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  1. Raven
    Well the way the Pal code worked. To get the full use of Sparda you had to go through mission 22 with the code on. So I am guessing it works the same way for that code. I will have to try that when I get my new codebreaker. I have crappy luck with cheat discs. First when I bought my Armax it didn't work. Then the codebreaker v10 I had goes missing and the only other cheat device I had my Gameshark stopped working. This so sucks I have to wait till Christmas for that codebreaker. I can't even finish my Hunk run in RE4 because of this.
    Post by: Raven, Oct 20, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  2. Raven
    Okay here is the codes again.The other Dt code was on Ultimate-cheats. It was for the PAL ARMAX. I think the code worked like this. You would use the code. Then you would go to mission 22. You could then save and the Sparda DT would be permanent and you could use Meteors.

    Okay I found the topic that the codes were put in. It will make this post very long but it can't be helped. In there is also the instant weapon switch code. You can port these. I hope you do because you could probably do it quicker than me. Note that there are two versions of the WSC.

    Okay, first of all, these codes apparently don't work with the original mastercodes, so select "Add a new game", call it anything you like, and add these two mastercodes.


    Once that's done, here's the code for DTed Sparda - select "Add a new code", name it, then enter all the codes exactly as they appear, in order.

    Sparda Sword Devil Trigger Activator

    If you want to be able to instant-switch weapons (it's called something else, but it's really just an instant weapon switch code), then select "Add a new code" again and enter this code:

    Ultimate Devil Trigger

    For this second code to work, keep the SS DT Activator code switched *on* - however, if you want to use DTed Sparda only, then turn this second code *off*. Note that you can't do both - you can use either DTed Sparda or instant-weapon-switch, but not in the same game: the two codes are incompatible with each other.

    To instant-switch, these are the commands:

    R2 + left = Alastor
    R2 + up = Ifrit
    R2 + right = Sparda (note that this won't work properly)
    R2 + down = Force Edge

    One final thing - when first loading a mission/entering a new room, use R3 to switch to Ifrit first of all. If you insta-switch to Ifrit straight away, Ifrit's DTed effects become buggered, but doing the "official" R3 switch rectifies. Same can happen with Alastor, though not as often - again, just press R3.

    Phew. I hope that is helpful

    Hmm. I need to update that, as a change was made to the instant-weapon switch codes which meant that you didn't have to press R2 anymore.

    Okay, the updated instant-weapon switch codes:

    For instant-switching withOUT having to press R2, here's the new code. (Thanks, crate.)


    Same commands as before, just minus R2. Use the d-pad, not the analogue stick.

    Left = Alastor
    Up = Ifrit
    Right = Sparda (this one won't work properly)
    Down = Force Edge

    For thoughs on this site who love DMC. They should check out Could someone port these to NTSC for me please.
    Post by: Raven, Oct 17, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  3. Raven
    PM you if I am interested in what the incident or the porting. The first code I plan to port is the Sparda DT code in DMC1.
    Post by: Raven, Sep 4, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  4. Raven
    Alright thanks for porting the codes. I took a look at the how to port in the guide section. All I can say is crap that looks complicated. I am going to try that out soon though.

    edit- for some reason my post count is not going up whats the deal.
    Post by: Raven, Sep 4, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  5. Raven
    Also how do you go about porting pal codes to american. If you explain it to me I will give it a go myself. PCSX2 is emulater right or is it the PC version.

    Or is porting codes just as hard as hacking codes.
    Post by: Raven, Sep 4, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  6. Raven
    I can understand why Agni & Rudra wouldn't change easily. It is two sword. Has anyone ever try to see if Force Edge(Vergil) can be changed to A&R. About the skins it is probably like kingdom hearts in that all the skins have their own movesets and you would probably need to change that too. Also with lady what are the problems you encounter when using her. I would check myself but my copy of the game is broken.
    Post by: Raven, Sep 4, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  7. Raven
    Thoughs skin codes you just posted are exactly the ones I was wanting ported. What luck. I wonder if combinations of DT skin change and weapon skin change would freeze my game.
    Post by: Raven, Sep 4, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  8. Raven
    Question have the DT mods been ported over yet. If not could someone explain to me about how to port codes. I will try to port some if I can. Also thoughs codes you posted Evilman will they work on a gameshark version 2 my old codebreaker 10 went missing so I have to make due.

