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    I'm currently writing a story that I'm calling "Shadowhood" for now since I haven't decided on a title just yet, the story is set in a world similar to the Final Fantasy series primarily XIV and XV but there are other elements to the story as well. The main characters are a boy named Sora and a girl named Scarlet who are betrothed to one another. But the story isn't heavily focused on just them, there are more characters, lots of characters, lots of personalities, lots of lore, it's really been crafted carefully. I haven't put it here in Writer's Nook yet since I've been writing it in my Discord server where I have a pretty good audience, I even have a professor who literally teaches literature and writes stories and stuff like that and he loves the story so far so that makes me proud! I'll post it here once I've gotten to maybe Chapter 15 or so, I'm on Chapter 10 at the moment :D
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    Profile Post

    I have returned.

    I have returned.
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    Final Update: Through careful consideration, I'm going to put an end to the Shadowhood story. Sadly I'm not able to commit to updating it regularly as I used to. One day I may end up finishing the story or perhaps I may create an entirely new story. I've already told the friends who helped contribute to the story the news and they understand my situation. I'm not under any stress or anything negative like that, I'm just too busy these days lol but like I said I may come back and finish it one day or I'll write a new story that might be more relaxing, possibly I'm not sure yet lol

    But in any case, I'm very sorry that I have to do this, and I hope you all understand. I'm especially sorry to do those who were keeping up with it and sending me messages and feedback about it. However I will say this, if I do make a new story, I'll be sure to dedicate more time into making it awesome! I have to say "IF" not "WHEN" because there's no telling if I'll still have the drive to write stories lol
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    I have no idea what caused me to stay away from KHV, but I do know that I am back, and ready to start making stories and what not! I'll also chill with some members and such. Let's see I've been gone since....March!? So far the layout has slightly changed but still awesome :D

    Now the big question is, where should I begin my journey on this site, or where and how should I continue my journey on this site? Lol

    (No hard feelings if no one remembers who I am :P)
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    Livestreaming some Black Ops II right now while we wait for the tournament!
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    I livestream every Sunday! Starts at 12 PM Central Time! Going on right now I'm playing Guitar Hero going to Rock Band 3 in a bit then some Naruto Storm 3, then maybe some COD
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    I love the Assassin's Creed series so I have them lol Halo 4 yes I do have it, Borderlands I thought about playing the game I could give it a shot. As for PS3 I thought about trying God of War and that PlayStation All Stars game. Both looked interesting to me.
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    I have both a 360 and PS3 but do most of my multiplayer gaming on 360, PS3 just got a little boring for me since didn't know what kind of games to get.
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    Hey guys I'm not a big hardcore gamer so I haven't play my different types of games so I need help deciding on what games I should get that are pretty good and are fun, especially those that have Multiplayer in them and are I guess Party Games I should say they don't HAVE to have it but just something I do with my community members. (Also speaking of is there like a group I can create on this site by any chance? I want to get my community members to come on this site!)

    P.S. I already purchased Far Cry 3, soon I will get Tomb Raider (Never played the series), and DmC Devil May Cry (Again never played the series)!
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    I haven't posted many videos lately I've been just dissatisfied with going for Call of Duty gameplays and Black Ops II is just bad for me because everyone backs out too much and I can't seem to get a good team going and I can't break a good score as much anymore because of me trying to play the objective it's just lots of stuff. So I'm going to stop trying to be a pubstomper and just play for fun and just not care about what I put up. Wait let me rephrase that, I will care about what I put up but I will try to make a balance between gameplay and commentary. I also want to try to provide more content on my channel like Let's Plays, maybe some Walkthroughs, Tips and Tricks, Road to Commander, Tournaments, anything that can get some traffic to my channel and to get more people to come out and watch my livestreams on Twitch. I do play lots of other games and wouldn't mind trying out some new ones. I'm going to try Far Cry 3 out as well as Tomb Raider, and DmC Devil May Cry, three games that I've never played or thought about trying until now.

