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    Erm I don't know where I go but I would like to close my Kingdom Hearts Roleplay <--Linky to it

    its called High School For Kingdom Hearts

    im sorry if this is in the wrong spot >.<
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    There is a new head of the Sohma's, meaning there are another round of Zodiacs with different attitudes, will someone discover the secret? lets find out.

    ~Be Considerate of the other Users
    ~When making a new Sohma make sure you put what animal your going to be
    ~I allow romance of any kind but NO CYBERING KEEP THAT IN A PM
    ~I can add or remove Rules
    ~Add 'Goody Goody Gumdrops' to your post so I know you read the rules.

    Zodiac Animals
    Head Sohma:Phenox Sohma -keybladewarrioroflegend
    The rat:Akira Sohma -#8 Axel
    The ox: Sai Sohma -#8 Axel
    The tiger: Makoto Sohma -Rexyggor_thenewmember
    The rabbit: Aram Sohma -Roxas81334
    The dragon:
    The snake:Rei Sohma -#8 Axel
    The horse: Jone Sohma- Rexyggor_thenewmember
    The ram:
    The monkey:
    The rooster:
    The dog:Izumi Sohma, Break Sohma -Skittles
    The boar:Airi Sohma -Roxas81334
    The cat:Felix Sohma -Roxas81334

    Finna Azure

    character name: (if your a sohma it would help if you added sohma to the name)
    hair color:
    zodiac animal:

    username:#8 Axel
    character name: Sai Sohma
    hair color: Mainly black but has a white streak
    zodiac animal: The Ox
    age: 16

    username: keybladewarrioroflegend
    character name: Phenox Sohma
    hair color: silver
    zodiac animal: Head Sohma
    age: 17
    appearance: [​IMG][/QUOTE]

    character name: only name I liked was Makoto. So... Makoto Sohma. Koto for short.
    hair color: Red
    zodiac animal: Tiger
    age: 19
    Appearance: Red hair. He had yellow-green eyes, and wears a black-button-up shirt. Under, he wears a forest green tanktop. He wears brown cargo shorts. white socks and green shoes. He is 6 foot 2 inches tall.

    Username: Skittles
    Character name: Izumi Sohma, Break Sohma
    Zodiac animal: Dog
    Age: 16
    Bio: Izumi and her twin brother Break have always been together, helping each other out since there father died and there mother leaving them They've always kept to themselves in the Sohma family.

    character name: Felix Sohma
    hair color: Red
    zodiac animal: the cat
    age: 18

    username:#8 Axel
    character name: Akira Sohma
    hair color:Silver
    zodiac animal:The Rat

    Username: Roxas18334
    character name: Airi Sohma
    Hair color: Brown
    zodiac animal: the boar
    age: 17
    Appearance: anime girls pictures/sakura24_photo/anime_girl.jpg

    Username: Roxas18334
    character name: Aram Sohma
    hair color: Sliver
    zodiac animal: Rabbit
    age: 23
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Username: #8 Axel
    character name: Rei Sohma
    hair color:White/Silver
    zodiac animal:Snake

    Username: #8 Axel
    character name: Finna Azure
    hair color:Brown
    zodiac animal:---

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    Rexyggor_thenewmember is starting to make an impact

    username: Rexyggor_thenewmember
    character name: Isha
    hair color: Black
    zodiac animal: None
    age: 18
    Appearance: short Black hair, deep green eyes, likes to wear yellow with everything, but not as a full outfit. Is very persuassive
    Color: For now, Yellow Green

    username: Rexyggor_thenewmember
    character name: Jone Sohma (pronounce Jone-ay)
    hair color: brown, with graying
    zodiac animal: Horse
    age: 47
    Appearance: In his mid to late forties, he is highly respected by Koto, for he is his uncle. He is generally very caring, and makes a strong appearance. Never afraid to take leadership roles.
    Color: Navy
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    1st post
    Akuroku all the way ^_^
    Roxas is a sweetie pie
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    Discalimer:Thats Right this will be my FIRST naruto Roleplay and hopefully this will turn out fine ^_^

    The Akatsuki hidden members that have now arrived after hearing the message from Pein that the original members are down but not completely out. Everything is getting back to normal in konoha, when the news of the Akatsuki coming back thoughts go to what are they up to this times, its time to prepare to Protect the loved ones again.

