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  1. Ice_Keyblade

    My friends messing around. I know, they do look a little bit ******ed.

    I'm not in the video, so don't blame me.​
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    Robin Hood

    What do you think? Is it worth watching?​
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    I'm not really going anywhere. Just leaving for a while. I don't really play Kingdom Hearts anymore. I'll still visit often, but not as active as I once was.

    I remember when I was intruducing myself.

    Then came my first couple post.

    I yelled at Neocloudstrife (My apologies)

    I thought we could wield 7 keyblades

    Sorry luxord, who stuck with me.

    Trey, my first friend

    Truthkey (Soraoscuro) who taught me how to hack.

    Janime and KamiRiku for helping me with dumps.

    And many more. I'll still chat, but I don't think i'll hack as much.

    This is when I say goodbye KHV.
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    Well, I month, or week back, I posted a plot, and some people liked it so I decided to go with it. It's for a school project. I only have around... 5 pages, but my partner has the first 2. I have the next 3. Tell me what you think. If you don't know what's going on, read this. If you still don't know, then I'll re-type the beginning, or summarize it. Comments, Criticism, all welcomed.

    Without talking, we quickly moved down the corridor. I noticed everyone here seemed to stiffen as Aaron walked by, and everyone knew exactly what was going on. I considered asking him another question, but his stern expression told me it wasn’t the time to. This isn’t the Aaron that I know. What happened? He used to be so cheerful and full of life! I had to ask.
    “What is wrong with you Aaron? Your like a brick wall now. Can’t you even be glad to see your old buddy?†I asked.
    “Sorry Kyle, but it’s the end of the world thing. I only agreed to do this to save three people. My wife, and 2 kids. They’re only five and seven years old for gods sake.†His voice seemed to shutter at the last sentence.
    It seemed to take forever to get there, but finally, here we were.
    “Well, we actually finished building the ship before you arrived. It took us three precious months to do it, but we’re finally done. I’ve checked over everything, but I never did so well on mechanics in college. Can you check over the calculations?â€
    “Anything for you buddyâ€
    “Oh, and big surprise. Do you remember Fat Mountain? Well, she’s going too, and she’s driving the shipâ€
    “Jamie? She’s here?†I jumped with excitement. We were best friends in high school, but she went to Harvard and I stuck with a community college and haven’t seen each other since.â€
    Jamie came in, looking as beautiful as ever.
    “Well, I’ll just leave the two of you here, to check the calculations. See ya later. If you need anything, then just dial room 597.â€
    Aaron left the room, and we didn’t speak for a long time.
    Then Jamie suddenly said “Well, long time no see, I guess,â€
    “Ya, It has been while. Oh! I almost forgot! AARON!!! COME BACK HERE! I FORGOT TO GIVE YOU SOMETHING!†I yelled.
    Aaron rushed into here, and started blabbering
    “ Is something wrong? Anybody hurt? What’s happening?!â€
    “Nothing. I just had this book I thought you might want to read. I suggest ‘Twilight’ I always new you were a bookworm, but here you go anyways.†I said as I handed him a book.
    He glared angrily at me. “Read it already†He grunted “Don’t call me back, or I’ll make sure your the first person to test the suit. Think again before you call me. I don’t think you’ll do so well with 5000 degree Celsius of lava over you with nothing but a thin layer of neon, Lanthanum, and Neodymium.â€
    He left the room, looking really busy. I took one look at the calculations, and found a mistake.
    “Um… Jamie? I think I need him back. This is really important,â€
    “I hope it’s so important that you’ll take of chance of dieing for it. AARON!!!â€
    He stormed angrily into the room, and said
    “What now?!!!â€
    “ Um, you made a mistake on your first numbers and it messes up the entire thing.â€
    “One mistake. It effects the whole thing like that? Wow. Anyways, come here tomorrow at 8 am instead. We’ll finish the suit today. Also, what size are you?â€

    A new beginning(chapter4)

