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    it's the month of Christmas, and all through the mansion, the Gods where getting ready for the season they all loved with a passion. A time when both old and new characters can socialize about, due to a blistering storm no one can get out. >:3
    Christmas time is here and NoN's invites the rest of the gods to spend Christmas at one of the mansions. as the last person comes in a snow storm will hit, and will refuse to leave till New Years day. >:3
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    The Gods: Future of Imortals

    I'm sorry for misspelling the title!! it's sapost to be FUTURE not FUTUR. sorry everyone :sweatdrop:
    The Games

    The arena was full. Crowds of people cheer for their favorite fighter. These are the Gods Games. Many get in. Few get out. Alive that is. It's a brutal fight between us gods, the soon to be immortals. We fight to the death or until the other faints, get knocked out, or withdraws. All for fame and titles. My name is NightofNights. NoN for short. The controller of shadows. I'm a contestant of the games, and this is our story.

    A man who looked not even 20 yet walks up to me and ruffles my hair.

    “Ready for the games sis?” His spiky, dark chocolate brown hair was down to his shoulders, his bangs nearly covering his matching brown eyes. His jacket was black and he wore a white Tee under neath. His jeans where torn at the knees and bleached in places for no reason. This is the god of magic, Nasirrch my brother. Nas for short. I nod my head.

    “This is going to be so much fun. Thanks for bringing me with you Nas!” I smile cheerfully, I quickly fixing my short blond hair from the mess he made it into, not that it made any difference, my hair was always on the messy side.

    “Don't get to cocky kid.” a boy around my age walks up to the two of us he was flipping a coin thats on fire. He had a black leather jacket and black jeans. His hair was also black and so where his eyes. He wore black fingerless gloves. A pair that I've been trying to find in a long time. The lucky jerk.

    “These games aren't a walk through the park.” he says.

    “Hey Sh long time no see.” Nas says and fist pounds the other guys fist.

    “Dude this is my lil' sis' NoN.” He says happily. “NoN this is Sorasheartless the god of fire and one of my best buds. But he likes to be called Sh for short.”

    “Ah so you're NoN. Nas talked a lot about you last year glade you could enter the arena this year.” he nods his greeting.

    “Ya I've heard stories of how you and Nas beat up each other and it ended with a draw.” I chirp as if it was the greatest story in the whole world, even though it wasn't. Shs face falls.

    “Dude you told her about it?” he asks in disbelief.

    “No way man! She must of pulled it from my memories.” Nas says in his defense and tries to mess my hair up again, I duck down and take a step back and watch him fall.

    “Don't touch the hair.” I growl and tap his chest with my foot.
    “Dude your lil sister just owned you.” Sh says after a good laugh. “You're all right kid. See ya in the games.” he says walking away to talk to other people.

    “Uh- right talk to you later Sh!” Nas says as he gets up.

    “I like him. He's nice.” I say cheerfully.

    “Well he's a pretty cool guy. Very strong and a great friend to have around.” Nas takes a look around to see if he could spot any of his other friends.

    “Aha!” He says and waves towards an orange dragon.

    “What's up CR?” he asks the dragon.

    “Ah, Nas long time no see. How's your arm?” the dragon asks.

    “Doing a lot better thanks.” Nas says moving his right arm in circles to prove it. I clear my throut and elbow Nas in the ribs.
    “OW! Hey watch it kid.” he hisses at me.

    “Well who's this now?” the dragon asks tilting his head to get a better look at me.

    “The name's NoN.” I say and make a hand gesture to shake his hand.

    “Well it's nice to meet you.” the dragon says and shakes my hand. “My name is CharonusRex.”

    “Uh- oh right! CR's the king of dragons. He's also the controler of time and space. He doesn't really take part in the games but he still shows, because he's the ferry man of the underworld.” Nas explains to me. I roll my eyes.

    “I know that. We've met a few times. One when THAT happened and a few other times you may not remember.” I say.

    “Ah so you're good friends with death huh?” CR asks.

    “I guess you could say that. More with the new one, Joe.”

    “Someone say my name?” A boy just a year older then myself walks towards the group his coat nearly retching the bottom of his jeans.His long brown hair tied back in a ponytail.

    “Hey Joe! Good to see you again.” Nas says giving his hand a good shake. CR just nods to Joe and he nods back.

    “What are you doin' here Joey?” I ask giving him a big hug.

    “Hey there NoN.” he returns the hug with a bear hug.

    “I'm watching the games in case of deaths, what about you?”
    “I'm going into the games, and I intend to win.” I say giving a large smirk.

    “But aren't you a little too young?” he asks raising an eyebrow at me suspisiously.

    “NO! The age to get in is 19 right? And I'm 19!” I say in my defence.

    “Pft. You wouldn't of even gotten outta bed that day, if it wasn't for me pestering you about that day, being the last day to sign in.” Nas says ruffling my hair again.

    “Well it's not MY fault for having to do Kyu's papers that night.” I say wile fixing my hair.

    “Well that didn't mean you had to do it for me.” a man in his late 30s and crazy orange hair walks up to our group. His blue suite sticking out like a sore thumb.

    “Ya well you've been complain about it and you never turned down my offer.” I respond and stick my tongue out at him.

    “Don't be mean you brat.” Nas says and puts me in a head lock and messes up my hair.

    “Okay, dude I'm tired of you messin' with my hair!” I grab Nas' arm and flip him over my shoulder.

    “NoN!” Kyu says as Nas lands on top of him and both of them fall to the ground in a heap.

    “Oh crap. Now look at what you've made me do...” I say and only help Kyu up.

    “She's stronger then she lets on isn't she..” Joey say as he helps Nas up.

    “More then you think...” Nas says as he straitens his back. CR just stands there with a grin on his face.

    “You've got my praise child.” He says and pats my back. A bell rings.

    “All participants of the games please report into their designated areas.” a voice says and the screens around the stadium show who goes where and when they're going to be fighting.

    “Well I better be off. I'll be cheering for you all.” he says and waves as he leaves.

    “I better get going to.” Kyu says as he leaves. “I'll see you later okay.”

    “Alright, thanks see you when we win!” I say waving to CR and Kyu.

    “Good. Be safe.” Joe gives me a quick hug before turning around and go out the same way CR and Kyu did.

    “Hey NoN I suggest you quit down.” Nas says in whisper.

    “Eh? How come?”I ask confused on his objection of my bubbly self.

    “Ah well um people are looking at you funny...” he says while signaling to a group of dragons sneering at us.

    “Oh don't worry about them. They won't know what hit em. I smirk as their shadows hit them in their owners heads.

    “Ouch. Hey what was that for!” one of the dragons say to his companions.

    “Hey why did YOU hit ME then?” another says. I laugh.

    “See?” I say to him with a smirk.

    “Ya I do see.” he says wile shaking his head to make it look like he's not laughing as well with me. “Well. Come on. Let's go see who we're up against.”

    “Alright.” I cheerfully say and make way to the boards with a dark smile spreading across my face. “This'll be fun.”
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    Charater Cast

    Cast your charaters and what not. Cr could probally explain better then me.
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    This! I came up with to book mark the last pages of a story! That way we can keep track. Just look at the top of the pages (the tabs with numbers on it) and memorize it (or write it down on a piece of paper which ever) then go to this discussion and type it down. Don't forget to write down which story it's from!
    Page:1347 Story:Ka/Haku/Synn
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    Here's a place were you can post important posts like say your going away for a wile so we don't have to worry about reading the () and you won't be forgotten. I will also be posting Important Notices that will be marked in red so you know to read it.
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    Wootwoot XD party!! lol
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    Chapter 1: The Dream

    In my mind I knew that I was different. No one understood me. People tried, like my best friends Luke, Dian, Sally and Amy. They were sadly unsuccessful at understanding me, but I never told them that. I always kept my anger, my frustration, my sorrows, bottled up inside. It was never opened, never touched, but never forgotten. The sky was as black as black can get. The moon was as red as blood, no clouds crossed the sky. No stars. It was cold but warm out so it must of been spring time or fall. I showed no fear when I saw It, standing in the black water. Small white waves crash down on Its feet. It spoke my name as it reached for me.