    Any thoughts as to how I can get my channel out there?

    P.S. I want to come back to this site more and more and have some fun and do stuff besides update my story even though I've been slacking on that, so um any advice? :D[DOUBLEPOST=1363423501][/DOUBLEPOST]Oh and I've turned my clan into a Community so if you guys want to join the Shadowhood community it's open! We're a Gaming Community that plays various games for fun, we also hold tournaments with prizes such as Microsoft Points, Games, Capture Cards, stuff like that. Of course so far right now I'm the one who's holding tournaments and buying prizes so yeah lol but anyways if you want to join kindly let me know in this thread! Hmm I should make a Signature of this too......
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    I can't wait to play this game, though I feel that it's kind of a little too early still for a new game like right after AC III came out.
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    Okay things are going on at the moment I'm trying to make plans to go see my girlfriend who's out of state right now so I might not update this as much but I will try to if I can. Maybe later on today?
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    Radiant Garden Academy
    [DOUBLEPOST=1359804354][/DOUBLEPOST]It is the year 2140, three children were born into the family of prestige and power. All three were born with amazing powers and were very healthy. Five years later the three under went training to enhance their skills and to become more in control with their powers. The oldest, Altair, was a prodigy child, he excelled at everything he's done and is very clever. The second child in the family, Katerina, was another child who wielded special powers that too make her a prodigy child, but not quite as prodigious as Altair. The youngest of the three was named Connor, who is strong but isn't as special or powerful as his older siblings. He's clumsy, an idiot, and is prone to making many mistakes. You could say he's a "slow learner". Altair and Katerina were both born on the same day but Katerina was born 20 minutes after Altair, while Connor was born a year after them. Our story will focus around not just the three children, but mainly on Connor.

    In the year of 2155, the three siblings entered into an academy called "Radiant Garden Academy". Radiant Garden Academy was founded by David back in the year 2014 in Earth years and built it in Radiant Garden with the help of King Mickey and his friends. The school resembled Disney Castle but three sizes smaller, it can hold 5,000 students and those students can even live on the campus! This is where our story will begin!

    It's morning, the sun is out, there was a cool breeze outside. Altair and Katerina were walking to the academy. Altair wore an all-black sweater that had a silver eagle emblem on the back, he also wore blue jeans that also had a red eagle emblem on the right knee cap, he wore black and red high tops on his feet, he also wore a necklace that had an emblem that symbolized an eagle but didn't look like one. Katerina wore an all-pink sweater that also had a purple eagle emblem on the back, she wore blue jeans as well and they too had an eagle emblem on the right knee cap but it was purple, she wore high tops just like Altair but they were pink and purple, she too had a necklace that had an emblem that symbolized an eagle.

    "It feels great out here doesn't it?" asked Katerina as she flipped back her long black hair.

    "Yes it does." said Altair as his black neat spiky hair fluttered in the wind.

    "Are you nervous about going to the academy?" asked Katerina.

    "Not at all, it's just a place where I can hone my skills." Altair.

    Katerina laughed a little. "You really enjoy fighting don't you?" she said with a smile.

    "It's not just that, I also like to become stronger. Anything that will make me stronger I will partake in." said Altair.

    "(I can see how Klaus persuaded him to join this academy)." thought Katerina smiling.

    "Come now Master Altair, joining Radiant Garden Academy will help you!" said Klaus.

    "What's so special about that academy? I'd be better off training alone." said Altair.

    "This academy specializes in making those who are worthy stronger, and you're bound to find worthy opponents there as well." said Klaus encouraging him.

    "Worthy opponents huh.....and it'll make me stronger.....fine, I'll attend the academy." said Altair.

    "I understand why you and I are entering the academy, but how come Connor is joining us? Last time I checked he's a weakling." said Altair.

    "Don't say that about our little brother!" said Katerina.

    "You may see him as a weakling Katerina, but I do, and always will until he becomes stronger than me." said Altair.

