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  1. afterwish
    I dare you to write a poem (can be long or short)
    about someone on this site dear to you
    and then post it in the spam zone. c:

    I'll also happily take a truth or dare.
    Post by: afterwish, Apr 20, 2014 in forum: The Playground
  2. afterwish
    Last book was 'The Fault In Our Stars' by John Green.

    From school, I believe it was Beowulf.
    Post by: afterwish, Apr 20, 2014 in forum: Literature
  3. afterwish
    "The A Team" - Ed Sheeran.
    Post by: afterwish, Apr 16, 2014 in forum: The Playground
  4. afterwish
    Tales of Xillia.

    It's pretty hard for me to get attached to a video game on an emotional level,
    and I ended up loving ToX way more than I had anticipated.
    What always made me cry were the strong bonding moments that each member
    of the main party shared whether it was with one another or one of them just
    sharing their personal details with the others. I think it was a really touching game.
    Post by: afterwish, Apr 16, 2014 in forum: Gaming
  5. afterwish
    Got to see the double feature for Captain America thanks to my boyfriend,
    and this movie turned out so much better than I had originally expected.

    Captain America was already my favorite Marvel Character, but I wasn't expecting
    him to be seen as a 'traitor' in the movie since he's always been someone to follow rules
    and believe in team-work, but I'm glad that he noticed how much has changed since his time,
    and how much he brought out his patriot side.
    Plus him speaking French in the beginning of the movie was a plus. Whew ~

    His best friend being The Winter Soldier threw me off, but I was immensely impressed with him coming back.
    He was a favorite in The First Avenger.
    Post by: afterwish, Apr 16, 2014 in forum: Movies & Media
  6. afterwish
    Yeee, I totally recommend it! It was so much better
    than I expected, honestly. I actually thought I'd have
    a lot to complain about, but thankfully I didn't. 8D
    Let me know what you think about it once you do ~

    Ahh, I understand that completely.
    I tried finding it in hardcover, but no luck,
    and I don't have a card right now to buy them online. ;;
    But it's managed to survive a year with no damage
    Post by: afterwish, Apr 16, 2014 in forum: Literature
  7. afterwish
    My favorite of last year has to be "Cinder" by Marissa Meyer.
    It's pretty much fairy tales meeting science fiction.
    This is the first book of the series and it's focused on Cinderella, but she's actually an android, as well
    It became my favorite since fairy tales and science fiction are two of my favorite genres, and I fell in love
    once I completed it. ♥

    Just recently bought the sequel, so hopefully that one's as good as the first one ~
    Post by: afterwish, Apr 16, 2014 in forum: Literature
  8. afterwish
    Hope it's not too late to join! uv u;;

    Name: Chisaki Sora
    Age: Seventeen
    SHSL Title: Super High School Level Blogger
    Personality: Chisaki could be described as a very simple-minded and easygoing with just about anyone. Having conflicts isn't something that Chisaki admires, therefore she isn't one to argue or even show much attention if there is some sort of argument or fight going on. Majority of the time she seems "zoned out", which usually gives other the impression that she isn't very intelligent, but she manages to remember important details and is highly educated in things of her own interests. Chisaki also comes off as difficult to understand or read because she usually shows a look of being uninterested, however, if she manages to become close to someone, she becomes more opened about her feelings and thoughts and even isn't afraid to show a smile of gratitude. Chisaki can also become quite the tease when she befriends others as a sign of their friendship and her just joking around.
    Other: Often wears fuzzy headphones, even if she isn't listening to music.
    Post by: afterwish, Apr 16, 2014 in forum: Retirement Home
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  10. afterwish
    Hello, everyone!
    So I'm new here, and I'm sure that's pretty obvious. 8D;;
    I go by Nami, so feel free to refer to me as that or 'Wish'. Either's fine.
    I've been a fan of Kingdom Hearts since 3rd grade (college freshmen now),
    and I'm not sure why I am just now deciding to join a KH fourm. :B Welp.
    I have a lot of things I like, but I guess the top ones would be
    anime/manga, video games, role-playing, graphic design, and sleeping.
    Pretty much anything that doesn't remind me of life expectations. D'8

    I'm kind of shy at first, but hopefully no one will regret meeting me
    and if you do then I am so sorry
    Thread by: afterwish, Apr 15, 2014, 12 replies, in forum: Introductions & Departures