't being rude by forgetting. Nurse Alyce was right, she couldn't do anything for his brain, just his physical appearance.

    Ryan understood that Jex forgot about her. He glanced over at him, "Kiki saved me at the mall. She distracted the man who was going to kill me. She died at the hospital when she warned us of assassins coming," he explained. He shook his head afterwards though and gave a slight smile. "She wouldn't want me to be upset. She was so happy and would tell me to move on," he said before kissing him on the cheek. "We'll be safe, I just know it. When one of us is hurt, we'll be there for each other," he added.
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    In the distance, there was a bright light of white. It wasn't enough to blind an eye, but it was a great light that flickered among the drainflies' various colors. Jay was awe-struck by the sight, looking into the light. As the car was gradually reaching the end of the tunnel, Jay could make out the outline of a gargantuan tree. His mouth gaped at the sight of it, as the car reached the end of the tunnel. In front of them was a grand forest, untouched, except for the many guards who patrolled by the entrance of the cave, and the road ahead. It shut behind them under many layers of metal and rock. Dragons flew around the top of the gargantuan tree, seeming to be playing. Jay's heart raced. How the heck could there be dragons? He looked closer and saw a civilization nested at the top of the tree.
    "Welcome to Carafia!" Eren exclaimed, smiling. He was happy to be showing his home to humans for the first time in centuries. It was an honor. He just wished that there wasn't a war going on. Eren turned around at Serenity and Zane. "You okay? You haven't spoken at all!"

    Craxen sensed concern from Alec, which surprised him. Lilith was the perfect ally for him. Insane, able to kill, interested to kill. Craxen went up to Lilith and ran his scaly hand over her hair, grinning maliciously.
    "You are perfect. A born killer. Perhaps my queen," he growled with his amphibious speech. He turned over to Alec and snapped right up to his face in a split-second. He stared him in the eyes and saw something familiar in them. He looked like a girl he took from a house many years ago. He sensed a power, and believed it to be her, but perhaps now Alec is the one. Craxen grinned with his yellow fanged teeth. He now remembered. Samantha was her name, and she like many others have been preserved in ice.
    "Don't you want to keep your sister safe? Are you willing to obey my every order and get her back along with everything else I've promised? I'm sure she will be dying to see you," he said, cackling in laughter. "All you have to do is to help me kill the elves and those you were with earlier," he spoke.
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    Name: Eren
    Age: 30 (looks like 15)
    Race: Elf
    Personality: Kind, very clumsy, easy to trick at times.
    History: Eren has lived in Carafia for his whole life, rarely going out to the human world. He is a prince of the realm, learning under his master Daen in the ways of protecting the human world from being harmed from magical beings; werewolves, vampires, every mythical creature that you can think of. He is still a novice in combat, which frustrates his father, the King, as Eren may some day be king of the realm. However, Eren has a passion for making potions and has saved countless lives on previous skirmishes with Craxen's forces. With Craxen's forces taking over a nearby town and numbers being low among the ranks, Eren was the only person they could send to save the foretold Gifted, who are claimed to be the ones who will save the land from its destruction. Eren for the last month has been a medic for Carafia's forces as the war between Carafia and Craxen's nation, Sizchion, has reached a critical point. Now that the foreteller has notified them of the Gifted's presence, it is up to Eren and Daen to teach the Gifted with their new powers.
    Powers: Eren is a descendant of the Halaie nymphs, beings who are call upon the powers of water. With his powers, he can heal wounds, create spikes made out of ice, and make a shield out of water or ice. Unlike his skills in armed combat, Eren is proficient in using magic.
    Hobbies: Eren enjoys climbing the trees, singing the songs of his people, and reads about new spells he can create. Eren is also a scientist of sorts as he has a collection of materials given to him from the Kingsmens' travels. He hasn't been doing many of these things recently however as the war between Carafia and Craxen's nation, Sizchion, has reached a critical point.
    Strengths: He is a strong magic user and can create potions proficiently.
    Weaknesses: He is clutsy and can be easy to trick. He is terrible at swordplay and hand-to-hand combat.
    Side: Good
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    I'm not a big fan of Fallout 3, but I'm happy for those who have been waiting for this for years.
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    Ryan laughed when he made a pouty face again.
    "Just wait a little longer," he said with a smile. After brushing his hand over his cheek and staring into his eyes a little, he got up and pushed him in his wheelchair. "Close your eyes," he said into his ear. He pushed the wheelchair down the elevator and outside the main doors. The birds were chirping and flapping in the sky as the sunset was nearing, and the breeze gently kissed Ryan's face. It was a wonderful night. He stopped and looked up at the sky, seeing the pink clouds float among the dark blue sky. It was beautiful. He steered the wheelchair to a bench by a stream. A tree to the left ruffled its leaves to the wind with its branches swaying ever-so-slightly to the calm breeze.
    "Okay, I'm going to pick you up," he said with a calm voice. He was much more relaxed than he was before because of the scenery and Jex awakening. Like before, he picked him up with ease and sat him down on the wooden bench. After doing so, he moved the wheelchair slightly out of the way, and sat beside him. He put his arms around his shoulders.
    "You can open them now," he said with teary eyes. He didn't know whether or not Jex was going to make it, and after today Ryan thought the same fate would be his own. He hugged him and placed his head on Jex's shoulder, holding him tightly. "I thought I lost you," he mumbled.

