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    Megas XLR

    Who remembers it?
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    Whenever I use my Rom of it in no$gba, it says that it's unable to read the data and that I should restart it and reinsert the gamecard, as if it was on a DS screen. I restarted the rom 12 times an it kept saying the same thing. Is the rom bad or is it my emulator?
    Thread by: naetle07, Oct 9, 2009, 5 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX
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    If you play Halo 3 but don't go to, and if you're an 11-year-old frantically wanting "r3c0nz", then get a load of this: on July 7th, Bungie is opening their Bungie vs. the World playlist for the day, in which you can take on a 4-man team from Bungie, and, if you beat them, you win Recon. It's the 7ru7h, the whole 7ru7h, and nothing but the 7ru7h.
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    In my spare time, like many of you, I make AMVs, parodies, comedies, etc. Some of the following are some of my best works, and have barely any views and one is low rated (3.5/5!?), but I'm sure you people here at kh-vids would at least watch them.

    Sora - His World:

    Roxas - Audience of One:

    Riku - His World (REMIX) -

    Roxas and Axel - You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record):

    Kingdom Hearts - Day After Day:

    Kingdom Hearts - Blow Me Away:

    Riku - Animal I Have Become:

    Kingdom Hearts - The Kill:
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    If you have beaten Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and/or Platinum, and are still looking for a challenge outside the Battle Tower, look no further! Pokemon Fenrir League is here to help. We are basically Wi-Fi Gym Leaders who schedule battles with people around the globe, and, when someone wins, they recieve a JPEG image of that Gym Leader's badge, and a special prize Pokemon. For example, if you beat me, you get Lugia or Ho-oh. Interested? Come on over:
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    I'm starting a serial walkthrough of all KH games in America available on PS2. Right now, the first 18 parts of KH1 are on my YouTube channel, albeit with bad quality, soon to be fixed since I got my Dazzle set up. Anyways, the link to my channel is

    The last 18 videos posted are all walkthrough parts.
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    Video Parody

    About a year ago I started my own Kingdom Hearts parody. The most views it has on YouTube for one episode is like 450. I'm posting this both to get more views for it and maybe a few subscribers if you like it. Below are links to all episodes available. There is no 6 because YouTube took it down due to the song Iron Man.


    KHTUF1 *Remastered*:




    KHTUF5 (Note: Blocked in some countries):








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    Not to get on you guys' nerves, but when do you think you will capture and upload the Re:CoM english scenes? I'm tired of having the over-the-limit MB count of the english scenes from kh13
    Thread by: naetle07, Feb 25, 2009, 2 replies, in forum: Feedback & Assistance