    We started working on the new calculations and running over some stuff. Everything was messed up, WAY off. Me and Jamie went to the McDonalds to get some lunch in our bellies, and on the way back, I realized something.
    “No! I left the calculations at McDonalds! We have to go back!â€
    We drove back to McDonalds as quickly as possible and couldn’t find it anywhere. I asked the clerk.
    “Some dude was acting suspiciously wearing a big rain coat and sun glasses. He was stuffing a big blue piece of paper like you described. He went into Elm St. and took the last house on the left.†He said after we questioned him.
    “Thanks!†and slipped a dollar bill to him. We ran all the way to the car, and started driving. I drove to the house mentioned, and it looked like a shack. Running over to the house, I opened the door and cautiously walked inside. Jamie was waiting in the car, but I parked it in the park and she couldn’t see me. I stopped. I though I saw a hand. Then, and cold voice said
    “ Don’t move. I have a gun. If you run, I’ll shoot you. Don’t try anything†it grunted.
    Chapter 5

    I’ve never been so scared in my life, and I don’t think I’ll every be the same again after this. If there is a after.
    “See that tree? Walk over to it and tie yourself up. Don’t move. I’ll see to it someone will watch you. If you move, he’ll kill you.â€
    I was so scared, and I shakily walked over to the tree. I was going to bend down to pick up the rope, when I saw something. Jamie was running towards me.
    “Don’t go farther! You’ll get shot!†I screamed.
    She didn’t seem to hear me, and continued running. The thing was, I didn’t realize the police behind her. The guy behind me started shooting, and I started running. Then I saw the police. I was running towards them before I knew it.
    Bam! Bam! Bam!
    Everyone started shooting at once. I felt a bullet miss me by a hair length.
    “Ahhh!†the guy who threaten me yelled
    He was shot twice. Once in the leg, and another in the forehead. He died before my very eyes. I was shaken, and the stench of blood was clogging my nose. I threw up over the side, and tried to breath in fresh air. The birds were silent and no one moved. I saw some of the police officers were wounded, but it probably wasn’t life threatening. This is horrible, I thought. That’s it. It’s to dangerous. I’m going to tell Aaron. I’m not going to the core.

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    I have a story, for school. It's suppose to be about going to the center of the earth. It's for science. I need a good plot. Hows this?

    A million years ago, before Pangea, the continents were all apart, like they are now. But then, something happened, and the Continentes crushed together and destroyed 90% of life. Now, the same thing is happening again, and people build a ship( somehow. I'll get to that laterxD) to see if the core is spinning to fast.

    If you don't like it, please tell me what part you don't, and if you can, post another plot.
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    Make up a story. Twist and turns, it doesn't matter! One rule, you can't talk about sex, anything dirty or whatever and you can only use four words. Spell right. I'll start.

    Once upon a time...
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    I have decided, in my spare time (Since people are over running the Code Vault) to start a graphic shop. If you need one, fill out this form. If you fill it out incorrectly or type something along the lines of…

    1 n33d 4 s1g

    Then I will not accept it.

    Size: If you do not choose, the default will be 450x100 or 400x100
    Colors : It is your sig. You choose. If you don’t, I will pick the best ones.
    Text: Optional
    Font: You can choose. Optional.
    Render: High quality please.
    Other’s: Anything, unless I say so. Be warned. I can’t do animations.
    Special Effects: Like any Rainbow’s in the back ground, or ponies… Don’t have to fill this out either

    Size: Default will be 100x100
    Color’s: Look at Signature
    Text: Look at Signature
    Font: Look at Signature
    Render: Look at Signature
    Other’s: Look at Signature
    Special Effects: Look at Signature

    If you want one of both, fill our this form

    Avatar Render:
    Signature Render:
    Size: Default for both. Unless you want to change it. Be sure to make it clear which is which.
    Text: make it clear which is which
    Font: Will use the same one as sig/avi

    I will only take 3 request at a time. Any more and those people will be put on a waiting list. Which is also only 3 slots. Hurry, because if all the slots are taken, then I won’t accept anymore, and only when there’s a slot open will I put you on. But you have to post again. If this thread becomes popular( Which I doubt) I will but 5 slots for waiting and 4 slots for request. If the request is really easy, there’s can be another request at the same time.


    Waiting line
    If you have any question’s, you can post it on this thread. I can only work on your request at night (which is 8:00pm pacific time or up) because that’s the only free time I have. Rep would be nicexD

    Here are some example’s of my work.

