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  1. JLHack7
    MMBN games are awesome, I've played every game in the series at least 1/2 of the way (except game 3).

    MMBN3 is probably the only one I haven't gotten very far on. I screwed up a save by hacking myself a copy of the Navi Customizer early on. When it came time to get the REAL Navi Customizer, I should have only had 1 custom prog, but instead I had a bunch, as a result I couldn't continue past that spot.

    I'll try to throw together a quickfix for that, but what I really wanna try is a nifty idea of mine... a joker that changes the active chips to whatever combo you want, essentially allowing you to joker an instant Program Advance.
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  2. JLHack7
    This is the GBA one right?
    If so, then sorry, no go.

    Best way to hack a GBA game is to use a VBA (emulator, with a debugger and memory viewer and stuff). The thing is, DBZ games have something that prevents you from hacking it, I think its got anti-cheat routines (similar to how Punkbuster detects hacks in PC games and acts accordingly).

    In Legacy of Goku 2, hacking gives you a message that says "This game cannot be played on this hardware".

    This is basically the programmers way of saying "Screw you, cheater."
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  3. JLHack7
    I just noticed that code has a mistake, I'll post the fix in a minute

    There's two lines that go right after the E0 line that are missing

    Edit: These two lines go after the E0 line
    2033E830 3300000C
    2033E834 00003333

    So the code should be:
    E002DCFF 0035B55C
    2033E830 3300000C
    2033E834 00003333
    11C817E0 0000074A
    41C817C0 00170040
    0000074A 00000000
    11C81DC0 000003E5
    11C81E00 00000622
    11C81E40 000008B5
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  4. JLHack7
    Joker creation:

    1) Grab Joker It
    2) Extract it, run the program
    3) In the joker address text box, put 0035B55C
    4) put the codes you want jokered in the big text box on the left
    5) check off the buttons you want to have activate the joker
    6) Click the button at the bottom of the window.
    7) Copy the generated code and convert as needed.
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  5. JLHack7
    1) Backup your saves onto another memory card using the PS2 Browser (this is important as the next step will wipe your memory card of all the data, but fix the freezes)
    2) In the CodeBreaker options/settings, go to format -> format the memory card
    3) Copy the save from the flash drive

    I had this problem too, formatting the memory card you want to use will give you a clean slate and usually fix the freezes.

    Also, if you have a bunch of unknown or unusable data on a memory card taking up space, formatting gets rid of everything including the unusable data.
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  6. JLHack7
    D: It's out?
    Count me in, I'll give it a go.
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  7. JLHack7
    Depending on his processor he may be able to use Boot Camp.

    Search for the info on it. If you can run it, by all means get it.

    Boot Camp would allow him to run Windows.

    Other than that, I'm not sure of a Mac build for ps2dis
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  8. JLHack7
    I'm going to make a thread concerning .rar format.

    It's like a zip file but you need a special program to use it.
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  9. JLHack7
    0.o I thought I already posted this code but I guess my post was lost.

    Code title: "Oshi-" (a.k.a Sora's Screwed)
    (This is what Sora is thinking when this boss battle starts)
    E002DCFF 0035B55C
    01C817E0 0000074A
    41C817C0 00170040
    0000074A 00000000
    01C81DC0 000003E5
    01C81E00 00000622
    01C81E40 000008B5
    Hold L2 + R2 + Circle and waltz into another room.

    Glide 3 (or higher) / Quick Run (or whatever the Wisdom Form ability is called) 3 (or higher) is recommended for this fight, as you will be doing a lot of fleeing.

    This code is in dire need of compressing.
    Kinda like the Overkill code

    Riku is glitchy.
    He likes to make things crash. A lot.

    Ex: When you bring Riku into the Thousand Heartless Battle, after the command menu comes in, a few seconds later, the game hangs (on a real PS2 at least)
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  10. JLHack7
    Heh, I got No$GBA running this, works great.
    I may take a crack at this when I have some downtime.
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  11. JLHack7
    Scratch that my memory was foggy, I don't think I was able to equip it, so try forcing it by changing the first number to an 8
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  12. JLHack7
    This has been tried, I know because I was the one who did it, it was 2 or 3 years ago at this time.
    Although that was before we knew about using an 8 to make an ability equip, so give it a shot

    Ahhh those were the days, eh Evil?
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  13. JLHack7
    No, they have different bone structures.
    You'd get a mushball.