    edit-Also what is the Special DT code for Vergil do exactly. Does anyone know what the character mods do such as Dante normal becomes Vergil Normal. Does only the skin of the character change or does the moves change as well.
    Post by: Raven, Sep 4, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  9. Raven
    I hate vexen data cheap jerk that he is. But Zexion is worse not because he is harder but because he is annoying. worst in COM is Zexion card stealing jerk that he is.
    Post by: Raven, Jun 21, 2008 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
  10. Raven
    Does anyone know what a role modifier is. haven't been here in a long time. In one of Erks's vids he became anti-sora yet stayed in a regular sora fighting style and anti-sora with final form stance and style does anyone know which code this is. and does anyone have a boss stat modifier. Please and thank you.
    Post by: Raven, Jun 21, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  11. Raven
    Does anyone have a code that would allow RE com riku stay in dark form infinitely. Maybe a code that allows that dark points not to decrease and does anyone have a RE com master code. the I have Is from the first page and doesnt work on codebreaker vs. 10
    Post by: Raven, May 26, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  12. Raven
    COuld someone please give me a working inf HP code for codebreaker 10. It would make farming easier. I hate farming at lvl 1. Synthesis is a pain sometimes.:stupid::stupid:
    Post by: Raven, Mar 26, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  13. Raven
    Since mine may not work I was wondering if someone could give me an inf hp and mp code for codebreaker v. 10
    Post by: Raven, Mar 24, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  14. Raven
    Does anyone know if this is the right UCM.
    KINGDOM HEARTS II FINAL MIX Universal Character Modifier
    Character Slot 1 (Sora) 11C6CC20 0000????
    Character Slot 2 (Donald) 11C6CC22 0000????
    Character Slot 3 (Goofy) 11C6CC24 0000????
    Character Slot 4 (Guest) 11C6CC26 0000????
    Character Slot 5 (Valor Form) 11C6CC28 0000????
    Character Slot 6 (Wisdom Form) 11C6CC2A 0000???? C
    haracter Slot 7 (Limit Form) 11C6CC2C 0000????
    Character Slot 8 (Master Form) 11C6CC2E 0000????
    Character Slot 9 (Final Form) 11C6CC30 0000????
    Character Slot 10 (AntiForm) 11C6CC32 0000????
    Character Slot 11 (Mickey) 11C6CC34 0000????

    And hav e these codes been converted right.
    drive gauge is maxed (Final Mix)
    201A1AB0 00000000
    201A1ACC 256EFFFF
    MP does not decrease (Final Mix
    201A1A08 00000000
    HP does not decrease (Final Mix)
    200FE000 8C820004
    200FE004 0806891E
    200FE008 AC820000
    20166CD8 0C03F800
    Post by: Raven, Mar 24, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  15. Raven
    Does anyone have the mastercode that works on codebreaker v 10. ones for FM and RE CoM. and can someone give me a working inf hp code. and in what order do you put in the codebreaker and swapmagic.
    Post by: Raven, Mar 23, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  16. Raven
    does anyone know if this masters code works for codebreaker 10.0. M Code: 903088E0 0C0C21E0

    and what order would you put your codebreaker swapmagic in for a slim PS2.
    Post by: Raven, Mar 8, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  17. Raven
    could someone give me a working master code the one a friend gave me doesnt work.
    Post by: Raven, Feb 24, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  18. Raven
    codebreaker master code help.

    Which master code works for codebreaker version 10. I have tried both and they dont work one freezes the game the other just doesn't load.
    Post by: Raven, Jan 26, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  19. Raven
    I found the boss modifier codes,but I don't undertstand the resistance one. and does anyone know the HEX digits for 3400 hp and 9000 hp. What I don't get about the resistance if the blank areas what goes in them.

    21C94E50 ??????64
    21C94E54 0064????

    and for the the strength one do you put in 99 for the boss to have 99 strength.
    You put a joker above the current HP code right.
    Post by: Raven, Jan 2, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
  20. Raven
    HP modifier.

    I heard that khkid had an hp modifier code. Could someone please post it. Maybe explain how it works. I wish to change the hp of bosses. If this is only for final mix then I am sorry. If you don't want to post it then just say around which pages it is near.
    Post by: Raven, Jan 2, 2008 in forum: Code Vault