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  1. Judge Sunrose
    Order! Order! /gavels sternly

    Heheh, I've always wanted to say that. Okay, so, if it's still unclear to you, this is a returning thread. What? Oh, right, you clearly knew that. I must really have a thing for stating painfully obvious facts. Oops, there we go again.

    Anyway, before I get stuck in a tedious loop, allow me to tell you this story: *ahem* Once upon a KHV, there was a member who was barely active. After a few months of failed attempts at things (poetry, RPing, KHVC, and let's not forget the mighty crown jewel, the counting threads), his activity somehow managed to dwindle to a near-complete stop, sometime around July. However! He was never short on camaraderie, forever pestering whichever unlucky members found themselves in conversation-range on Skype, including (especially) two or three mods. Wow. Come to think of it, he was a total waste of time, posts, likes, views, followers, internet connection, existence, etc. You name it, and he's already a waste of that. I think I'll simply quit this story and let him/me/us (idk anymore) switch back to 1st person.

    Yeah, that's about it... Thanks, man. Welp, here I am again guys, and as silly as ever. Actually, I'd still drop by once or twice to see the news. Yes, yes, KH3! Exciting news, indeed. Speaking of which, good thing I got here in time for its release, huh?

    Ugh, not cool, Judge, not cool. That was uncalled for, you dummy. Stop toying with our feelings! Kingdom Hearts 3's release thing is a touchy subject around these parts, you know!

    Ah, my bad. Alrighty now, this should be pretty much everything I could think of, and enough too, for that matter. If you've read this far, supreme salutations to you! Give me your name and credit card number so I can write it down somewhere, and then once I become a Soup Mod, there is an off chance that I will reward you with a pin. It's still a thing, right? Alternatively, if you're feeling particularly intrepid these days, you could just add me or whatever. BEWARE THE CONSEQUENCES
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  2. Judge Sunrose
    ~ Hello hello! What will you be having today, my fellow gentleman or gentlewoman? How about a nice, savory poem for the go?
    Perhaps a nutritiously amusing parody, or a portion of well-baked help potatos? ~
    Uhm, nevermind my delusional restaurant metaphors. Welcome to Judge's very own Poetry&Lyrics Shop!

    < ROOLZ <
    1. Follow the form structure provided in each tab dogmatically. Lol jk not really, but try to make it similar, on the very least.
    2. Request only one type of prompt at a time.
    3. Be forgiving and patient. I'm not some DaVinci of poetry, capable of producing buttloads of masterpieces while sleeping 15 minutes every hour; MEANING, don't expect much from me, and don't ask for a deadline if I don't give you one.
    4. Give suggestions, feedback and due credit. I'm relatively new 'round here, and as far as I can tell, this is also KHV's first attempt at a P&L Shop. I want you to help me improve it so I can provide better services for you guys in return!
    5. English please. I don't speak other languages and I don't see a way of pulling that off.
    WARNING: not the most reliable of shops, prone to failures and unfulfillment of some requests.

    This is a service from which you are entitled to request the following:

    • < Help with completing that one darned piece that simply isn't flowing out of your brains! <
      Going through that writer's block, eh? Want a second opinion on something? Say no more. I'd gladly TRY and discuss, make suggestions, fill in bits; in short, do anything to/with/on/about/*random preposition* your own work. This is the most direct action out of all three here, and fairly handleable, in my opinion.

      COMMAND: /judgehalp
      GUIDELINES: "I'm having trouble with the third stanza. Also, what do you think of verses 20-21, are they too long?"
      *Insert your poem or lyrics here*
      PM-ABLE: y/n

    • <Bounce an idea off of my poor writing mad skills, brah! <
      Want a different (or similar, if that's the case) poetic point of view to help you get inspired? I can also TRY and do cheesy love poems for that special person of yours. aye. This should be the most complicated and unreliable type, because I'd actually have to do everything -- rhythm, words, rhymes, theme approach -- by myself, so I'd LOVE it if you were to, say, provide a phrase, another poem, song, text, topic, or really anything that'd help me meet your expectations more accurately. If you just say "make a poem", this happens:
      I sat on a coconut tree
      to watch my love walk by.
      My love didn't show up,
      I came down.
      COMMAND: /judgepoet
      GUIDELINES: "I'd like a sonnet [DO remember to link me like this for any specific form!] about birds because I can't write sonnets and I have adhd and OH LOOK A BIRD!" -- Plums
      *Insert your references here*
      PM-ABLE: y/n

      This lovely thread of mine.
    • < Make a song turn into a lyrical joke or a special homage? I'm on it! <
      Now, this is the good part! Most rewarding and most of the time easiest of all three. I can almost guarantee I'm going to produce good stuff here for you. Just tell me the theme (e.g. KH, KHV, KHV members, a certain game, et cetera), hook me up with the original song (and ovbiously lyrics as well), and I'll get this thang rollin'. Some orders might just be plain impossible, given an imcompatible combination of theme and song. E.g., a story of a post-apocalyptic space monkey nazi civilization, using the lyrics of Michael Jackson's 'Beat It'. It sounds funny, but is highly impractical. No can do. OH! One more thing. You can ask for a parody of a song you're singing in Karaoke Night, and score a juicy achievement -- Singing is LIGHT!; Parodeeeeh.

