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  1. Rhyagella
    I haven't been on in a while...

    What's the update on this? I can't remember what page I last commented on. xD
    Post by: Rhyagella, Jul 27, 2017 in forum: Code Vault
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    I don't mind modern elements in the games as it was presented in the games you mentioned or really some of the things they are adding into this game (I have a feeling you believe I'm talking just about modern cars or tvs or something), but XIII took it further than any of the other titles (mostly with the final game and how it handled the series at the end) and now it seems like we're being put into a world that is trying to resemble our world more than it should or ever has.

    Yes it has monsters ("demons") and magic (though nothing like it ever was from what I have seen), but the world itself has started to change a lot and I don't appreciate it as a fan. Though it simply having creatures or magic doesn't make it "Final Fantasy". It is how the world presents it. The games have almost always had modernized elements in it (especially beyond FFV), but they presented it in a way that fit with the worlds they showed us. I suppose the best way to say it is that as a fan it is getting harder and harder for me to see things that drew me into the series in the newer games. Compare them and the things largely recognizable about the series gets weaker and weaker. I don't suspect my opinion is a very likable one (especially to those waiting years for this game), but that's one I have as someone who has adored the games since the 90s.


    posted before I could finish. sorry about that.
    Post by: Rhyagella, Oct 9, 2016 in forum: Gaming
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    and @Dr. Lux

    Yes, I have played them, but at least those games were in a setting that seemed a lot more fantasy than what the series is evolving to (also, folklore in Spira indicates moogle existence). Also, you actually do see a real Moogle in VII, via Gold Saucer. Though even if you would like to decide those are just toys or machines, you see a Moogle riding Choco (via the summon). You also see one via Caith Sith's limit break dancing to heal the party. And if you consider post-VII games canon, you see a Moogle in Crisis Core as a summon.

    It isn't just the moogles anyways, they are just part of the reason. If you have seen the movie and if material from the trailers has been seen, the "fantasy" element is quickly disappearing from the FF series. It is reminding me of XIII's rather radical changes/ending to the series as a whole, which was a huge disappointment to me. It just seems like the more I see of this game, the more I see is different from the series. Or I guess I should say it is getting hard to recognize it as "Final Fantasy".
    Post by: Rhyagella, Oct 8, 2016 in forum: Gaming
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    Moogles are just dolls?

    Some of the decisions they have made for this game is really pushing me away from the series. The "fantasy" part of the game is disappearing with each title and it is disappointing.
    Post by: Rhyagella, Oct 5, 2016 in forum: Gaming
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    I'd imagine it only works on certain enemies in certain situations, and that this is just an introduction/demonstration of the actual spell. If not it will probably have some huge disadvantages, like massive MP requirements, a high level or something like that.
    Post by: Rhyagella, Oct 4, 2016 in forum: Gaming
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    I don't think it would be appropriate to put his new patch in this thread anyway. They aren't the same and they aren't worked on by the same people anymore. It would be better in a new thread, so it would be easily manageable for the modder and easy for others to find the patch that they need + instructions without digging through 131 pages and various instructions/complaints etc.
    Post by: Rhyagella, Sep 24, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    They are really pushing this world. Side games, Spin offs, spin offs of spin-offs, movies, anime, books. For their sake I hope this game turns out to be amazing.

    I'll give this a shot. I'm always looking for new mobile games that aren't trash.
    Post by: Rhyagella, Sep 18, 2016 in forum: Gaming
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    Playing the JP version of the game and am doing pulls from the anniversary jewel gifts (3000+850).


    I was trying to pull the new medal (Key Art?). I have no idea if what I got is good but I did get Aqua, so that's cool! I got another pull, but since I don't know most of their names, I'll leave their no. behind.

    • Ill. Cloud
    • Alice (No. 372)
    • Musketeer Donald (No. 416)
    • Squall (KHII Ver B)
    • Beast (No. 315)
    • Ansem the Wise (No. 512)
    • Goofy At Ver (No. 592)
    • Vivi (No. 208)
    • Pluto (No. 285)
    • Hercules (No. 63)

    September 24th

    I shouldn't have pulled. I just knew I was going to get Aladdin. I would have preferred some lower medals that I already own so I can try to guilt them.

    Post by: Rhyagella, Sep 17, 2016 in forum: Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ
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    If you look above, just a few posts, you will see gledson himself state he is still working on it. Look at this post:
    Post by: Rhyagella, Sep 17, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    Look a few posts above. Gledson states he is working on a translation and mentions the state it is in. :)
    Post by: Rhyagella, Sep 16, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    I don't have an image 'cause I didn't know how to take them, but my last pull was Ill. Ventus. The rest, besides Pooh, were pretty useless in my opinion, but:

    • Ill. Ventus
    • Xaldin
    • Zexion*
    • Musketeer Mickey
    • Daisy
    • Pooh x 2 (had 1 already too)
    • Shadow*
    • KH Aerith*
    • Master Form Sora
    * = I am unsure of/can't remember.

    I was going to pull during this EMC but I think I'll save for Kairi, even if it is a slim chance at obtaining her (f2p player here).
    Post by: Rhyagella, Sep 16, 2016 in forum: Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ
  12. Rhyagella
    Yes, someone (look above) is still working on it. You can find current patches that are very much playable (with few parts where you must progress with a Japanese rip/disc) at the front page or at sora's website. You need to own the game (and rip it good or you will see problems) and patch it yourself though.
    Post by: Rhyagella, Sep 16, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    I really wish the HD screenshots were at least 1920x1080. Some of them would make some awesome desktop wallpapers.
    Post by: Rhyagella, Sep 15, 2016 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
  14. Rhyagella
    I don't mind, really. I enjoyed Origins and haven't enjoyed the main series since I was a small child. A new focus, even if it has been done before or there are other perspectives to focus on.
    Post by: Rhyagella, Sep 14, 2016 in forum: Gaming
  15. Rhyagella
    Incredible progress then @gledson999! I will definitely have to replay it once you release something/finish it.

    Is there anyway I can help?
    Post by: Rhyagella, Sep 14, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    Does the Scorpio move away from DDR3 to DDR5?

    I wouldn't put it pass Microsoft to still screw up with Scorpio somehow. If they don't, I'm interested in how they are going to afford manufacturing a console with that kind of horsepower. It has to mean the price will skyrocket, making PS4 probably still the choice of gaming platforms (if it wasn't for the exclusives already).

    I bet that in the end, the devs will not try to utilize that horsepower either. lol 30fps @ 900p.
    Post by: Rhyagella, Sep 14, 2016 in forum: Gaming
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    @Day~Dream and @O.KnightofTwilight

    Thank you for the welcome! :)
    Post by: Rhyagella, Sep 13, 2016 in forum: Introductions & Departures
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    I found this on my front page of youtube. lol it is actually really good.

    (videos do not work? strange. click this then.)
    Post by: Rhyagella, Sep 13, 2016 in forum: The Playground
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    That PS4 looks wicked, though for a moment I thought it was for Star Wars.
    Post by: Rhyagella, Sep 13, 2016 in forum: Gaming
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    I think they are reusing the song because she's not signed on with them anymore, (something about not getting enough money?) and so they only have two songs to work with. I don't know, but I agree it is getting old. However, it is better than them trying a new song that may not fit at all. :p

    KH3 was the second reason I saved up for a PS4. You are going to love it, as it is a good system (though you should get the Pro coming out in December instead).
    Post by: Rhyagella, Sep 13, 2016 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates