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    love the star wars reference :) (except for Vens!)
    Post by: Rami_keyblade, Feb 10, 2010 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    Update for you guys :)
    As I progress in programming I have the chance to develop my programming skills. Because this is an on going process making a game on a already programmed engine is nice, but I would like to "upgrade" the engine so that the next episode can be as great as it could be. These past couple of days I have been experimenting with what is know as Object Oriented Programming. It is a more sophisticated way of programming, this approach is used in coding commercial games like Kingdom Hearts. So while I wont be able to dive straight into O.O.P I am going to take the time and "re write" my engine. Because O.O.P is so useful it won't take long. Basically im going to need a week to finish the Upgraded engine, this unfortunately means im going to loose a week of work time on Episode 4. But once this is done I will be able to code games much quicker,

    Post by: Rami_keyblade, Feb 8, 2010 in forum: Discussion
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    hope you work things out
    bye :)
    Post by: Rami_keyblade, Feb 8, 2010 in forum: Departure Hall
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    heres the translation from nintendoeverything

    - The first design of Sora was of him being a lion with a tail, Nomura wanted him to be like a Disney character
    - Idea of having the chainsaw as a weapon came before the keyblade idea
    - Sora’s tail was drop during the development of FFVIII
    - Sora’s shoes and pants were added when Nomura was discussing the character with Disney
    - Sora will be in future games
    - Nomura isn’t sure what the future work will be
    - Nomura believes Birth By Sleep shows that the Kingdom Hearts Osaka dev team has similar ability to create a quality KH title
    - Kingdom Hearts 3 will be implemented as soon as possible
    Post by: Rami_keyblade, Feb 5, 2010 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    glad you liked it,
    Post by: Rami_keyblade, Feb 3, 2010 in forum: Discussion
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    you may need to update your Adobe Flash Player,
    try heading over and downloading a flash player for your bowser
    Post by: Rami_keyblade, Feb 1, 2010 in forum: Discussion
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    Is there anything like this for KH 2 (not final mix) ?
    Post by: Rami_keyblade, Jan 30, 2010 in forum: New Releases
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    they were good, i get to see the marks on Monday :). did Sσσиŋч вσЧ ever solve the loading problem?

    Small little update, while working on EP4 I came across something I had done a while back before the Riku Series. Its a game that I had planned to do, but eventually gave up on because the lack of Birth by Sleep sprites. Then I made Riku's series :P
    here is what i have to show you about the old abandoned project before Riku's series, makes sure you turn the volume up!
    Post by: Rami_keyblade, Jan 28, 2010 in forum: Discussion
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    I plan on working on it more, just finished exams :)

    ill keep you guys updated
    Post by: Rami_keyblade, Jan 28, 2010 in forum: Discussion
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    make sure you have adobe's flash player installed.
    tell me how it goes
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    heres the update early :)

    Its a demonstration of a more advance Ai, a boss battke with cloud demonstrating the re-written enemy AI,

    Z- Attack
    X- Secondary Attack

    Up- Jump
    Left- left
    Right- right
    Down- Block

    enjoy, tell me what you think!

    if the game runs slow on your computer try and make your browser window smaller.
    Post by: Rami_keyblade, Jan 25, 2010 in forum: Discussion
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    Expect an announcement regarding the game on Tuesday :)
    I will show off a component of the game

    Stay tuned!

    heres something to see before Tuesday!
    Post by: Rami_keyblade, Jan 21, 2010 in forum: Discussion
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    oh i see
    Post by: Rami_keyblade, Dec 27, 2009 in forum: Discussion
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    hmm after putting some sprites together I've noticed most don't have animations, i haven't been able to open maleficents with her animation, same goes for donald and goofy

    has anyone had any different experiences ?
    Post by: Rami_keyblade, Dec 27, 2009 in forum: Discussion
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    thanks man!!!!!!
    You've been a greate help
    Post by: Rami_keyblade, Dec 19, 2009 in forum: Discussion
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    I'm trying to get all the sprites i can from the model pack,
    its hard though because the models aren't named "Sora" or "Riku"
    if someone knows the name of the Sora, Riku, Donald, Goofy, Malifiecnt, and Kairi pm it would be a great help.

    Post by: Rami_keyblade, Dec 19, 2009 in forum: Discussion