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  1. Alex C:


    [9:37:38 PM] Alexxxxx : i kinda want a pic of cody with his blanket off.
    [9:37:39 PM] Alexxxxxxx : BUT
    [9:37:42 PM] Alexxxxxxx : old cody
    [9:37:47 PM] Alexxxxx : new cody reminds me of MJ
    [9:37:51 PM] Alexxxx : and not the baller
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  2. Alex C:


    wow im gay i would have this much time on my hands
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  3. Alex C:


    i kno u thot i wus gay and u wer like superior to me (idk wtf u got that from)

    but will u marry me :cool:
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  4. Alex C:
    i kno weve had our hard times but i rly wanna marry u :cool:

    thumbs up if you think me and vivi wud make a good couple
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  5. Alex C:

    I love....

    ghetto. and muffin. i rly wanna have sex with them and have a threesome. thats why everytime im on oovoo i have only underwear and a hoodie on

    why is rainbow still on. and why have my posts gone from 1300. to 900. 4 years and running. wow. die site. die.
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  6. Alex C:

    i wish...

    i was a little bit taller
    i wish i was a baller..
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  7. Alex C:
    basically ya know the imeem thing ive had down there for like a thousand ages? well i wanna take it off. but everytime i try clicking preview sig or save sig it just goes to top 100 on imeem. and it wont save. ughhhhhh! please helpp.
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  8. Alex C:
  9. Alex C:
    only people who joined in 06 are legends.
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  10. Alex C:

    i come back

    and we turn rainbow. wth
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  11. Alex C:
    edit: btw u should all know by now but incase u dont. im a dude.

    I dunno how to start this, specially here, where you guys have no fukin idea wth im tlkin about. lmfaooo. its gonna get a little over PG-13 if thats a big dealll. idk. and its kinda personal and such but blahhh. idc.

    Uh.. well 7 months ago I used to have 1 really really really really close friend. my friend victor. and so during high school victor made a friend and introduced me to him, john. um so we all ended up being really close friends but like i can't explain how close we all were. they were my closest friends since the beginning of my life [seriously]. and so uh the first time i met john. him and i went to a high school football game. we walked around the suburb's downtown. later we met up with victor and sleptover his house.

    like any other sleepover we stayed up late. hung around. played video games and suchh. at like 2 oclock [if i can remember this right] victor wus hittin john as a joke thing. and john said stop victor. so victor said ill stop if you make out with him. and so at first i wus like "wtf heh" and then i didnt really care. and it wus 2 yo. so i said shuree? and i did it. then victor split us up. and we did it again. and split us up again. and after we said like oh we were tired we didnt know what we were doin. but after we left john and i texted and said we kinda liked it. [anyway i just said this story so you guys would understand how it started]

    um. then from then on end we kept doing it. and victor knew. he kinda joked about it. but he didnt really care. and all wus fine and dandy. um. then like we continued livin our lives. [[btw victor and john go to a different school than me]] anyway. one day victor started to get really jealous of me. sayin how he was jealous that i was so popular. that everyone at school was my friend and even at their school. and that i would make out with girls all the time. and everyone loved me and i was good at a lot. and i actually had style. being the good friend i was i told him u shudnt care ya know its ur own life and im not perfect and you have ur own accomplishes like i have my own defects. and like he wouldnt listen and one time he got so pissed off that he wasnt my friend anymore.

    after gettin over that fact. all was fine and dandy with just me and john. we already before started taking our making out further. much further. like making out nude and suchhh.

    anyway, he wus cool with it. and i wus too and stuff. [thats just me so i dont wanna hear about how its wrong and stuff] and we continued being really close friends. also i forgot to add. john and i were closer friends with eachother than victor. which wus another factor why he wus upset.

    anyway eventually victor and i were friends agian. it wus just like before. but than he started sayin **** about me. and started gettin jealous agian. so this time i told him i only tried to help you this whole fukin time [cus i wus since a long time ago and i tried a lot] and u still wanna be a ****** friend? and i wasnt his friend anymore.

    then he started rumors at his school and told people about me and john and tried to get people to hate me and not be my friend. unfortuantly [[for him lmfao]] no one gave a **** and no oone cared. but it wus still **** for me to hear. and i wus so fukin upset.

    it wus just me and john. again. and then one day. after hangin out. like a month afterward he said he didnt wanna be friends anymore. idk why, to this day he never really told me. and yeahh. x( i didnt understand though. we were like pratically brothers and outta no where he wanted to stop bein friends? so i wus super depressed for a long while. and now i still kinda do. but the reason i was so upset and sad. and still get upset [[which is whut this topic is for]] is im ****in in love with him. like really really really in love with him. he's the first dude ive really really really liked and hes the first dude ive liked this much.

    so yeah they both hate me and talk **** about me. idk. the bad part though. is that all their friends are friends with me. and so i get reminded about them all the fukin time. not just with their friends. um like anyone. a lot of people networks. so i really cant forget about him. i dontt knoww. i think i want an alternative somethin thatll make me atleast decently ok about this.

    and before u say resolve this. he said so much low **** to me afterward that goin back to him will make me look so weak. and ****.

    so yeahhh. ask any questions ud like too. cus theres so much i havent said. but i cant fit it all under a certain time.
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    i cant believe this site is still alive
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  13. Alex C:


    i was a lot funnier back then thann i am now
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    good time to come back? :)
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    (first self-rant thread of 08)

    i go to my ****in parent's room and they're all asleep!!! wtf!!

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  16. Alex C:
    listening to abercrombie kids songs browsing khv.

    how ironic, just how i started the year.

    the past comes back to haunt me.
    (i kinda miss it though)
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  17. Alex C:
    I got ED (energetic doer). Just so you knoww.
    edit: you can compare yours and others to see how their relationship matches too
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  18. Alex C:

    19 days

    Until. (:
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  19. Alex C:


    will you go out with mee? :B
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  20. Alex C:
    okk, just basically,

    can you list what times these parts of day begin and endd?


    seems stupidd but idkkkk
    so like afternoon begins at 12-3 or somethinnn
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