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    Fanboys pls
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    What did I just found....
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    What are the chances? I know that most people say "Wii U can't run unreal engine 4. The hardware is too weak!". But technically, it can. But just not on impressive and fluid scale. I would imagine KH3 graphics would been toned down where there isn't slowdowns due to hardware of the game. (Example, N64 games can be playable on the PSP. But the graphics had to be tone down so there will be no slowdowns or frame rate issues)
    But I simply find it odd that KH3 is coming to PS4 & XB1 but not Wii U.
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    Square Enix pls
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    I had some weird dream about KH3 ending. Luckily before I forget, I wrote down in my dream journal. Here it is:

    Sora and Mickey is sitting on a hill in Destiny island

    Sora: How are your wounds healing, Mickey?
    Sora: You should take it easy. Besides, there's no more Xehanort to worry about. Mickey......are you going back to your castle?
    Sora:....But we can see each other soon, right? We can hangout together, just like before!
    Mickey: Sora....
    Sora: Hmm?
    Mickey: You're actually.....You're really.... You don't really don't exist in this dimension!
    Mickey: I summoned you from your we could restore the balance of Light and Darkness.
    Sora: Wha, what are you talking about?
    Mickey: It's true! This dimension is not your reality!
    Sora:! But I remember everything! The first time I met you with Donald and Goofy, my friends, Riku and Kairi. It's real! Mickey: They're.....they're fake memories that Ansem the Wise simply believed them.
    Sora: No...That's a lie!
    Mickey: It's not. It's the truth. The strange memory that Erauqs spoke of....your presence in our dimension is like a forgotten memory.
    Sora: No.....
    Mickey: When all the hearts returned to their bodies, all the heartless disappear, and all the nobody grow hearts, you won't be able to stay in this dimension.
    Sora: No! I'm not going anywhere! I'm staying!
    Mickey: Sora.....well, I....but I....
    Strange portal appears behind Sora
    Sora: Huh?!
    Mickey:'s time for you to go home. Back to your world. Sora: But, I don't want to!
    Sora is being pulled in the portal by some unknown force while Mickey looks to the side.
    Sora: I don't want to go home!
    Sora is about to enter the portal until Mickey grabs his hand.
    Mickey: Sora, don't let go!
    Sora trys to hold on Mickey hand, but lose grip and pulled in the portal.
    Mickey: Sora!!!
    Sora: Mickey!!!
    Portal disappear with Sora. Mickey looks in the sky while credits music plays.
    Mickey: Sora....
    Credits starts to roll

    Square, make this happen.
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    ░░░░░░/ \░░░▄██▄
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    It's not Spamming or crazy as I thought. I originally thought it would be crazy as the random zone on KH13, but it's not. This need to change. So, I thought of a plan. We need to post crazy stuff to bring people attention. Like this:
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    Easiest way to defeat him? I'm trying to defeat him as Sora, but I keep getting defeated. Help? (I'm on level 34, have second chance and using the Sweet Dreams keyblade.)
    Thread by: Klonao, Jun 2, 2015, 7 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
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    Is there anyway to play Kingdom hearts coded? I tried looking for any rom of it, but I can't find it. Can someone help me?
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    I bet you can't.
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    Hello! I'm (sorta) Klonao! I came here because I got a temporary ban on KH13. So, I decided to check this place out. I hope to make lots of friends here!
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