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  1. Willis Haughey
    Anyone on here play this? If you don't - I highly suggest you give it a shot.

    If you are playing, what are your classes, what world are you on, and what do you like most about the game? I'm playing it on the PS4 and it has quickly become one of the only games I even play. There is just so much to do. I'm never bored with it. I'm currently playing a tank role, I'm a Marauder level 26. I'm trying to start a brand new FC (clan/guild), and if you want to join, I'm on the world Jenova. Let me know if you're interested.
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  2. Willis Haughey
    I think Christina Grimmie is awesome.
    I respect Justin Beiber as an artist, but hate his actual music. I respect him for making it from YouTube videos.

    I agree with you guys for sure about the screaming thing! And not that Asking Alexandria has a great vocalist or anything (Danny Worsnop), but he is definitely a great example of injuring your voice if you don't scream properly. He even posted a video on youtube showing a trip to his doctor.

    And I think Asking Alexandria is a great band. ;P
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  3. Willis Haughey
    Have no idea what's going on here. I've never read the comics, or paid attention to any of the Marvel movies until recently. I just saw the trailer tonight when I went to the theater to watch Maleficent with the girlfriend. I had no idea what was going on, or even who most of the characters were. So for me, I think this movie will be enjoyable, even if it sucks. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. After the short trailer I will definitely be watching this movie, but most likely I will be waiting for Redbox/Netflix.
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  4. Willis Haughey
    It is nice to see a mostly drug free attitude here. I personally am enjoying two drugs in moderation these days - tobacco and alcohol. Those "socially acceptable" drugs. Which I've always found funny since they kill more people every year than most if not all the other drugs out there. However, due to the fact that I am not to the point that I am dependent on either of them (my tobacco comes from hookah, and to a lesser extent, cigars), I don't see myself trying to cut back on them. That moment when I can't work an 8 hour shift without buying a pack of cigarettes or some cigarillos, however, that is when I'll cut back.

    As for the other drugs out there, I have never done them, or had any experience with them from my friends or family, so I don't have much input on that. I've always avoided drug users, whether it be pill abusers or marijuana smokers. Its not that I don't have friends or acquaintances that do drugs, I just make sure that I'm not around whenever they take part in those things.
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  5. Willis Haughey
    ^ I agree. I'll play any game, and I'm obsessed with that 100% completion. I give it my all until it is completed and then I rarely go back to it. Once I'm burnt out on a game it takes me a long time to go back to it. That's why to this day, even though I do find Call of Duty repetitive and almost boring, I still play it. Gotta get all of those Trophies. ;)
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  6. Willis Haughey
    I'm not going to lie, that was a struggle. Thank you for posting this, I've never actually seen or heard of it before. I knew the language was a beastly, but to have it all thrown in your face like that at once is insane.
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  7. Willis Haughey
    Good to see him coming back. And I had no idea that many original voice actors came back. Nice list.
    Post by: Willis Haughey, May 24, 2014 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
  8. Willis Haughey
    Haha, I agree with you on both statements. Its a song that should be hated but its awesomely done. You can't knock it.

    And metalcore is getting increasingly generic, its getting turned in to a cash cow by the record companies and more and more music is getting released and it all sounds the same. Its like what started happening to rap music years ago, but on a smaller scale. And kids keep listening to it and buying it up anyway.

    Yet I still find myself listening to a few metalcore bands anyway, despite the fact that I feel like I should know better. Lol. I just don't worry about it anymore.
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  9. Willis Haughey
    Jecht and Basch. That's all I'm dying to see, although I'd take Lightning.
    Post by: Willis Haughey, May 20, 2014 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
  10. Willis Haughey
    Asking Alexandria - Run Free

    I must say, I enjoy this whole album.
    Post by: Willis Haughey, May 20, 2014 in forum: The Playground
  11. Willis Haughey
    Has anyone picked this game up yet? Finally released today. I'm installing it now. Can't wait to give it a go. Some of my friends called out from work/skipped class and played it all day and already completed the single player narrative, so obviously it must be a short game... But I am still pretty excited for it.
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  12. Willis Haughey
    I can agree with the covers not being that strong on the 90's. They are either exact copies or so far off base that they don't seem to flow right. Its like they just kinda half assed it to make some money.
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  13. Willis Haughey
    You should check out the Mass Effect series if you enjoy multiple different endings. :) It is one of my favorite video game series.
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  14. Willis Haughey

    Should have known better, but eh. I figured since it was called the spamzone it might be alright. The video was too inappropriate and so it got edited out. Thanks for the warning!
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  15. Willis Haughey
    Welcome! I won't parrot every one else and say read the rules and all that, especially since you're an old member coming back. Are there any specific video game series that you enjoy more so than others?
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  16. Willis Haughey
    I still haven't played any of the FarCry games... Maybe this will be the one that I try out. Especially since it will be on the PS4. An open world FPS sounds like fun to me.
    Post by: Willis Haughey, May 15, 2014 in forum: Gaming
  17. Willis Haughey
    Rated N for Nope.

    - Bad Language
    - Should not be viewed by human beings
    - Can lower Intelligence

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  18. Willis Haughey
    What's your favorite Punk Goes. . . album of all time? What are some of your favorite songs?

    As a whole, I think I like Punk Goes Pop Vol. 2 the most.

    As for individual songs, I enjoy:

    Punk Goes Pop Vol. 5
    Payphone - Adam Levine - Crown The Empire
    Mercy - G.O.O.D. Music - The Word Alive
    Ass Back Home - Gym Class Heroes - Secrets

    Punk Goes Pop Vol. 4
    Woe, Is Me - "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" (originally recorded by Katy Perry)
    Sleeping With Sirens - "F**K You" (originally recorded by Cee Lo Green)
    Pierce The Veil - "Just The Way You Are" (originally recorded by Bruno Mars)
    Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - "We R Who We R" (originally recorded by Ke$ha)
    Silverstein - "Runaway" (Feat. Down With Webster) (originally recorded by Kanye West)

    Punk Goes Pop Vol. 3
    Hot N' Cold - Katy Perry - Woe, Is Me
    In My Head - Jason Derulo - Mayday Parade
    Right Now (Na Na Na) - Akon - Asking Alexandria
    Hearless - Kanye West - The Word Alive
    Blame It - Jamie Fox & T-pain - Of Mice & Men

    Punk Goes Pop Vol. 2
    All of them, but mostly

    Over My Head (Cable Car) - The Fray - A Day To Remember

    Punk Goes 90's Vol. 2

    Southtown - P.O.D. - The Ghost Inside
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  19. Willis Haughey
    Chain of Memories and Re:CoM are my favorite games in the series because of both story and gameplay. That's all I've really got to add to that lol. I just play the games over and over again and love the storyline, I don't really bother trying to rank the games or judge them for how well they are written on how well they play. I simply just play them. :/

    I guess I'm a little too obsessed with the series, haha. I am heavily biased, I love them all equally. Square Enix could take a dump and package it as a Kingdom Hearts game and I'd buy it. No lie.
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  20. Willis Haughey
    I read a lot last year, but the one that sticks out the most for me is Inferno by Dan Brown. Conspiracies and the like are some of my favs. I like how he incorporates real life history, myths, legends and conspiracies and weaves it into a fun to read fictional story.
    Post by: Willis Haughey, May 14, 2014 in forum: Literature