    Character Creation

    UserName: (obvious)
    Age: (How Old are you)
    Rank: (Chunin,genin)
    Gender: (O.o better know what this means)
    Which Side: (konoha, Akatsuki)
    Appearance: (what do ya look like)
    Bio: (Let a bit about yourself)
    Justu: (Explain some moves that he/she does)

    Original characters if want

    Sasuke:#8 Axel






    Deidara:#8 Axel
    Pein:The Joker

    Accepted Onesp/b]
    UserName: Haru66
    Age: 11
    Kekkai Genkai: Rinnegan
    Gender: Male
    Which Side: Kohona
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Bio: Haru came from a family of non ninja people. He saw how cool the ninjas were and how hard they worked and he wanted to be like them so he enrolled into the academy

    Name: Shizuki Yonomi
    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    Which Side: konoha
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Bio: he usually never shows emotion but cares deeply for his comrades. he is quick to anger when someone attempts to hurt them. his mother died during child birth and his father raised him and taught him to be a shinobi.

    UserName: #8 Axel
    Name: Grell
    Age: 15
    Rank: Chunin
    Which Side: Akatsuki
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Bio: After being the last one in his family after a massacre she vowed revenge against anyone who got in his way. Meeting with Leader He proved himself and now he is currently without a partner, he will help fight and gain world domination for the Akatsuki he would give it his all.

    UserName: #8 Axel
    Name: Reiya
    Age: 20
    Rank: Chunin
    Which Side: Konoha
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Bio: She lives by herself and teaches at the academy. She was once part of the ANBU but after an incident she stopped.She loves taking care of her students and teaching them. She will protect Her village by any means necessary.She is able to pull off a technique she learned herself after her husband died in combat. At times she can have a split personality when in a certain situation.
    Justu: Fire Bomb- like a grenade but get bigger with the more chakra put into it and it expldes on contact, not meant for killing but for stunning.

    UserName: Cstar7777
    Name: Kymari
    Age: 13
    Rank: Chunin
    Gender: Female
    Which Side: Akatsuki
    Bio: Her entire family was killed in an ambush from Kohona since her father assisted in a murder of one 3 man cell and their leader. She was about 8 at the time and she decided to plot revenge so she joined the akatsuki at around the age of 11. She actually is devoted to using Medic ninjutsu but it is still imperfect

    UserName: #8 Axel
    Name: Azure Finna
    Age: 14
    Rank: genin
    Gender: Female
    Which Side: Akatsuki
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Bio: She killed her own family and clan when she was small, she grew up by herself she has been with several groups from murderers to theifs.She spends her free time practicing her skills until one day someone with a black cloak with funny clouds offered her a chance to show off what she knows to and to assist them with their goal, she of course not caring joins them.
    Justu: Blinding Mist- she uses this for cover, she carries a small thing of water with her everywhere she goes just in case.

    -No god modding
    -no mary sues
    -you may have a relationship but if your going to cyber put it in a PM please
    -Violence but keep it under control
    -No killing without consent
    -Be considerate of other people please
    -***PLEASE TRY NOT TO PUT ONE LINERS PLEASE!!*** (I know its hard, and some get writers block its ok..but if I find someone with consistent one liners I will warn)
    -I will allow yaoi and yuri but watch out about the rules above
    -Add Cheese pizza popcorn if you have read the rules
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    Hello ^_^
    Woohoo *dance dance dance*
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    Ello since i've seen a few of these I just thought of doing one myself and see how that goes...but yeah basically The crazy cast of Kingdom Hearts gets thrown to High School *dun dun dunnnn* I hope this will be a hit but I could be lets do this thing, Xemnas as principal xD.

    Riku:#8 Axel

    Roxas:#8 Axel
    Axel:The road to Darkness
    Marluxia: #8 Axel
    Xigbar: #8 Axel
    Saix: #8 Axel

    Sephiroth:#8 Axel
    Zack:#8 Axel

    ((you may add characters from other series but it has to be in Make up format..and if I missed some people please tell me))
    Or Makes ups

    Username/Played as:
    Name: (Name of your person)
    Age: (how hold is your person)
    Appearance: (What does your person look like)
    Personality: (obvious)
    Other Information: (also obvious)


    1)There IS romance allowed I don't mind it but be considerate of the others
    2)If you have an issue with another user DO NOT fight it here go to a PM
    3)Obvious no Mary Sues (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)
    4)**please note I allow yaoi and yuri**
    5)im going to say this for some reason NO KILLING WITHOUT CONSENT
    6)Once you have read these rules ADD "Goody Goody Gumdrops" to the post
    7)Have Fun

    Accepted Characters:
    b]Username/Played by[/b]:#8 Axel
    Personality:Mainly wants to fight as less as possible, mainly quiet
    Other:he practices by himself mainly

    Username/Played as: NutheadBros
    Name: Nuthead
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Short, Has a Big Round Nose, Wears White Gloves, Cyan Overalls, Blue Shirt, Blue Eyes, Brown Hair, Brown Mustache in the Style of Mario's, Brown Boots, Blue Hat
    Personality: Nice, Funny, Serious, Calm under Pressure, Can possibly go Berserk when Angry, Happy
    Other Information: Where Gamer is the Brawn and K is the Brains...Nuthead is sort of the middle man of Brain and Brawn

    Username/Played as: NutheadBros
    Name: Gamer
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Taller than Nuthead, Skinny, Has White Gloves, Red Fur, Tail, Ears on top of head, Blue Shoes with a White stripe, Red Fur
    Personality: Somewhat of an Idiot, Has tendancies to use Weapons on Anyone that he does not know, Funny, Happy, Nice, Never Serious.
    Other Information: Sometimes Gamer and K argue over what Gamer has done. But all in all...They are still Best Friends. Also Gamer is the Brawn of the Three.