    Katerina sighed. "What am I going to do with you?" she said shaking her head.

    "Speaking of, where is Connor?" asked Altair.

    "Well he was behind us earlier." said Katerina.

    "If he doesn't hurry he'll be late." said Altair.

    "We should try to look for him." said Katerina.

    "I'll pass." said Altair.

    "Why not!?" asked Katerina.

    "To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late." said Altair.

    "You are so by the book it's not funny at all." said Katerina smiling.

    "Yet you're smiling." said Altair.

    "Whatever I'll just go and find him myself!" said Katerina.

    Just then Connor appeared behind Katerina and scared her.

    "OH MY GOD CONNOR YOU SCARED ME! YOU JERK!" screamed Katerina.

    Connor began to laugh. "C'mon Sis you should've sensed me approaching you from behind!" he said.

    Connor wore an all-red sweater and had a blue eagle emblem on the back, wore blue jeans that had a golden eagle emblem on the right knee cap, black and red high tops, and also had a necklace that had the symbol of an eagle. He too had spiky black hair but was a little more on the back side of his head.

    "Why would I need to sense you when you should've been following behind us to begin with?" said Katerina.

    "I sensed him the whole time." said Altair.

    "And you didn't tell me!?" said Katerina.

    Connor laughed. "See Altair knew I was gonna surprise you, and I would've done the same to him!" he taunted.

    "Sure you would, loser." said Altair.

    "What's that? You want to fight Bro?" Connor taunted.

    "There's no need for me to fight you, it would just be a swift victory." said Altair.

    "You sure about that?" asked Connor.

    "One hundred percent sure." said Altair.

    "I think you're just scared of me!" said Connor.

    Altair stopped. "Let me make this clear, you can't defeat Katerina, she can demolish you in a real fight, so what makes you think that you can defeat me or rather what gives you the authority to challenge me? I'm older than you, though it may only be by one year, I'm still far above you. My power exceeds yours, you will never defeat me, you will never come close to defeating me, struggle all you want you won't catch up to me, every day I grow stronger, and you grow even weaker and your skills lose more and more distance compared to mine. Know your place, loser." said Altair coldly.

    "Altair that's going too far!" said Katerina.

    Connor turned away from them and ran off in the opposite direction.

    "Connor! Wait!" said Katerina.

    "Hmph." Altair uttered.

    Altair continued to walk to the academy while Katerina had tread behind him upset. Meanwhile Connor jumped from tree to tree and then stopped, he leaned onto the tree and started to drift off into space.

    "Stupid Altair, what does he know? I may not be strong but I can become stronger! I can prove to him that I can beat him and be the strongest of the three siblings! Well, I should probably become stronger than everyone except my brother and sister in the Shadowhood first. Then I could become stronger than the two of them! Everyone in the guild is enrolled in Radiant Garden Academy, and it's a school that's supposed to help us become stronger, and we can fight new opponents! I've got to do my best and take my training seriously!" said Connor.

    Connor then headed towards the academy.

    Alright this is the ending of the introductory chapter! The first chapter I will probably work on next Saturday! Sorry I haven't been keeping you guys posted I have family issues and other personal issues going on right now but I will make a better effort into posting every Saturday! So look forward to the first chapter of Radiant Garden Academy next Saturday! (Hopefully!)
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    Epilogue - The Beginning

    "Hey guys!" said David.

    "Hey David we were just talking about you!" said Taylor.

    "I hope it's good things." said David with a suspicious look.

    "It's good things man." said Riku smiling.

    "Ah good good!" said David.

    Miranda walked over to David....."I need to talk to you in private." The two of them walked into the Library.

    "So what's going on?" asked David.

    "Now, don't freak out when I tell you this but.....I'm pregnant!" said Miranda.

    David paused for a good minute, totally frozen!

    "Um David are you okay?" asked Miranda smiling.

    "OH. MY. GOD." said David. "THIS IS SO FREAKING AMAZING!" he screamed as he became a Super Saiyan and blew all of the books off of the shelves!

