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    Hey kids...

    Daddy's home.
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    I heard that they were redoing this anime and I was kinda excited...and here is why.

    I HATED the original Stay Night. I thought it was awful, and slow, and gloomy (not in a good way) and I hated the music.

    However, I did enjoy Zero. Not a super bunch but I did finish it and enjoy it.

    So my question is...

    Will I like Unlimited Blade? Is it better? Does it improve on the things that I listed as to why I hated the first one?

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    Bitch, I have saved the worlds from the are the junior hero.

    Ps KH2.5 is amazing.
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    I JUST DO NOT GET IT!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot for the LIFE of me win at this game! I am stuck on the first major boss fight in Luxerion and it just cannot understand the stagger thing, and the clock, and the openess, but its not really open.


    I just want to enjoy it and play through the story but its so stupidly hard! HALLLLLLP
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    So I have the demo...

    I looked and looked and looked and I couldn't find out if your village progression transfers over to the main full game. I know that up to 20 villagers do...but no where does it say that how far you get in your village transfers.

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    I mean....what?

    I don't know how I feel about this. The whole time I was getting mad at Madoka because she kept wussing out at the last second or Homura would step in and stop her from becoming a Magical Girl, and it was starting to piss me off!

    I kept expecting every. single. episode for her to turn and she never did! So basically at Episode 6 I was like "this show is crap"

    But the reviews on crunchyroll said it was amazing so I kept going. It only has 12 episodes so it wasn't like Sword Art Online were I said "PEACE OUT".

    The whole time I knew something was up with Kyuubey...he was far to creepy cute to just be a creepy cute side kick.

    This show was hella dark and (honestly) had a lot of crying...almost too much.

    It wasn't until episode 10 that it all clicked and the pieces fell neatly into place. Then I was like "Well I have two more episodes and I finally understand now so..."

    I was too sad for me. Like I get it, it is the complete opposite of what the magical girl genre has become, but must it be that dark?

    Every episode you find out more and more why being a magical girl is a bad idea. I know that it is suppose to make you think of the sacrifices the hero must endure and that there are no real happy endings was just so dark. And I like dark shit.

    It was creative and intriguing once everything made sense. This is defiantly a show that you can't give up on half way through...which I do not necessarily think is always the best style of story telling (a few more tid bits of the truth here and there would have kept me in it more than I was)

    All in all...its defiantly something that if you wanna watch an anti-establishment kind of Anime that goes against all standard genre hoopla and makes its own dark sub-genre. This is for you.

    But for me...meh.

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    So my break started on Friday and I got to my parents place around nine...where I promptly plugged in my PS3 and started playing Chrono Cross.

    I have had very little time this semester to do anything worth while and so I figured I should start playing a game that a bought a year ago.

    I beat it a few hours ago and WHAT THE HELL KHV!?


    I looooove Chrono Trigger and I know that its "not a sequel" but still...they ugh....I am just so frusterated. I waited for that moment when the game would make sense and then I would be all "ahhhhh ohhh...ok I see now".

    But no.

    Right up until the very end I had little idea what the over arching story was. I knew the motivation from one point to the next but over all I had no idea how anything fit together.



    So now I am starting A Link Between Worlds. "Look out!"

    K bye
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    Think about it...if the keyblade kills him his heart will be released...his heartless (Ansem Seeker of Darkness) and his nobody (Xemnas) will just be reborn right? Thus we are starting back to square one. And even if they are defeated...Master Xehanort will just return because his "piece" got put back.


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    I am 8 years old again...

    see you in a week!!
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    So this one is for all the tech nerds. I am going to buy a new lap top and I want to know what y'all think.

    I found this my question is this a good computer?

    I don't really game on my PC. I used to play WoW and dabble in LoL from time to time (But I don't like it cause my computer can't handle the game when its towards the end and EVERY hero is at one base...I lag badddd)

    I want a good computer that is fast and can do a lot at a good speed. I will play PC games from time to time but even if it runs them well at lower res thats fine...but it needs to run them WELL.

    Please give me your opinion.
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    If I go into a Gamestop (US) can I pre-order games and then pick it up at that gamestop when the game is out?

    I never pre-order but I wanna get the book with KH 1.5...but I don't want it to SHIP on the release..I want that sh*t in my PS3 right away.

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    Hi I'm Noise.

    I basically made KHV back in '06. I was the owner and the only mod at the time and then it grew into the multi-million dollar webforum it has become. In fact I sold if for close to $500 million.

    I am now rich and figured that I should come back and wreak havoc.

    Ps you must refer to me as sir or your majesty...and my name should be in blue but Misty hasn't gotten around it yet.

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    So...back story my computer is a Gateway and it is around 5 years old.

    These past few months I have noticed that if I watch videos on youtube or other video providing websites it because really choppy. I haven't really noticed my overall computer slowing down it is (from what I have seen) just the videos. Netflixs works decent but sometimes slows...which might be the internet connection.

    I also have gone down to a lower resolution but then the videos just look awful. I know I can't play HD 1080p videos but can I at least not have choppy vids?

    Is there a way that this can be fixed without having to get a new computer (which might happen soon)

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    so much yes....
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    So I decided to come back
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    Yes yes I know I said I would stay away....

    Truth is for losers.

    I have been very busy in the real world but every time I see new Kingdom Hearts stuff I start to remember my wonderful KHV fam.

    So I thought I would pop in and see who is still kicking...I don't know if I will be on much...but my real life is boring so I figure I would stir up some trouble on the inter webz, cause you know everything that happens on here is super realz and important.

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