    Artemis.” It says, with a voice so chilling that it makes my bones freeze. Its hands reach out towards me, as if it where to touch me. Its closer now, I try to run but the sand sticks to my bare feet as if its glue no matter what I do I can't pull away from Its icy trance. My heart is still, not a sound can be heard. Not a beat. I can't hear any thing but the black waves splashing on Its feet, and the ruffling of its long black clock going through the icy water. It stops in front of me. I reach for the hood of Its cloak. I lift the hood slowly to its face to see who It was

    “ARTTYY!” My head shoots up from my desk, my heart racing as I fall over backwards in my chair with a loud THUMP! CRASH!

    “ARTYYY. TIME FOR BREAKFASSSTT.” my little sister Ema's voice rings up the staircase with the slightest ease. My heart is racing so fast.

    “ARRTYY!” THUMP DUMP! THUMP DUMP! My heart races.

    “I'M COMING EMA!” I yell back, brushing my sandy blond hair out of my face with the brush on my dresser.

    “AORTYY.” I here a small little voice come up the stairs, my hands are shaking like crazy my black lipstick is going all over my face.

    "I SAID I'LL BE RIGHT THERE VELLA!!" I put my jeans on over my red shorts, my red sweater over my white shirt and zip it up. I look in my mirror to see if my lipstick was ok. I steal a look at the clock and gasp. 'OH SHOOT IT'S ALMOST 8 O'CLOCK! I'M GOING TO BE LATE!'. I grab my binders and my text books, stuff them in my black messenger bag then swing it over my shoulder. As I run down stairs I skipping every second step. I run into the kitchen to find mom cooking Vella eggs.

    ”Hey Arty. Want some eggs?” mom asks checking the bottom.

    “Thanks. But no thanks mom. I'm going to be late for school if I don't go now.” I grab an apple from the counter.

    “See ya Vell.” I say as I pass by her chair. Giving her a kiss on the head as I head for my black coat with fur on the hood.

    “Hey where's Ema?” I ask as I put my coat on, the zipper got stuck on my sweater fabric.

    “She already left for school.” mom says putting Vella's eggs on her plate with a piece of toast.

    “Ahg. I told her to wait for me.” I say with a sigh.

    “Oh well. I better get going or else I'll be late for school. See ya later mom.” I wave to her as I head out the door my coat fixed.

    “Arty wait! What about your lunch!” my mom says from the door.

    “I'm buying my lunch today!” I yell back.

    “Ok I love you.”

    “Love you too mum.” I say walking down the drive way waving. 'It's 8:05 now so I have 25 minutes to get there.' I say in my mind looking at my watch. The sidewalk was cleared of snow but not of the ice patches.

    “Oops.” I here a strangely familiar voice say catching me as I fall. I look at the owner of the voice and see my friend Luke with Sally by his side gasping.

    “Are you ok Arty?”
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    A group were you can be the God of anything you want but there can only be one of each so chose wisely. There can be a God and a Goddess of each element or creature. Once you chose what you are you can not change into anything else. You can have a God form and a human form if you wish. We can have wars and between each other for land but no stealing other peoples powers. In other words have fun in the world of the Gods^^
    NightofNights: Goddess of Demons
    Demon Goddess Form:[​IMG]
    Human Form:[​IMG]
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    Poems that I have written over the years. Hope you all like my poems^^ :registro5B15D: :D :<3:

    The Light in Night

    The anger and pain
    are the only things that keep me sane.
    That blocks me from the light
    stuck in a forever night.
    An eternal fight.

    But there is one light.
    And that is you
    my moon.
    The only light
    in my land of night.

    I'll see you soon
    for you are my moon.
    In this land of night
    You are my light.
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    hello all *walks in with a sket pad and a box of crayons*^^
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    hey sup nasirrich which god are you going to be ^^
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    i think evil sora rocks
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    haha im not married but ill happily support one :D
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