    "What's going on in here!" screamed Mickey as he rushed in with everyone.

    "I told him I was pregnant and he got excited!" said Miranda laughing.

    "Wait what!!!" shouted everyone.

    "Okay guys I'm gonna need you to calm down!" said Miranda.

    "When did this happen? Like how did you two have the time?" asked Taylor.

    "It happened when he came back from his Assassin training." said Miranda.

    "Oh yeah that time before he achieved that Assassin Form and stuff?" asked Sora.

    "Yeah that time." said Miranda.

    "I thought something went on when the two of you stayed in Merlin's home for a long time." said Riku.

    "Well congratulations to you two, Miranda and David!" said Mickey.

    "I get the feeling that once your kid is born he or she will be so powerful!" said Taylor.

    "Well, if it gets to that, we'll have to seal majority of its power." said David.

    "Really? How come?" asked Sora.

    "The reason is because if our child were to be born to use such awesome powers, it'll be targeted. Not to mention it won't have the ability to control its own powers, thus why I feel that we need to seal the baby's powers, at least for now." said David.

    "David and I were talking about this earlier in the Library, he mentioned that should he and Miranda conceive a child that its powers should be sealed, and I agree with him." said Mickey.

    "The King, Merlin, and I will be the ones to seal our baby's powers, but first, Miranda, do you want to seal our baby's powers? I need your consent on it because you're the one giving birth." said David.

    "I don't want our baby to be targeted, and I also want our baby to be as strong as we are." said Miranda.

    "We're only gonna seal his powers temporarily, on his thirteenth birthday, his powers will start to seep out. Then on his eighteenth birthday, his full power will be released." said David.

    "Ah I see, then that's perfectly fine with me." said Miranda smiling.

    "Okay, then it's a go!" said David.

    "I'm so happy for you girl!" said Taylor hugging Miranda.

    "Thanks I'm so happy too!" said Miranda hugging Taylor.

    Miranda and David were going to have a child, which means that it was time for the two of them to get married! Over the next three months everyone in Radiant Garden prepared for the wedding at hand, lots of laughter went on and various stories of the past of Radiant Garden's existence as well as stories of how David and his friends came to be here in this world. Then six months had passed, the wedding was finally happening, why did it take so long well everyone from multiple worlds were invited!

    "Welcome ladies and gentlemen! We have gathered here today to witness the marriage between David and Miranda! The two have come from a world completely different from ours, but they are indeed very strong! I would also like to congratulate Miranda for being pregnant!" said Mickey.

    Everyone gave a round of applause!

    "Yes it is a very joyful occasion indeed! Now then David do you have anything you'd like to say?" asked Mickey.

    "Yes, I actually have something I wanted to say." said David.

    "Well you have everyone's attention!" said Mickey.

    "I have had a crush on you for years, back in our world I couldn't tell you how I really felt, there were no words to describe my feelings, so I remained quiet. I awakened my powers more and more each day, each week, each month, and every year. I've journeyed to many worlds and have experienced many feelings and gathered wisdom, but throughout all of it, you remained in my mind. The only thing that went through my mind was this: I need to stay alive, I need to become stronger, I need to get back to the woman I love, I need to get back to the woman that is always waiting for me with open arms, I will survive so that one day the two of us can get married and start a family, I will let nothing tear me down, nothing will break me, I will become a force that can't be overcome, and will allow my love to safely guide me home into your arms, and into your heart." said David.

    Everyone began to clap after David finished his speech, they were really moved by it!

    "Miranda do you have anything to say?" asked Mickey.

    "Unfortunately, I don't have anything I could say to move your heart like you've moved mine, but I will promise you this: I will never leave your side, I will become the light that steers you away and out of the darkness in your heart, I won't let you fall, I won't let you break, I won't let you face your challenges alone, I have always, and will always love you David, and I won't allow anyone or anything to get in between our love. Because our love is as strong as our child that's growing inside of me, and will continue to grow as bright as the sun." said Miranda.