    I know this because I've tried, I have all the KH2 models dumped on my hard drive.

    You need to use an ability slot mod and an ability digit.
    the Stats text file on the front page has the ability slots, and the item/ability digits are here
    Post by: JLHack7, Jul 1, 2009 in forum: Code Vault
  14. JLHack7
    Interesting, I'll take a look at it

    Try this:
    21CB97FC 05020000
    51CEFF4C 00000040
    01CEFEAC 00000000

    ^Porting attempt, I took the quoted FM+ code and ported it to NTSC
    Post by: JLHack7, Jun 30, 2009 in forum: Code Vault
  15. JLHack7
    WinRar... Win (as in Windows... he said he has Mac)

    Anyway, for Mac, I looked around and found this.
    Post by: JLHack7, Jun 29, 2009 in forum: Code Vault
  16. JLHack7
    50 was an estimation.
    I don't actually believe that there are 50 of them...

    Here's the full address list (change the first digit, the 0, to a 1 if you make a code with one of these)

    01C816A0 - UCM digit 0236 (a freeze, so I wonder what it really does)
    01C816E0 - UCM digit 04BB (Minnie partner)
    01C8174C - A 0000, but from the addresses immidiately following it, it could be a UCM slot with 0000.
    Could it be that 0000 is the camera? Or maybe it's the starting position?

    01C81800 - Start of the Bolt Towers, they all use 08F0 for the digit
    01C81E40 - End of 08F0 Bolt Tower chain

    Here's where it gets interesting...

    From 01C81EF4 to 01C82634 is another chain, of 074A (comes up as a nothing in the UCM)
    Possibly blank slots for after you clear the thorns out?

    Next slot is 01C826A0. which has 0628 in it (random Bolt Tower 0.o?)

    The next two UCM slots, which come after a few lines of separators, similar to the separator between the Bolt Towers and the Emptys, are 01C82714, and 01C82754, they're both 0007 (Minute Bombs)

    01C82794 seems to also be part of the same chain as the minute bombs... but it's a 2 (Trick Ghost).
    I doubt that's a UCM slot since there are no Trick Ghosts in Disney Castle (and the game only puts the UCM slots in memory for the world you are in, I believe)

    Then there's a big chunk of separators and random babble-y code, and one last slot, although this one is iffy, since it doesn't make sense.
    01C82960, which has an 0018 (Blue Barrier).

    That's all, since it continues on with model name strings, (when there's strings, it basically means you've reached the end of the road)
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  17. JLHack7
    Found one
    201B5238 25CE????
    I'm guessing the ?'s are the XP count multiplier
    Post by: JLHack7, Jun 28, 2009 in forum: Code Vault
  18. JLHack7
    This is a thread for NTSC/UC codes. You want NTSC/J, I'll PM you a link to a few of the codes I know of for NTSC/J
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  19. JLHack7
    It's because the game will probably freak out when you try to use something that doesn't have a keychain attached, because it'll try to animate the keychain, and since shields lack said keychain, it goes nuts.

    I've had that problem on the model viewer so many times.

    I wonder though, if the struggle weapons do that...
    Either they ignore the keychain animation, or they have an invisible keychain of some sort
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  20. JLHack7
    I just found a boatload of UCM slots for the Bolt Towers
    Stuff to test (I'm not giving out all the addresses, but just a few)

    raw joker to bring you to the battle:
    E002xxxx 0035B55C
    2033E830 0100000C
    2033E834 00000100
    replace xxxx with the joker activator value

    Raw Addresses (Use UCM digits)
    11c81dc0 0000xxxx
    11c81e00 0000xxxx
    11c81d80 0000xxxx
    11c81840 0000xxxx
    11c81800 0000xxxx
    xxxx = UCM digit

    For those of you who have no clue how to use jokers or UCM digits, here's a complete (raw format) code for you to test
    E002DCFF 0035B55C
    2033E830 0100000C
    2033E834 00000100
    11c81dc0 0000012E
    11c81e00 0000012E
    11c81d80 0000012E
    11c81840 0000012E
    11c81800 0000012E
    Start game, load save.
    Walk into another area while holding L2 + R2 + Circle
    When the battle starts, there should be a few Bolt Towers replaced with Shadow Heartless (the little black guys with yellow eyes and antennae)

    Edit: Tested it myself, works great.

    Edit2: for anyone that wants it, the UCM for Minnie is
    Post by: JLHack7, Jun 25, 2009 in forum: Code Vault