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    Megas XLR

    Who remembers it?
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    I absolutely hate the remake, the English version especially. It's so slow, the lip syncing sucks on the Eng. dub, and it just didn't feel like CoM. It just felt like a fatally brutal attempt at reviving a good GBA title. The GBA version actually focused on story and gameplay, while the remake just expeced its graphics to get it by, and, as most people these days don't know, graphics=/=good game. Plus, Re:CoM is just for the fans, so its sales would suck, and its had limited releasing. I sold my PS2 and all but two games with it, one was lost and the other didn't have a barcode.
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    Whenever I use my Rom of it in no$gba, it says that it's unable to read the data and that I should restart it and reinsert the gamecard, as if it was on a DS screen. I restarted the rom 12 times an it kept saying the same thing. Is the rom bad or is it my emulator?
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    I personally wouldn't have saved any of them, although everyone here brings up the perfect ideal of why Axel should live. Still, no one on my part. But, if I must, I'd chose to let Xemnas live. He reflcts my actual life, him and Lexaeus. He is misunderstood, uses imperfect methods, and is close to that of the darkness.
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    I have to say no, because most of the time the beats are stolen and are used illegally, unfairly, and no consequences are dished out. Besides, rap takes good music and maes it terrible (ex. You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record) by Dope was turned into "Right 'Round" not too long ago). But, I'm a rap hater. I'm a rocker, so it's kinda obvious. *puts on my 666 Iron Maiden T-shirt* This is my stuff, "playa".
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    I'd have to say none of them. KH games are generally child's play for hardcore gamers. But I had most trouble with Kurt Zisa, Phantom, and Sephiroth. Ice Titan, ehh...Too easy.
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    I'm aware, but CoM appeals more to me still.
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    Regular CoM. The card system was a new twist to me, and KH2 is too easy so it's really boring, unless you have GameShark/CodeBreaker. KH1 is really hard so I don't play it much. Plus, Re:CoM sucks, it's slower than CoM and, just because it's 3D everyone thinks it's so much better. Re:CoM is only good for Zexion and that's it. CoM > KH1, way over 2, so far above Re:CoM.
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    Unfortunately, I do. It sucks, flat-out sucks. It's only good for the Zexion battle and that's it.
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    It's already been stated that it won't be. Besides, Re:CoM isn't worth it.
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    I'm just taking these from my captured walkthrough parts, so no floors prior to that in sora's story....yet
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    Vexen's a *****. I just studied his attacks and I'm a natural at dodging his Freeze attack. I used Thundara, Thundaga, Fira, and Firaga, as well as multiple Sonic Blades and Acranums.

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    I would really like Acranum back, but I'm not willing to pay over $150 to play KH2FM. It's a waste of money.
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    If you play Halo 3 but don't go to, and if you're an 11-year-old frantically wanting "r3c0nz", then get a load of this: on July 7th, Bungie is opening their Bungie vs. the World playlist for the day, in which you can take on a 4-man team from Bungie, and, if you beat them, you win Recon. It's the 7ru7h, the whole 7ru7h, and nothing but the 7ru7h.
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    I have a lot of them captured, in very high quality too. I can edit my green bar at the bottom out with Vegas. I have Floor 5 Exit, all the way to the end of Sora's story, and Riku's at Opening, Basement 12, Basement 11, Basement 10, and the Vexen battle.

    I have 2 Re:CoM English Floors now.

    Floor 5:
    Floor 6:
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    They were misunderstood. Their motives were clear, their objective was not in the least bad, nor good. How they planned to carry it out was the bad thing. Sora wouldn't have known if Xemnas never fought him at Hollow Bastion, or if the Nobodies hid, lurking in the shadows and staying completely out of sight.
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    In my spare time, like many of you, I make AMVs, parodies, comedies, etc. Some of the following are some of my best works, and have barely any views and one is low rated (3.5/5!?), but I'm sure you people here at kh-vids would at least watch them.

    Sora - His World:

    Roxas - Audience of One:

    Riku - His World (REMIX) -

    Roxas and Axel - You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record):

    Kingdom Hearts - Day After Day:

    Kingdom Hearts - Blow Me Away:

    Riku - Animal I Have Become:

    Kingdom Hearts - The Kill:
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    How to get Critical Mode in NTSC U/C KH2

    Ok, I was on YouTube during the weekend to find a 60 HP code for KH2. Instead, I find a video with codes for Codebreaker/Gameshark to make Proud Mode like Critical Mode. Below are all the codes and rules. Credit goes to YouTube user Sonicshadowsilver2.