    Everyone once again clapped for Miranda as they were also moved by her speech!

    "I now pronounce you, husband and wife!" said Mickey.

    David and Miranda kissed each other and everyone for the third time began clapping, but this time they stood up and were now creating excessive noise! Then suddenly.....a swarm of Heartless began to surface from the ground!!! Everyone began to scream in terror as David and Mickey leaped into action!

    "Taylor, take my wife and get her to safety! Brandon and Cody protect them!" said David.

    "Got it!" said the three of them.

    "Of course this had happen on your wedding day." said Mickey.

    "Yeah well to be honest, I was itching for a fight today." said David smiling.

    "Well you do love to fight." said Mickey smiling.

    "Hey guys ready to battle?" asked Sora.

    "We sure are, how about you two?" asked David.

    "We were praying for this." said Riku.

    "You prayed to fight a swarm of Heartless on my wedding day?" asked David laughing.

    "Yes." said Riku laughing.

    "Funny!" said David laughing.

    "Alright fellas let's do it!" said Mickey.

    The four battled the thousand Heartless. Meanwhile.....

    "Hey Miranda, you never told us, is your baby a boy or girl and what's his or her name?" asked Taylor.

    "He's a boy, and his name is......." paused Miranda.

    "What's your boy's name David?" asked Mickey.

    "We wanted a name that would leave a good impression on him, something that could define his strength, His name is....." paused David.

    "Achilles!" said David and Miranda.

    The End!!!!!

    It took awhile, okay a long while but I FINALLY finished this series and can now start on the new series! Now the new series I'll have to TRY to make a new chapter every Saturday since I'll be free, of course until I have work then I'll have to pick another day probably not really sure lol! So hopefully you guys enjoyed and I'll be sure to give you a new series this Saturday! I'll most likely put it in this thread because it's still a continuation of Naruto: Recruitment but it'll just be called a different name! What will the name be? It'll be called "Radiant Garden Academy"! Sounds good?
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    Hey guys sorry for not posting anything lately but I just wanted to let you guys know I will update maybe tomorrow if possible. I'll see what I can do.
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    I can't update at all until Final Exams are over at the college I'm at so it'll be two weeks before I can update this story one last time but guess what? I'll be off for a whole month after those two weeks have passed! Which means I'll have plenty of time to update this story as well as start the next one! Woooooooo!!!!
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    Hey guys if you've been waiting patiently I just want to say thanks! As a reward for waiting this long here's the last chapter!

    Final Chapter - Remembrance

    The battle with Data XIII had finally come to an end, Kingdom Hearts restored back to its stable order. Organization XIII went back to their World to enter into an eternal sleep, which is meant for them to prevent their Data forms from reactivating. David and Mickey went to see them off while the others walked around Radiant Garden reminiscing. Hanna, Travis, Christian, Ricky, Brandt, Kyle, Hollie, and Andy all walked around the Marketplace.

    "Hard to believe how much has changed five years ago." said Travis.

    "Five years? I thought it was seven years?" said Hanna.

    "I thought it was ten." said Brandt.

    "So it's been either five or more years since we've gained our powers let's say that." said Ricky.

    "Yeah, and we've had some pretty sweet adventures." said Christian.

    "I know right!" said Ricky.

    "We've become a lot stronger and wiser since then, we had no idea what the world was like outside of ours." said Andy.

    "I agree." said Hollie.

    "We traveled through time, we relived the key moments in Battlefield and Call of Duty, we've gained the skills of soldiers and enhanced them to make us super soldiers!" said Brandt.

    "So basically we're Spartans from Halo?" asked Travis.

    "No fool we're just super soldiers not Spartans, we don't have the badass armor that they have!" said Kyle.

    "It would be so awesome to have them though!" said Christian.

    "Yeah!" said Travis.

    "I wasn't really fond of Halo, I wasn't good at it at all." said Hanna.

