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    Thanks for updating the member list by putting the charaters proffesions on it its going to be mad trying to remember who everyone is.
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    Name: Warren Garensfallow
    Age: 23
    Appearance: 5’11â€, muscular, short brown hair, hazel eyes,
    Magick Ability: Level 3 Favors Earth though can perform moderate in fire magicks
    Job Class: Knight, Light armor, Primary weapon Morning Star, Secondary short sword.
    Status: Noble
    District: Verlest
    Alignment: Good

    Background/Personality: Warren grew up the youngest child the Garensfallow family which followed the tradition of becoming Scholars, though when it soon became clear to his father that Warren had no interest of spending his life studying the secrets of the dusty tomes, he distanced himself from the boy. Warren always felt like an outsider in his family and was intellectually bullied by his older siblings who disliked him as much as their father. At first Warren thought he could impress his father by learning Magick but even though he had greater potential than some of his other brothers his deeds were never recognized despite the many hours of practice he had spent developing his skills. The only member of the family he found solace with was his mother, who told Warren wonderful stories about the deeds of the Knights of Valdeaunia in the past wars. Before long Warren eagerly watched out his window as militia walked by on their patrols and held in awe the knights who were stationed around Verlest.

    At the age of 14 his mother died of an illness and left Warren torn though he pledged that he would become a great knight to honor her memory. He had never faced a hardship like loss in his sheltered life and did not know exactly how to cope. The rift between Warren and his father seemed to increase without his mother though he granted him a final favor by letting him join the Vadeaunia Academy. Although he was outclassed in fighting ability and endurance he bested many in his fights though his quick reaction time, reading his opponents movements, as well as his ability to keep calm in a fight. After graduating the Academy he was distraught when he found how corrupt certain parts of the guard were. Higher- level nobles turning a blind eye to the plight of the poor and the occasional Militia-man taking the bribe of a group of thieves. Naturally Warren’s strong moral views have created himself quite a few enemies both within the order and on the streets. Due to his visions of reform he has often been discredited and has been assigned to patrol the most dangerous areas of the city with the Militia. They figure he will die sooner or later on his own accord rather than disrespecting his family and removing him of his position.

    Demo Post: Warren stood immobile by the corner of the bazaar feeling weary from a long day of supervising the bustling streets. The closest thing he had seen to conflict the entire day was an old beggar woman being pushed roughly in the streets and a young boy who had been accused of stealing food. Now that the sun had fallen low in the sky and night was close to breaking he would soon be relieved of his duty as the shops began to close for the evening.

    As he trundled sleepily through the streets navigating through the city until he came to the guardhouse where he was staying that night. Many times Warren was criticized for helping the militia who others thought were underclass. But he found that despite their lack of proper training they made up for it by knowing the town better and how to react to certain situations that the knights almost never encountered in their hours of drilling. He put his hand on the door slowly pushing it inward. He was greeted by a few of his patrol that were resting by the fire. He clumsily unbuckled his weapons belt and pulled off his armor, then positioned himself on his cot. He was tired of this city he knew it had the potential to be a marvelous place but how could there be any improvement if there was no one willing to make change.
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    Hi sorry I haven't been around Kh-vids lately, but when I saw this thread I almost fell out of my chair in shock it is without doubt the most complex thread to hit this forum in a long time. I will be happy to join but I am still working on my profile.
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    I personally think that this is a great idea and am behind CtR all the way. Strangely this was the first site I started to rp from and now I have developed it as a kind of hobby but now that I have gotten better at it just bothered me to see that some people were just do not care about it enough to type out a complete sentences, put a few creative ideas into a post or take time to come up with an good story. Not saying that you have to have perfect grammar or anything because I certainly don't, but just seeing some more effort and thought into the stories being made would be a welcome change for me. I do not think the crossover will be smooth though. I guess the best way to help this forum is to set a better example so I will begin making threads again and trying to encourage better quality in the posts.
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    occ usually its one of the first signs of a dead rp if the creator doesn't post anymore, the second sign of a dead rp is all of the members posting only occ and wondering if it is dead yet. I am sorry to say that i think this is but I liked it a lot.
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    "Thank ya me las" Lok said giving a smile that was surprisingly clean for a pirate. "I have to get these shackles off and change into appropriate garments I will then start work on your cannons" He gave a vague wave and walked off below deck.
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    Lok stretched glad to be free and said "The name is Lok, and as for what I am good at..." He picked up a pistol from one of the marines' bodies and aimed at a sea gull far from the ship. As he fired the bird soon dropped dead. "I am a shooter, I specialize in long range and dual pistols. I also something of a cannon smith and can outfit your ship with high quality cannons."
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    "Wait don't leave me!" Lok yelled. He was a prisoner bound in chains on the marine ship and looked very ragged "I will help you just let me go!" he said "If the ship sinks I can't swim!"
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    As the sun started to apear above the horizon Xanatos disapeared into a swirling black mist and dark's spell was also absorbed by the black mist and when it faded he was not to be seen and the undead had retreated into the crypt.