    My rules for my KH2 Lv. 1 Challenge videos are:
    -Stay at Lv. 1

    -When you get a HP upgrade at a boss, save it and put in codebreaker or gameshark and enter a HP modifier code in. For this boss, since you get HP +5 to 25 HP, put in 22 HP code. It's like subtracting 3 HP each time you get a HP upgrade.

    -Proud Mode

    -Make Proud Mode exactly like Critical Mode with Final Mix's rules.

    -When you get Slapshot after breaking the cornerstone's cage, do not equip it until you are in The World That Never Was.

    -When you get Explosion after defeating Volcano and Blizzard Lord do not equip it until right before you fight Sark and the MCP.

    I used Codebreaker just to get 50 AP and the abilities that Final Mix gives you in Critical Mode and I will use the HP modifier codes.

    In the beginning of the video, I show you my items, abilities, and stats.

    I will do no damage to all of Roxas's bosses except for this boss, so once I'm Sora, I won't do no damage anymore except for some bossses like Saix and Barbossa

    Here are the codes if you want to start a Lv.1 Challenge on a english KH2.

    -HP 22 (Use after defeating Twilight Thorn)
    0033FEC5 00000016

    -HP 24 (Use after defeating Axel 2)
    0033FEC5 00000018

    -HP 26 (Use after defeating Shan-Yu)
    0033FEC5 0000001A

    -HP 28 (Use after defeating Dark Thorn)
    0033FEC5 0000001C

    -HP 30 (Use after defeating Demyx 1)
    0033FEC5 0000001E

    -HP 32 (Use after defeating Hydra)
    0033FEC5 00000020

    -HP 34 (Use after defeating Pete when Cartoon Pete is your ally.)
    0033FEC5 00000022

    -HP 36 (Use after protecting the ship in Port Royal)
    0033FEC5 00000024

    -HP 38 (Use after helping Abu)
    0033FEC5 00000026

    -HP 40 (Use after defeating 50 heartlesses in Agrabah's Dark Room)
    0033FEC5 00000028

    -HP 42 (Use after defeating Prison Keeper)
    0033FEC5 0000002A

    -HP 44 (Use after protecting Timon and Pumba from Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed)
    0033FEC5 0000002C

    -HP 46 (Use after defeating Xaldin)
    0033FEC5 0000002E

    -HP 48 (Use after defeating the Experiment)
    0033FEC5 00000030

    -HP 50 (Use after defeating Groundshaker)
    0033FEC5 00000032

    -HP 52 (Use after defeating all heartlesses on the Solar Sailer in Space Paranoids)
    0033FEC5 00000034

    -HP 54 (Use after the "Sora VS Roxas" cutscene)
    0033FEC5 00000036

    -HP 56 (Use after defeating Luxord)
    0033FEC5 00000038

    -HP 58 (Use after defeating Saix)
    0033FEC5 0000003A

    -HP 60 (Use after defeating Xemnas 1)
    0033FEC5 0000003C

    -Have All Items (Only use this just to get 50 AP, then get rid of all your items except for one potion.)
    20340CE8 62626262
    10340CEC 00006262
    00340CEE 00000062
    00340D49 00000062
    20340DCC 62626262
    10340DD0 00006262

    -Max Drive Gauge (9) (Only use after you beat Sephiroth and Final Xemnas)
    20340C90 0A090964

    Ability Codes
    -Have Scan
    1033FF14 00000008A

    -Have Reaction Boost
    1033FF16 00000188

    -Have Finishing Plus
    1033FF18 00000189

    -Have No Experience (Ability)
    1033FF1A 00000194

    -Have Draw
    1033FF1C 00000195

    -Have Lucky Lucky x2
    1033FF1E 00000197
    1033FF20 00000197

    -Have MP Hastera
    1033FF22 000001A5

    Use the "Have All Bottle Items" and ability code after saving it on the 2nd Day right before doing "job" mini-games.
    (Mail Delivery, Cargo Climb, and Grandstander)
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    Is there a code to get 60 HP on Sora? Kinda like Critical Mode from FM?

    btw, the Lmit Sora code kinda sucks. its just kh1 sora, a messed up valor form, a shortcut menu that freezes the game, and the mystical vanishing keyblade.
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