    "Well that's only because they had the shields which made it difficult to kill the other players unless you punched them or sniped them or stuck them with a Plasma Grenade." said Ricky.

    "Well lately they've been making the guns stronger so you could damage the shields more." said Christian.

    "But then they would increase the power of the shields which then would bring back the same problem." said Brandt.

    "Yeah I know, its just it's best to let the guns and shields stay the same because if you change one of them the community would be saying, "Oh this gun's too powerful please upgrade the shields!" I mean could you imagine that?" said Christian.

    "Well I don't think Bungie releases patches for their games, I don't recall any updates for Halo 3 regarding weapon or shield balancing." said Ricky.

    "I don't either, maybe they did maybe they didn't." said Andy.

    "Well getting off that subject, remember how COD used to be good?" asked Travis.

    "Yeah COD 4 and World at War were the best COD games of the series, everything had balance in it and there wasn't MOABs or as much campers as there are now." said Brandt.

    "I loved WaW only for the Zombies, that's all I would play." said Travis.

    "Yeah Zombies was so epic!" said Ricky.

    "I agree!" said Christian.

    "I think we all agree that Zombies was an awesome game mode in WaW, I'm glad they brought it back for Black Ops and Black Ops II." said Andy.

    "Speaking of which is there any word on how many Prestiges there are in Black Ops II? And isn't there supposed to be a Halo 4 coming out at some point?" asked Hanna.

    "We're getting 10 Prestiges and the maximum level is 55. When you Prestige your challenges don't reset and you also get a Prestige Token like MW3." said Brandt.

    "Ah well that's cool." said Ricky.

    "As for Halo 4 it's supposed to come out in November." said Christian.

    "But we're not able to purchase it here, I don't think Radiant Garden even has gaming consoles." said Hollie.

    "Well we ARE in the marketplace so we should take a look around." said Ricky.

    "Man we should've asked David he'd be probably know." said Travis.

    "I don't think so, he's been traveling all around the world. I doubt he had the time to go around looking for games and stuff." said Andy.

    "Yeah, he's been gone for awhile, training and liberating other Worlds from the Heartless and Nobodies and whatnot." said Christian.

    "Isn't amazing though, he was always a quiet person, and was always nice, now look at him." said Hanna.

    "After his dad died he changed. He awakened hidden powers and trained for so long trying to control them." said Hollie.

    "I remember one day at school when I first saw David rage and used his Sharingan against someone in the gym during P.E." said Ricky.

    "What happened?" asked Hanna.

    "He was playing basketball and then someone was talking about him and how he was weak for being upset about his dad and then he just instantly used his Sharingan, the ball flew towards him and he kicked it towards the guy's head and knocked him out!" said Ricky.

    "Damn that has to hurt!" said Christian laughing.

    "He deserved it, there's nothing wrong with feeling depressed over a lost loved one especially if he was your father." said Brandt.

    "After that the guy got up and went after David who still had his Sharingan active and then David side stepped him and kept punching the hell out of him and then took his leg and flipped him onto the floor hard! Then his Sharingan deactivated and David ran away in fear of his power." said Ricky.

    "Wow, I never knew about that." said Hollie.

    "It was awesome but scary at the same time." said Ricky.

    "It's amazing how he's progressed though, look how powerful he's become!" said Travis.

    "He has a lot more control now but before when he trained us and awakened our powers and Miranda had got herself injured to where she was near death he had unleashed all of his rage and awakened his Mangekyou Sharingan. Remember that?" asked Hanna.

    "Oh yeah that time Wesley became evil and was working with Future Tyra?" said Brandt.

    "Yeah that time." said Ricky.

    "I gotta admit I was not expecting all of that to happen." said Andy.

    "David was really pissed that day." said Hollie.

    "Wait what happened exactly since I wasn't there?" asked Christian.