    Alex was ready in the RV, thinking about how his parents disregarded him. Is this where he may have ended up? As they were driving down, the thought came to him. He needed to save as many people as possible. This was more than Colton or Carter. In his mind, he thought if there was a way to help more, he would do so.
    "We need to rescue more people than who we are assigned," he said outloud. "Four people are not enough. They're like us." He looked up at them readying the equipment. "We should use this as an opportunity. There are people who are attacking us. We need to enlist," he stated.
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    Ryan laughed back at his fangirl screams. He was so thankful Jex was back to his normal self or at least mostly. He blushed from how into the joke he was, even more so when he slouched and placed his hand on his forehead. It was a relief Jex still remembered him, and Ryan loved him for being able to cheer him up. At that point he realized that perhaps at the mall, he said so too soon when he was close to being killed, but he truly felt that way.
    "Now, now sugar plum. Before you run off with your new hero, be sure to keep track of odd things popping up. Aches, pains, missing memories, you name it. Other than that, you are free to go," the nurse said before they were about to leave. Suddenly, he was brought back to the hospital, reminded of what happened there. Her screams of terror and falling to the ground. Then all of those mercenaries after them-
    He looked at Jex quickly and shook it off. He needed to be upbeat just like Kiki. That's what she would have wanted. His quick frown turned into a smile as he saw him making a sad puppy dog face.
    "What's that face for?" he asked before kneeling down to him to face him down to look at head level. His violet eyes made his heart jump more. They were shining in the bright white room. He held his cheek with his palm, sighing. "I've missed you," he said, smiling, staring into his eyes.
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    Hi :)

    Re: Chain of Memories is your favorite game in the series? That's interesting. I haven't heard that before. It used to be my least favorite but after playing it, I found it better than many others. Welcome to the forums!
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    Alex cleared his throat in response and spoke up, "What is the dangerous part? It sounds clear cut to me. Go in, get out. Who or what do you think will stand in our way?"

    Ryan picked up the tissue with his left hand and wiped away the tears from his face. They were soon replaced by new tears seconds later. He felt the embrace of the blanket warm him and the shivers begin to fade away, and then the tears stopped. Ryan felt his hand being squeezed and immediately turned back to Jex after dropping his tissue in shock.
    "Ryan, I thought I had a bad dream. That someone was shot...and we had to run..." he said with a raspy voice.
    As soon as he was able to speak back, the nurse explained almost everything to him. As the nurse conducted electricity, he jumped at the sight of it. She was hitting him with bolts. That can't be safe!
    "What are you-?"
    He was interrupted as he noticed that Jex's injuries were being restored. When the nurse took off his bandages and saw his violet eyes once again, he smiled, trying to wipe away the tears as much as possible. His face and eyes were still red from the tears he shed. Tear marks also stained his face. When his violet eyes caught Jex, he grinned as much as Jex, beaming at him. As Jex was getting up though, Ryan jolted up to him and held Jex's shoulder.
    "Are you okay?" he asked, his voice filled with concern. When the nurse mentioned the wheelchair, Ryan grinned.
    "Well, now it's my turn to pick you up," he said. He laid his hands below Jex's legs and behind his back in the same way Jex did. Before getting his powers, he would be unable to pick up Jex, but with his Psionic Strength, Ryan was able to do so easily. He carried him, looking at Jex in the eyes, and placed him in the wheelchair carefully.
    "There you go. Now I'm the strong handsome hero able to pick you up from your feet!" he said with a laugh afterwards. He was laughing at himself. What the heck was Jex thinking when he said something like that originally?
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    Once everyone was in the car, the man in green revved up the engine and the car accelerated forward within the crowds of cars around them on the highway. The driver swiftly turned the car to the right and drove right into the park nearby.
    "What are you doing!?" Jay shouted. Eren laughed.
    "You'll see."
    Suddenly a blue pulse was created from the front of the engine to reveal a tunnel on the path they were on that submerged into the ground like a subway system. The car dropped down into the road below and continued to follow the path underground. At first, it seemed like an ordinary tunnel to Jay except for it appearing out of nowhere, but then he saw millions of fireflies trapped within a barrier, flying among each other. It was beautiful, and they weren't just orange too. They were multiple colors. Green and blue fireflies joined the red to create a firework like spectacle above.
    "Wow, that's beautiful," he said, looking at the fireflies above them.
    Eren smiled and leaned back at the front chair.
    "I never really thought about it, they're just drainflies," he said, not impressed as he lived in this world his whole life. "This is one of the roads that seperate our world from yours," he stated.

    Craxen could hardly hear Alec speaking due to Lilith's loud mouth.
    "I am Craxen, lord of-Wait"
    Suddenly like a vacuum, Lilith was sucked up into the portal, being pulled into the other world.
    Craxen snarled as Lilith landed to sit next to Alec.
    "You are insolent, but you have potential just like Alec. I can provide you what I have promised to him, but first, I will ask you one question," he said to both Alec and Lilith. "Do you have the passion to kill and torture others? If not, well, I have another plan for you..." he asked, gripping his claws.
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