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  1. Bananaburger
    No, XaikuTheMaverickHunter is right. All of those tracks were ripped straight from the disk so the sequence/instruments are all exactly how they are in game. I've also noticed a few songs missing from the collection including Forze Del Male and haven't been able to find anyone else mentioning it anywhere. I'm not sure who originally ripped all of them, but every site I go to seems to have the same collection. I've looked into ripping them myself from the disk since it was fairly easy to do with KH2FM, but I can't find a good dump tool that works properly with KH1. Those songs have to be on that disk somewhere or else they wouldn't play at all, its just a matter of figuring out where they are and how to get to them.
    Post by: Bananaburger, Jan 18, 2018 in forum: Feedback & Assistance