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    Anyone that's ever played a forum game on here will understand the meaning behind this thread. Exactly why no one has responded yet xD.
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    this is your facepalm.
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    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what do we do now?
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    Because I can

    yeah they're finally here! hmm, what's this?
    another one?
    this might prove hard.
    spoiler paradise*
    thankshu ctr and xendran
    now, now ven dont be a bad boy :/
    sometimes when i'm really bored I look at unofficial BBS boxarts
    By the way, the term BBS is copyrighted by a german auto company!
    surprising, huh?
    how much longer can joo last?
    Shout out to amber~
    The DArk Knight=amazingness
    see how bored i am !?!?!
    I wonder if anypne will actually read this whole thing
    I have waaaay too much free time
    On the weekdays that is.
    should I end?
    Does this even work?
    Bye![spoiler][FONT="Garamond"][B][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]LE END\[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/FONT][/spoiler]
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    Even though I've already not been going on that much this week already . . .

    I'll be gone from tomorrow to probably the eleventh or twelvth, as I will be on vacation with my family to the south carolina beaches, mostly myrtle beach. I might go on early tomorrow or once or twice during that period (if the hotel i'm staying at has internet), but it's not likely. I'll miss you guys ... I guess XD. Hope there's a way it's possible you can have fun without me!


    ~Ve--ooo, looky a butterfly!!!!!! :3
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    Ooooo, I always wanted a thread with my name on it. :3
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    I was browsing through th KH:Ultimania section when I found an interview that alarmed, particularly these three questions. And especially the last question of these. This could fuel a theory that Terra is not really Xehanort but after the fight with MX, he was converted into a young man with in some way and that Terra, Ven, and Aqua had built the station of awakening, and that they had (reluctabtly) went to Ansem the Wise to leave the young, new Xehanort in the Radiant Garden, and that Ansem the Wise found him and raised him as said in the secret ansem reports. The second question could mean that Ven was "erased" (see scan translations) (perhaps with Xehanort's lost memories, hint hint) into Sora, and that his likeness was freed once his nobody was created. The first question just interested me because of the possibilities it laid down for KHIII. Please give me your speculation.
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    Appearently the term BBS is TM'd by some german auto company. that's weird.
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    This has probably already been posted before. One thing I dont get about nobodies is how they can remember. In COM, it's said that all memories are stored in the heart. However, nobodies, of course, do not have hearts. Therefore, logic says that nobodies cannot remember anything. However, nobodies seem to be able to remember orders and (usually) names, though. So, hasn't Nomura created a plothole in the game's story?
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    I was replaying Kingdom Hearts 1 and before i headed into the End of The World i decided to take some down time and level up, and in the middle of it, i decided i felt like flying in Neverland, but the clock tower wasn't on the list to enter automatically from the gummi ship, so i had to talk to tinkerbell to go there, and then there was a weird secret boss ghost heartless thing that was invisible and wore a cloak, and he was like a flying heart in a sphere, and what he is he attaches a timer or whatever it is to your party members that's connected to the clock time one by one, and when it times out they die. They dont just lose all their health. they die. Eventually, the timer's attched to you too, but haven't lived to see if it kills you to. Im just wondering if anyone else has seen cause it just fraeks me out.
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    Title explains it all\\

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    O_O Wow . . .

    It seems that the internet is being plagued by boredom . . . O_o
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    Well, you see, some people have said my avvy's scary, and ~Amber~ even said she scared herself making it . . . so I wanted to know whether i should change it. Please give me your opinions!
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    I just saw a kitty try to jump through my window!!!
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    For those of you that know the series, it's apparently being made into a full length feature film by Automatic Pictures. Frank Beddor himself is writing the script, so the movie and the book will probably not be as different from the book as some other movies. It'll probably use a lot of money in special effects, if the movie's CGI or live-action, with all the high tech things in the books. I, for one, anticipate it.

    Edit: From Automatic Pictures' Company Profile:
    What might seem to be missing from Automatic Pictures’ grand “LGW” scheme is a film, particularly in
    light of the success Beddor enjoyed as producer of the 1998 critical and box-office hit “There’s
    Something About Mary.” “I’m working on the scripts for ‘The Looking Glass Wars’ and ‘Hatter M,’
    simultaneously since they sync up and interconnect to create a macro story. We’re also working on the
    script for ‘Seeing Redd,’” Beddor reveals, adding: “The great thing is that the movies will be the cherry
    on top of this cake, not the cake itself. In order to protect the story and my Alyss, I need to establish all
    these other creative entities and make sure they are solid first. If you rush into the film, it’s very hard to
    do it well. I’ve seen it happen: A terrible movie comes out and essentially kills the underlying property.
    It’s critical that ‘The Looking Glass Wars’ be allowed to continue to develop organically, at its own pace.
    I’m thinking very long term.”
    Automatic Pictures will take its forward-looking approach to creative-property proliferation and
    marketing – emphasizing the organic relation between parts and the whole – to the development of the
    Monopoly movie, for which Beddor will also be creating a world. He has lent the methodology to a few
    of his fellow authors as well, who joke that he should share his expertise in an infomercial.
    “There is a real interest in taking what we’ve developed at Automatic and applying it to other creative
    endeavors,” Beddor affirms. “But you can’t take a cookie-cutter approach to it. Not every genre lends
    itself to this methodology. And with every tributary, it’s critical that the medium be appropriate for the
    storyline. And you have to be constantly asking yourself how you can tell a story over multiple platforms
    in a way that’s true to the original vision and feels authentic to the audience, who are increasingly
    sophisticated and don’t appreciate having something shoved down their throats. The approach has to be
    about the fans’ sense of discovery, about their taking ownership of the story. We’ve been very sensitive
    to fan response, and it’s guided everything we’ve done, from telling the story of Hatter M to the way
    we’re writing the films.”
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    Yes, Ladies and Germs, it's the thread you've all been waiting for, the thread were you can talk about anything whatsoever!!!
    Come on in have Forum Fun!!!
    Spammy theme song (not made by me):

    Let's go!

    New thingamijgger: Advertised Thread of Teh Week!

    Amber's Graphic Shop!!!
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    I need help beating the big xemnas ship the first time. Here's the video of the battle I need help with if you're not sure:
    I guess this is where not leveling up comes back to haunt me, but can you please help?!
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    This a thread i just got an idea for. You just think of something that tells it's a slow day on KH-Vids then post it. I'll start (use my fomat):

    You know it's a slow day on KH-Vids when your UCP says that all your subscribed threads' last posts are by you. ​
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    I just wanted to start a thread to debate the FL/MI delegate issue before it's decided. This is just a one-day thing. This thread is only for intelligent discussion, no flaming or fighting, just intelligent debate. Try not to do anything to anger anyone with a different opinion.
    Thread by: Vex123, May 31, 2008, 12 replies, in forum: Debate Corner