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  1. videogame714
    Basically just count up to how many ways you could get rid of a cold. Can be as sensible or random as you want ;)

    1. Kill a guy with the first or last name of 'Cold'.
    Thread by: videogame714, Dec 31, 2008, 16 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  2. videogame714
    I think that this is my best so far. It's about Sora and Kairi searching for each other across the worlds and stuff. Contains spoilers of Kingdom Hearts II if you haven't finished it.
    Thread by: videogame714, Dec 7, 2008, 5 replies, in forum: Production Studio
  3. videogame714
    Kingdom Hearts AMV... There's a few spoilers if you haven't played it I guess =\
    Thread by: videogame714, Nov 29, 2008, 3 replies, in forum: Production Studio
  4. videogame714
    Well, I've recently started making AMVs, and I think they both turned out pretty well.

    Here's the first:

    And here's the second:
    Thread by: videogame714, Nov 16, 2008, 3 replies, in forum: Production Studio
  5. videogame714
    Well, I actually joined in Aug. (from recommendation from Hubba-Bubba-Bubbles, ILoveRikuAndYouCantStopMe, and a few others) but when I tried to log in, it said that I never got a confirmation. . . But when I logged in today, it worked! Anyways, call me VG, or Jasper. If you're looking for me on other sites, it's usually the same as it is now (videogame714). So uh, welcome me and junk! XD
    Thread by: videogame714, Nov 16, 2008, 11 replies, in forum: Introductions & Departures