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  1. superanti
    alright well when i get it back on my computer ill try
    Post by: superanti, Jan 3, 2010 in forum: New Releases
  2. superanti
    omg wow i have 504MB RAM lol will it still work cuz im still having trouble running it it keeps saying that theres "SYSTEM.something" missing and when i got it to work a really long time ago it ran reeeeallly slow like it took 15 minutes to get to the browser/configuration screen (on my old comp never got it to work on my new one) can anyone help me im trying to get final mix on my computer
    Post by: superanti, Jan 1, 2010 in forum: New Releases
  3. superanti
    actually they are real. i dont know how he got the keychains but i DO know that sora didnt have them when roxas did. when u get oathkeeper from hayner in twilight town u get the keychain after they come in contact with kairi. as for oblivion riku fights roxas,wins, and uses oblivion in the battle. later on he gives the keychain to sora when they meet up again. basicly he steals it from roxas after beating him. oh and the reason roxas can dual weild *SPOILER FROM 358/2 DAYS* is because after he fights xion he absorbs her power and takes her keyblade. then he heads back for the castle to destroy kingdom hearts and is stopped by riku.
    Post by: superanti, Dec 10, 2009 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
  4. superanti

    could someone tell me antiweapons code for dueal weilding anti plz?
    Post by: superanti, Nov 17, 2008 in forum: New Releases