    "Well Wesley had trouble controlling his dark powers and it took control over him, then Tyra's future self manipulated that darkness and caused him to run amok. Then David confronted them both and defeated Wesley and wounded Future Tyra, then Miranda showed up to help David and Future Tyra used Chidori and stabbed Miranda putting her in a near death state. She confessed to David who then felt her sincere feelings and realized his own feelings for her and released Amaterasu onto Future Tyra. Wesley shielded her and got disintegrated instantly!" said Ricky.

    "Wow, I never knew David could get mad like that to where he would just unleash Amaterasu on the spot like that." said Christian.

    "Trust me Christian, it was epic but definitely frightening." said Andy.

    "Too frightening." said Kyle.

    "But at least he maintained his composure afterwards so that's a good thing, we thought he would go on to being evil or depressed about what happened to Miranda but he went back to his old self." said Ricky.

    "Well that is definitely a good thing." said Christian.

    They continued to walk around the marketplace until they found gaming consoles and lots of games which made them forget all about what they were talking about. Meanwhile, Brandon, Joseph, Raelon, Lucus, and Cody walked around the Great Maw as they remembered how they had the chance to become Super Saiyans. They laughed about how weak they used to be and how glad they are strong enough to do whatever they want. Basically they bragged.

    "Man all of the stuff we did, fighting alongside Goku and Vegeta, fighting Cell, good times!" said Lucus.

    "Becoming Super Saiyans was so legit, AND we were the first ones to become Super Saiyans of the group!" said Raelon.

    "Actually wasn't David the one who became a Super Saiyan first?" asked Joseph.

    "Nope David don't count he's not apart of the group." said Lucus.

    "Why not?" asked Cody.

    "Because he had his powers first and then all the rest of us awakened our powers at the same time." said Lucus.

    "But David was also the one who helped us awaken these powers so I think he has a right to be in the group." said Joseph.

    "Lucus think about it what if David didn't become a Super Saiyan first and you did would you then let him into the group?" asked Cody.

    "Yes." said Lucus.

    "Well too bad David is in the group, he's the first to become a Super Saiyan and that's that." said Brandon.

    "If it wasn't for him we wouldn't be alive right now remember?" asked Joseph.

    "That time when Future Tyra and Eric went on a rampage and killed all of us?" asked Raelon.

    "Yeah, if David wouldn't have defeated them both we would still be dead." said Cody.

    "We sure would." said Brandon.

    "So Lucus any objections?" asked Joseph.

    "None." said Lucus.

    "Alright good talk now enough about David and his accomplishments let's talk about how awesome we've become!" said Raelon.

    "Yeah that sounds better." said Lucus.

    So they dropped the subject about David quick and talked about themselves. Pretty egotistic this group.

    Miranda, Taylor, Sora, and Riku walked around Disney Castle as they talked about how the battle with Data XIII and the Heartless was tiring. It was indeed a long battle that has finally come to an end, many good things and crazy things happened.

    "Sora and Riku how do you guys continue to fight the Heartless without getting tired?" asked Taylor.

    "It does get tiring at first but once you continue to fight them you'll start to enjoy it after awhile." said Riku.

    "Enjoy it?" said Taylor.

    "Yeah, it gets interesting when you fight a new breed of Heartless, we don't always fight the same classes of Heartless, they can take many different forms and gain new abilities but also new weaknesses. Although there have been a few Heartless that are difficult to defeat because they lacked many weaknesses." said Sora.

    "Some Heartless are Magic resistant and some are Melee resistant. There are even some that can withstand Magic AND Melee attacks which meant that it would be very difficult to defeat them." said Riku.

    "But then how would you defeat them if you couldn't use Magic or your Keyblade to fight?" asked Miranda.

    "Sora and I have the ability to activate our bodies and cause them to strengthen in power, speed, and magic. You know them as Drive Forms, but we also have a new transformation called the Twilight or Necro Form. Sora has the Twilight Form while I have the Necro Form." said Riku.

    "The Twilight Form increases my Power and Magic abilities greatly, but my speed gets a slight increase. I can Dual Wield Keyblades and activate an ability called Afterimage which is similar to David's Instant Transmission except this Afterimage ability is able to increase my Agility skills allowing me to do Parkour." said Sora.

