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    Glad it worked for you! Barthandelus is always a pain in the butt. Now you're on to the finale and one of my favorite cut scenes from the game! I'm really glad I was able to help. If you have anymore questions feel free to message me! (:
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    I think a FFXIII-2 would be amazing. I fell in love with the characters and they left the ending open yet closed. If they wanted to make a sequel they could, based off of Hope's quote "We've changed our fates before." But looking back you don't really need a sequel. You know what happens and why it happens, even if some of the facts are a little confusing. I know that right now their focus is probably on Agito and Versus rather than a sequel. In my opinion I think that this is a wonderful idea! We get three different stories that are still similar. If they do decide to make a sequel to FFXIII I would definitely consider buying it. They've created a very captivating world that I would love to play in again.
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    The key is to level up your characters as far as they can go in their main roles. The team I used was Lightning, Fang, and Hope. This battle is kind of a preview of what's in store. When you win you obtain 100,000 CP points, so don't worry about using what you've saved up. I also went and upgraded my characters weapons (I don't really think that part matters, I just did it because I had nothing better to do with all of the items I collected). So here's what I did...
    First have this all set up:

    First thing to do is to cast some wonderful debuffs and such. You wanna weaken him as much as possible. You also need some nice buffs for your party. Have Lightning cast cura the entire time while Hope and Fang are doing their thing. If you can't take anymore damage and you need a sen you have two options: 1. switch to syn/med/sen and keep buffing up your party or 2. heal with cura then switch to rav/com/sen to begin your assault. What I always tried to do was to stagger him. To do this stick with Delta Attack and Mystic Tower. Delta helps you stabilize the stagger bar so if he uses one of his powerful attacks and you are forced to switch to Combat Clinic your hard work won't be wasted. Mystic Tower is for that extra little boost you will need. Now, when he is staggered you can either continue with Delta Attack or you can switch to Relentless Assault (keep in mind that he does not stop attacking once staggered). When Doom begins you really have to push. You can either stick to the strategy of staggering or go all out with Relentless Assault. If you have to heal I suggest using Combat Clinic or syn/med/sen (I forgot the name of that one).
    Hope this helps. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. (:
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    OH my gosh, I LOVE the Hunger Games. To me it's one of the best books that I've read (and I've read a lot). The books flow amazingly. I swear it felt like it took me an hour to read the whole thing. I read both in a night, I was hooked from the first chapter. I am team Peeta all of the way. I can't wait to see what happens in Mockingjay. August 24th baby!!! (:
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    I hate how some books get annoyingly over popular. Twilight? No one read it back in 2005 and now everyone is drooling over Edward Cullen and Jacob Black claiming that they will marry one of them. Harry Potter? The only reason I haven't read the books is because I didn't like how EVERYONE read them and went crazy over them. I just couldn't bring myself to read something that people are overly obsessed with (like thinking they will marry Harry, oh please...). I don't see why movies can't be original anymore. I'm fed up with them murdering the books because the book dives so deep into a world of imagination and wonder that they can't create it on screen. Some books should not be attempted yet they are. One book that I heard was being made into a movie is The Hunger Games. I swear, this will never end because it seems like the directors think that if it's a good book then it will be an even better movie. Sadly I do not agree, the books are ALWAYS (in all of the books into movies that I've seen) better than the movie.
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    Great Expectations. No one likes a stupid narrator who makes horrible choices ALL of the time. Though after being forced to read and annotate the irony was probably the only "enjoyable" part.
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    Days is one of the best DS games out there, but is it the best in the series? Not a chance. Is it the worst? Nope, I think CoM wins that one. I liked learning about the Organization, it made some of the characters deaths more meaningful. When I replayed KH2 I was even more devastated when Axel faded, I've liked him since day one. The game is mission based, surely they can't have 100 different styles of missions. The missions just got increasingly harder as they went along. A flaw for me was the panels, I was never good at setting them up. Overall the game was decent, especially the graphics. I was surprised at the quality, especially remembering how horrid CoM were. Plus I love Roxas, it was great to see things from his eyes and this game flowed in nicely with KH2.
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    Owl City

    I've been a fan of Adam's work for quite some time now, my friend introduced me to his music awhile back. At first I didn't like the electronic beat but soon I learned to love it. I love how the song topics he chooses, they are refreshing. I mean only Adam could pull off a song about Dental Care. Haha.
    I also love his collaborations with Matt Thiessen from Relient k. Along with the songs Tidal Wave and Terminals they have also helped each other with songwriting and such. What a beautiful combination of artists (at least to me). (:
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    That dang Card System in CoM is the very reason I did not endure that game, I knew it would end in disaster. Instead my friend and I sat on this site and watched all of the videos. The panels are okay, I am just addicted to rechargeable magic. I seemed to fill my panels with level ups and such that my magic stock was lacking. Add lacking magic stock and a non-frugal me and you get disaster. Haha.
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    After synthesizing a few items you have the option to reduce the items needed by half leaving you needing only 7 (all of the ones found in the game).

    When I was working on getting this weapon I equipped everyone in my party with Lucky Lucky and made sure all of the parties weapons had this ability equipped. It made hunting a heck of a lot easier, plus who doesn't love the Pooh Bear Keyblade? The sounds it makes when in combat are adorable! :P
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    I played it while I was immobile from my surgery. After I saw there were panels I switched from proud to beginner. Panels and I just don't mix very well. xD
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    Is Xion all that important to the series? I think not. Is she important to 358/2? Yea... She's important because the game kinda revolved around why she existed and why she could weild a keyblade (or at least that was the underlying question in everybody's mind). We all knew she wasn't Sora's Nobody so why she had a keyblade was unknown. Sure, her existence gave us the answer as to why Roxas wields two keyblades and Sora wields one but does that really matter? Nope. Not in my mind. Maybe it kinda matters but still. Plus I just did not like Xion; I found her dry and boring. So yea, she's perfect yet she's not real. So freaking what. I wish they would have given her some personality that would make her a more likable asset to the series. I mean she had to compete with Roxas and Axel, two of my favorite characters. In the end I'm glad to know what happened to Roxas in his organization days, Xion just needed more to her. Days would have been more boring without her (I mean I didn't think it was boring until I found out what she really was).
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    For me the hardest is KH, I mean I was so little when I first started and from that horrid experience I haven't had the sudden desire to start again. It's definitely a lot of puzzles and if you take a long break from the game it can be challenging to pick it back up. Sad thing is I've had the game since it first came out and I have yet to enter The End of the World. Some fan I am... I never got around to playing CoM because I knew that cards and I just don't mix. Ever. KH2 was amazing, they spoiled me with reaction commands. I did find the game too easy but it's kinda fun to play multiple times, good info in that game. Only real challenging part was Xaldin; Mickey had to come to my aid quite a few times. Days was a challenge at first because my DSing skills are equal to a preschoolers, but once I got the hang of the system and controls I was pretty good. I found the panels frustrating (like I said before, cards/panels and I DO NOT go together), why can't we just stick to rechargeable things?
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    The censoring of the games never really bothers me, so long as the edited version isn't inane. I think Disney should keep in mind that the people who play this game are around the ages of 15-20 now, we have grown up a bit. I remember when the first game came out I was like eight years old; but I am glad that Disney is still making games that a younger audience can play. I do have the feeling that these games are going to mature so it will be interesting to see what Disney does with that. Regardless I am super excited to have some time frame of a release date. Personally I prefer the game to release in the summer so I can focus on school and such but I know this isn't the case for everyone. This game looks totally worth the wait and just knowing that we won't have to wait a year for the release in the US made my day. (:
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    Why thank you. (:

    Why thank you. (:
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