    Username/Played as: NutheadBros
    Name: K
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Tall, Blue Helmet with Visor, Red Scarf, Blue and White Armor.
    Personality: Smart, Serious, Calculating, Thinks before he acts....unlike Gamer, Is good with Electronics, Happy, Nice, Calm
    Other Information: K is known as the Brains of the three. He often makes plans and on occasion yells at Gamer for Screwing something up.

    Username/Played as: Roxas81134
    Name: Kiri
    Age: 17
    Appearance: short blond/red-ish hair that don' teven make it to her shoulders with brwn eyes, she wears a navy blue cap around with her hair in pigtails, and she hs a blue shirt with blue jeans and a navy blue Jacket.
    Personality: is care free and can be careless at times but at other times she is kind adn careing.
    Other Information: is a talented sports player but never show

    Username/Played as:#8 Axel
    Name: Reiya
    Age: 16
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality:Always in a cheerful mood, lived through a bad childhood, she learned to always respect and cherish all the good things
    in her life whether it'd be good or bad
    Other Information: She is a fast Runner

    Username/Played as: hyuge-of-the-twilight
    Name: nomily
    Age: 16
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: shy and stoic {more often found sitting in the corner reading or drawing than anything else}, doesn't do well with group work and is highly intelligent...
    Other Information: crazy over the color purple, altho she may not look like she's paying attention she's garuanteed 2 get the answer correct, often has over-sized headphones on

    Username/Played as: keybladewarrioroflegend
    Name: Phenox
    Age: 16
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: kind, caring, and loves to fight
    Other Information: he is currently looking for love.

    Username/Played as: Spaze/my OC
    Name: Naida
    Age: 16 1/2
    Appearance: Naida has very dark purple hair (almost looks black and reaches around the waist), wide silver eyes, and light brown skin ( think a shade lighter from Rose on FMA XD). She usually wears baggy genie like pants and some kind of black top that dancer nobodies wear.
    Personality: She comes off as naive, dense, and rather immature at times, but can be very serious, friendly, and determined. She also has a tendency to rush into situations without thinking...

    Username/Played as: Shadow_Rocks
    Name: Hazuki
    Age: 17
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Easily depressed,rarely smiles,likes to sing,shy,Likes animals
    Other Information: Hazuki lives by herself her parents abandoning her when she was 3.Hazuki is a Fox girl otherwise as she calls her self a kitsune.She likes to sing though her singing has effects of people or the area around her.She likes white roses and sketching.Her sketches are of her memories and the only thing she has left of her parents is a small picture book.She doesn't talk to people much and she keeps to herself reading books so no one would notice her

    Username/Played as: #8 Axel
    Name: Dmitri
    Age: 18
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: He can be quiet, he is protective over his twin sister, he mostly only talks to his sister
    Other Information: He doesn't like the whole lovey dovey family thing due to the fact their parents were killed right in front of them when they were 6.

    Username/Played as: #8 Axel
    Name: Claire
    Age: 18
    Appearance: (She is the one with the yellowish eyes)
    Personality: unlike her twin brother she can be playful and cheerful, she would do almost anything for her twin, ever since they're parents died she had helped raised dmitri
    on her own.
    Other Information: She is good with cooking and cleaning, she lives alone with her brother which is near the school.

    Username/Played as:#8 Axel
    Name: Leon
    Age: 17
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: he's a fighter, he fights for what he believes in, he lives alone.
    Other Information:He likes to sing and cook
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    im not used to requesting so yea xD

    1-My I have a Marluxia sig that will match my marly Avatar?

    2-Also can I have a one that has Axel and roxas on one side while on the other has riku and sora?

    Any style will do
    Thanks for your time ^_^
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    I made this and im still learning Windows movie maker I tried adding some trans. into it how did it come out?
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    I could not help this....this roleplay if you had not figured it out yet is indeed Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!!!

    im kinda sucky when it comes to doing stories but i'll try to pull of this time!

    Story:At peace or so to say...some beastmen are grouping up and starting up again going up against the humans...with Lord Genome still around who knows what bad deeds he'll come up with now...Will the drill Peirce the heavens again to help bring peace back? its up the new hero's this time...with Kamina's fighting spirit watching over the new pilots.