    "My Necro Form increases my Power and Speed greatly as well as my Agility, but my Magic powers get a slight increase. Unlike Sora I don't have an Afterimage technique, instead I have a Dark Armor ability that lets me increase my Defensive skills. I was already able to do Parkour but thanks to the Necro Form it'll be enhanced to where I mantle or climb or free run better than before." said Riku.

    "Wow that sounds so amazing!" said Taylor.

    "It takes time to master a new transformation, I'm sure you both know this." said Riku.

    "Yeah, I know it all too well." said Miranda.

    "Oh yeah I remember, the Dark Kyuubi had took over your body that one time and caused all kinds of hell to break loose." said Taylor.

    "Yeah." said Miranda.

    "What happened exactly?" asked Riku.

    "Want to tell them?" asked Taylor.

    "Yeah you can explain it to them." said Miranda.

    "Okay....well for starters.....Miranda has this spirit known as the Dark Kyuubi named Moka. It's a demon fox that resonates with Miranda's Chakra and can increase her powers just as much as a Super Saiyan's power would, but there were times where Moka would take over her body and mind and cause her to create chaos. The first time that it was released was when we believed that David was killed by Miranda." said Taylor.

    "So David was on the verge of death?" asked Sora.

    "Yes, but at the time we thought he died because we could no longer feel his energy and assumed the worst. After that Miranda came back and used her powers to control all of us. This went on for almost a year until David came back fully rejuvenated. He fought with Miranda and managed to free her from Moka's control and freed everyone else as well. Once he did that, this giant Heartless appeared out of nowhere and attacked us, we all put our powers together and fought against it but were no match. It didn't faze at all no matter what we hit it with, it defeated all of us except David who stood his ground and became a Super Saiyan and combined his Chakra with his Ki to unleash one final attack that destroyed the giant Heartless. Once we woke up, David was gone." said Taylor.

    "Ah I see now, the day that Sora and I were fighting the giant Heartless called the "Heartless Golem" it had disappeared and tracked it to your world. Once we got there we found all of you unconscious but David was the only one standing but he was exhausted because of all the power he had to use." said Riku.

    "So then you guys were the ones that took him?" asked Taylor.

    "No, Axel was already there tending to him and told him what was going on. Sora and I already knew what was going on with Organization XIII but we chose to leave it to Axel to recruit David and get him to help us. David was helping us and Organization XIII to slow down the advancements of the Heartless since we were beginning to get outnumbered, and it was Merlin who told us of someone who had great powers sleeping within him and that if we added him to our cause our might would increase up to ten thousand with just him on our side." said Riku.

    "Then when time had passed David began to grow stronger and stronger until he achieved a new form that awakened all of his magical abilities, the Assassin Form." said Sora.

    "But wait didn't he get that form during the battle with Data XIII?" asked Miranda.

    "No, what had happened was after he used the form he collapsed and when he woke up he couldn't remember a thing, which meant that he didn't know how to activate the form again." said Riku.

    "So then when he talked to his dad and trained with him in his sleep is when he learned how to control the Assassin Form and then acquire his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan?" asked Taylor.

    "Yeah." said Sora.

    "Interesting." said Miranda.

    "I can't believe how strong David's gotten I'm sorry but he's too overpowered." said Taylor.

    "He has definitely become very powerful but he did it for one reason." said Riku.

    "What reason would that be?" asked Miranda.

    "It was to protect the love of his life, You." said Riku.

    "Me?" said Miranda surprised.

    "David trained harder and harder every day in hopes of acquiring the power to protect you and save his friends, but most of all to make sure that you were safe and protected, he wanted to start a life with you." said Sora.

    "He's so sweet!" said Taylor.

    "He is." said Miranda smiling.

    David and King Mickey had walked out from the Throne Room and met up with the four of them.

    To Be Continued!

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