    occ gota go.
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    Xanatos was forced to summon a barrior to protect himself from the attack. He was pushed back until the sheild and the ball exploded. Xanatos muttered quickly Shooting his own arcane magic into the explosion. The water froze to become ice and the fire super heated. With the arcane blast in the middle the three separate attacks hit Dark. "You realize if you die you will become one of us a powerful warrior under me and fighting for the dark lords will."
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    I really hate how they censor the deaths wish they would leave things the way they were orignaly.
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    "You are more skilled at battle than myself I will give you that, but in the forces of magic I am stronger than you can imagine." He raised his hand and the scythe turned black forcing Dark to release it then twirled away and landing infront of Xanatos with a soft thump as the blade stuck into the ground. He lifted easily from the ground then began swinging it in a large circle and slammed the point down on the ground in Dark's direction, which a blushish form hurled arcross the ground and slammed up against his head.

    occ was serious about the undead thread would any one want to join it if i made one? pm me if you would be interested
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    "Good than I should have you know I am not a demon notice the lack of horns darky." Xanatos then reached his arm inside his chest and pulled out an unbeating heart "The enemy you face is the dead and the only one that can defeat me is near so I shall depart soon" Xanatos then Transfromed his staff into a sickle and swung in a large arc towards dark at a fast speed.
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    As the the sword hit him his body turned into ashes and whirled in the wind reforming into a body on the other side of Dark. He raised his staff and a dead arm reached from the ground latching onto Darks leg as Xanatos shot a ball of lightening at him.

    occ My charater makes me want to start a thread about necromancers/liches/ vampires would any one be interested in joining?
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    "The what? Sorry I am kind am a bit forein to this land, so not familar with your folklore." Holt said "Then hearing distant screams from the town and seeing rising smoke said "What the 'ell is happening down there!" He pulled his bow out and hastened his pace while drawing an arrow.

    Dark's fireball flew at Xanatos then split on the ground becoming a ring of fire from which a flaming serpent arose "By the order of the dark lord all shall die!" The snake flung itself at Dark its fangs beared and mouth opened wide.
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    The undead group proceeded down the street the people from the destroyed gambling hotel rushed outside just in time to meet them. Xanatos waved his staff and raised the new batch of corpses. Soon the gambling town was in complete panic as everyone swarmed to get away from the growing undead mass.
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    Occ well speaking of suspicous...

    Xanatos was finished he had constructed a terrible being as tall as an orge and comprising of rotted green body parts morphed together as well as smaller undead beings such as gouls and zombies. Xanatos raised his staff and directed his forces down the hill into the village. "I want to see the gambler that would have bet on this" Xanatos laughed. He summoned magic in his staff and shot out a massive ball of black fire at one of the betting inns.


    Holt follow Kyrie "Hello, my name is Holt, That was one 'ell of a fight you put up before. Would you mind telling me who you people are?"
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    Holt jumped down from the tree rather taken aback at kyrie's sudden appearance. He looked around at the other guardians then leaned agains his tree.
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    Holt was in a large tree that he was concealed in. He had been watching the scene with interest but he felt it would be a waste to interupt the story by revealing himself so he was contented to listen since he was very fond of a good tale.

    Xanatos nodded and replaced the orb in his cloak. He sat down began to meditate channeling his magical energy into the cript soon an a nasty green mist began falling casting the gaveyard in almost complete darkness it would be a day before he was ready to unleash the horriors he was planning.

    occ I have to go be back tomarrow
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    occ since I am kinda helping shadow of riku with this rp lets just say class is dismissed by now.

    Raven walked into the halls and took a secret tapestry to get some privacy and clear his thoughts.
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