    -make up characters

    Which side are you Genome or the Gurren Brigade?:

    You can also be an original character:
    Lord Genome:

    if are any others I didn't put up that you want tell me

    -No killing without the others consent
    -Keep cursing to a minimum extend
    -PG 13 please
    -Violence is acceptable
    -No god modding
    -Be courteous about the other users
    -Have Fun ^_^
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    Ello this will be my first attempt at a Kingdom Hearts Role Play ^_^

    Plot:it takes place a few years after the second game. The Organization is back up and Rolling and old enemies are back.The protection of hearts everywhere is needed once again.Its up to our hero's to do their thing again.

    -You can make a Character:

    Username/Played by:
    Power: {only 2-3 allowed}

    or you can an original character:

    Sora:#8 Axel
    Xemnas:The Joker
    Lexaeus: phenoxfan4life
    Saix:The Joker
    Axel:fire mage
    Demyx:water mage
    Luxord: phenoxfan4life
    Marulxia:#8 Axel
    Larxene:#8 Axel
    Xion: Magick

    Cloud Strife: woodstockfootball26
    -No killing other Character without permission
    -No MarySues
    -like a fanfic I can change,add or remove a rule if things need to changes!
    -Have Fun = (^_^) =

    Characters Created
    Username/Played by:#8 Axel
    Power: able to control the light surrounding her, like axel can control fire
    Weapon:A spear
    Personality:Never backs down from a challenge, always has a cocky attitude
    Other:when not fighting she studies her opponent

    Username/Played by: She-who-must-not-be-named (or I'll kill you^.^)
    Name: Kathy
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Power: Darkness
    Weapon: a staff called Heaven's Nightmare
    Personality: Shy, dark, quiet, and smart.
    Other: She's in good terms with Orgnaztion XIII, and does the dirty jobs they don't want to do.

    Username/Played by: Magick
    Name: Eva
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female (of course)
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Power: Sensing other people's abilites, and healing. (Can't heal herself)
    Weapon: Two Katanas [​IMG]
    Personality: Sarcastic but quiet, she doesn't like to be involved in situations, and keeps to herself.
    Other: Where do I start

    Username/Played by:#8 Axel
    Power:Lightning and darkness
    Personality:Mainly wants to fight as less as possible, mainly quiet
    Other:he practices by himself mainly

    Username/Played by: darkshy
    Name: Yaotzin
    Age: 46
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A living scarecrow with a skinny and gritty exterior
    Power: Can summon/control birds
    Weapon: Scythe
    Personality: Quiet, but makes decisions quickly and effectively
    Other: Since he is magically enchanted his body cannot be burned to ashes. He is not resistant to it however

    Username/Played by: keybladewarrioroflegend
    Name: Phenox
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Power: can go inside dreams
    Weapon: Nightmare Blade
    Personality: kind, passionate and caring
    Other: N/A

    Username/Played by: #8 Axel
    Power:Wind, able to communicate with animals
    Personality:A trouble maker, will try something when he sets his eyes on something he wants
    Other: enjoys dancing, flirting with girls

    Username/Played by: #8 Axel
    Power: Dark Flames
    Personality: He can be a bit of a chatter box but unlike Dmitri his brother Helios knows what lines to cross or not
    Other: Trains with Dmitri, helps when needed

    Username/Played by: #8 Axel
    Name: Reiya
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Power: Controls air and animals
    Weapon: herself
    Personality: Quiet but follows her Master's Command, get be out spoken at times
    Other: She hides in the shadow's following his every move in case he should need her.

    Username/Played by: #8 Axel
    Name: Mina
    Power: telekinesis,talking to animals
    Personality:she is often shy and quiet,but she can be happy and talkative,she fights when told to
    Other:She is seen holding her stuffed bunny close, her memory has been broken into bits and pieces

    username:cloud of darkness
    name:Byakuya Kuchiki
    bio:A pride member of the Soul Society in the 13 squad division sister Rukia Kuchiki a strong captain
    preview post:hmmm i will not spend my time in the soul society when I can go somewhere else to show my true skills

    Name: Rexa
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    -Mind Bullets: She blows things with her mind.
    -Telekinesis: Can lift things with her mind.
    -Mind Reading: Reads thoughts.
    Weapon: Katana
    Personality: Very shy and quiet.
    Other: She greatly fears her abilities.

    Username/Played by: keybladewarrioroflegend
    Name: Veronica
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Power: According to her mood.
    -Happy: Mind Reading
    -Sad: Healing
    -Angry: Super Strength
    Weapon: Katana
    Personality: Kind and caring, usually shy
    Other: She has a crush on Phenox, whom she's known for years.
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    before this I was doing slide shows then I did this with WMM

    ^_^ I hope I did good ^_^
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    I have the cut scenes and added my music of choice...umm how do I get rid of the sounds coming from the clips?

    any tips or help?
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