      COMMAND: /judgesatyr
      GUIDELINES: "Please write a parody about the story of a Hydrogen atom in the heart of the Sun using the following song, sir." -- What?
      *Insert the song here*
      *and a link to its lyrics here*
      PM-ABLE: y/n

      Prince Plumsy (Prince Ali) -- NOTE: This was a coop with Forsaken. He wrote the original parody (lol) and I did a few ajustments.
      I Am The Roxas (I Am The Walrus)
      Shipping In November (September)

    < SERVED <
    - Plums

    STATUS: Open.
    - lil woj

    I would like to thank Plums for helping me figure this out, and What? for testrunning my layout. Also Fork for, idk, something. I do hope you who makes use of the shop enjoys it. Have fun, and happy requesting, folks!
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  3. Judge Sunrose

    Can you guess

    What are my plans for tonight?

    (ZOMG my first spam zone thread)

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  4. Judge Sunrose
    Just like the title doesn't say, these are the electronic transcriptions of the poems I've written.
    I am compiling them in my Commonplace Book (AKA The Blank Book), so I thought, why not share it?
    Just a head up, some of 'em contain KH references, be it only content or direct (sometimes even obvious rip-offs) ones.
    here goes a ton of overrating~


    I - Twilit

    To love a memorized fake,
    Such a foolish path to take.
    Fulfilling the promises you make
    Demands every moment awake.

    A phantom promise can corrode
    One's heart and one's road.
    As the path becomes daft
    Darkness fills in what's left.

    There is always Light between meet and part
    Of a kind person with a kind heart,
    A hope once false from the very start.

    There is always sleep between part and meet
    With our usual words on the usual street.
    An answer comes whence Light and Dark greet.

    [See what I mean by 'rip-off'?]
    II - Flowering Permanence

    Amidst the shadows in my heart,
    I find it hard to tell them apart
    - Where the heart ends
    And the shadows start.
    An ever-drowning oblivion.

    Salvation, the heart knows none,
    Though memories and bonds still thread.
    Should its state of yore be put in its stead,
    The feasting darkness would begone.

    Alas, the once invisible edge gives its place
    To a line no destiny can erase.
    A blooming horizon.

    [One of my favorites. The Blooming Horizon becomes, herein, a recurring motif]
    III - Delusions

    Not a single day can go by
    Where we don't play the Fates' game.
    No matter how hard we may try,
    Our roles remain the same.

    Even though It has no escape,
    It is through Dreams
    That reality we may reshape.

    Destiny's pen frequently wrote
    Tragic stories of sad petals afloat.
    And yet I solely dream
    Of beautiful horizons in bloom.

    Still, unable to go against its plot,
    We play the Fates' jested game.
    Ultimately, our doom we'll refuse to claim.

    [A bad poem's not the end of the world, right...?]
    IV - Love and Seashells

    Bright as the sun shining red,
    Deep as the surf's wavering bed.
    Vast as the horizon's dawning light,
    Amorphous as the clouds' skyward flight.

    Infinite as the stars and above,
    Endless as the late hours of dark.
    There is no place in my heart for love.
    As it houses but only
    Crested seashells never lonely.

    [I tried not to rhyme on this one. Couldn't resist the temptation, though...]
    V - Doubt, Future and Purpose

    The first part of this poem
    Was lost, much like its purpose.
    Half of it drowned.
    The other half fell to death.
    Maybe I'll find it, maybe not.
    But the poem goes on -

    Cast into high sea,
    Tossed across gray skies,
    Left to sink or float.
    Darting past the clouds.
    What becomes of me?
    Will I fall or will I fly?

    Regardless; what makes me shine
    Is the resolute, daybreaking line.

    [...Success! Also, the 2nd and 3rd stanzas can be read in any order, not that it'd change much...]
    VI - Shallowly Natural

    The horizon works like a natural shroud,
    Stopping the waves from crashing into a cloud.

    [First couplet, kinda childish]
    VII - Despair vs Geometrical Hope

    They say that with two dots you make a line.
    But during the darkest nightmares of mine,
    When all shining shells and hopes appear gone,
    You two embody the stars
    From which my horizon is drawn.

    [Gosh, downhill much? D:> ]

    - End of Part 1 -

    I have some other pieces, but I'd still need to put together a few more to make a solid "Part 2". Would you even like to see one?
    I'll stop if you want me to
    So, what do you think? Or rather, CnC if possible...
    By the way, I'm not a native english speaker, so come at me full power, you grammar nazis!
    Oh, and if you happen to be from the Literate Beans too, hiya~!​
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  5. Judge Sunrose
    Anyone ever played it? 'Cause I'd like to share my personal experience with it...

    When my older brother payed me a visit, he brought it over and mentioned how that game was awesome and stuff. He got me to play it with him.
    My reaction: never again. Not that the game was bad, nor that it had bad graphics or gameplay, but the graphic style was incredibly nauseating, to the point of making me want to vomit for the rest of the day. I know, I'm crazy...

    Aaaanyway, have you ever had a similar game experience? (not necessarily with this game)

    EDIT: sorry for the duplicate thread
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  6. Judge Sunrose

    Hi, people

    Oh, well... I come here all the time to see what's new in KH, and i thought "why not register?", so here I am. B:
    Feel free to ask any questions - I'm sure to answer 'em all! -, and prob'ly give me some pieces of advice.
    Hello again, and thanks in advance! o/
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