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    I'm a...

    I'm a shotgun. Two cocks and I blow.

    Whats start's with F, ends with K and means a lot of heat and excitment?
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    Like the title says, pick your character, say funny stuff
    (but not random... EX: Muahahahahaha burgers) I don't like that kind of stuff.

    1. No flaming
    2. No constant spamming(one or two is fine, just not every post you do)
    3. Have fun
    4. Obey the rules, including this one xD
    5. No Intense violence(like Peter getting his head chopped up)
    6. One character per person
    7. No talking about sex unless your quagmire(lol, jk)
    8. Obey the regular rules.

    Make sure you post a lot and stay active, or else were're kicking you out.
    Minor Character's are not included

    Family Guy
    Peter Griffin - KHOmega

    Lois Griffin -

    Evil Monkey -

    Stewie Griffin - John Clay Rice

    Brian Griffin -

    Christ Griffin -

    Meg Griffin -

    Glenn Quagmire -

    Joe Swanson -

    Bonnie Swanson -

    Cleveland Brown -

    Loretta Brown -

    Mort Goldman -

    Muriel Goldman -

    Neil Goldman -

    Tom Tucker -

    Diane Simmons -

    Tricia Takanawa -

    Ollie Williams -

    Adam West -

    Death –

    Rupert -

    American Dad
    Stan Smith -

    Francine Smith -

    Hayley Smith -

    Steve Smith -

    Roger -

    Klaus -

    The fish? -
    If i'm missing some and you think they will be important, please PM me and let me know. I don't watch American dad a lot.
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    Ok, well. Soraoscuro(truth) hasn't taught me much, just said to read this. Keep the dumps, because you can use those to port. But i think these will be helpful too. start off with the 32-byte hacking though.
    then try these in order


    And if you can figure out what this means, then... Well, explain it to me xD i don't understand it.

    Reply once you try all of them, or if you have a question or something, you can ask me here.

    Also, what's your Email? Incase this website goes bonkers or something.
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    Hey guys, well, my sister made this. What do you guys think of it?


    Photosynthesis power!​
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    This is hilarious, i was browsing deviant art and i found it. NON of this is mine, i just found it=D

    Heres the cloud song=D
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    well, this is my first sig i made. i just used a bunch of characters from some other pictures and copy+paste it to the background. here's the picture. Please tell me if it needs adjusting
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    Sorry, i don't know if this is the right thread, please move it if it isn't.

    I don't really get it, why do people enjoy twilight so much? I mean, i hope I'm not the only person in this website who doesn't watch-read-obsessed with twilight, i mean i havent read the book, or watched the movie, and it already looks boring.
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    [Now what starts with the letter C?
    Cookie starts with C
    Let's think of other things
    That starts with C
    Oh, who cares about the other things?]

    C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
    C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
    C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
    Oh, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C

    C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
    C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
    C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
    Oh, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C

    [Hey you know what?
    A round cookie with one bite out of it
    Looks like a C
    A round donut with one bite out of it
    Also looks like a C
    But it is not as good as a cookie
    Oh and the moon sometimes looks like a C
    But you can't eat that, so ... ]

    C is for cookie, that's good enough for me, yeah!
    C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
    C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
    Oh, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C, yeah!
    Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C, oh boy!
    Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!

    (Cookie Monster eats the cookie)
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    I've seen people do stuff like a combo finisher every attack for final, and a combo finisher that did hell alot of damage. What did they do? and i've seen this vid on glitches. There was alot, i can't remember any of them, but i know there was? What was wrong and how do you do that?
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    See how long until the staff have to close this thread for being over 5000
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    Help? It dosen't have to be colored in. i can do that. i just need maybe a rough sketch. I don't really have anything in mind, let's see what you got
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    Post your favorite Yo Momma jokes, and the we vote for a winner every week on starting today.

    me first

    Yo Momma was so stupid, she sat on the T.V and watched the couch
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    Organization XII name: Vixen
    Height: 5ft 7in
    Interest: hacking, football, baseball

    I've been here for like one month, but i've mostly posted in the code vault.
    I'm trying to get to know everybody, so.. hi all.
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