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  1. Rafael Yuki
    Only Real Mans plays Yugioh
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Sep 17, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  2. Rafael Yuki
    Arena Supreme Duel,BEGINS

    Brooklyin Summons a monster!
    I'm gonna kill u all because i'm so good and bllablaba,DIE!

    Terra The Good guy summons a monster too!
    Lmfao Come Back Jay <3

    Jaden Activates a Spell:

    Rafael BR TROLL activates a counter trap
    Troll 100% Uhhh stop crying jaden lmfao i'm so troll on the internet

    Jaden never give ups,and activate a counter counter trap
    Put yourself in my shoes and u will understand,blabla,i'm depressed,yugioh sucks,uhh

    Fred God Activates a Counter Trap
    I'm Super Intelligent,and i have argument for everything! (50+ Lines)

    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Sep 16, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  3. Rafael Yuki
    Magical merchant with skull servant and good monsters
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Sep 8, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  4. Rafael Yuki
    Don't leave ; ;
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Aug 25, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  5. Rafael Yuki
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Aug 20, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  6. Rafael Yuki
    Chain Beat,And some Beat/Stun decks are going to be so strong with duality at 3
    My laval deck + 3 duality = <3
    This deck cares for scapegoat

    Sword,Mirror,Scapegoat all at 3
    Yugi and Joey would love to play this format lol
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Aug 16, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  7. Rafael Yuki
    Brio too broken xD True,gaia is good but sucks...
    Wind-ups still was a deck before EDrag Verz Prophecy Fire fist came,but all this decks got hit, so they have a chance with 3 magicians.But now 1 shark only...Well.
    Yeah,i thought limiting all big dragons to 1 would be perfect,but konami still want to make money with them.
    Pot of duality at 3 so Prooo.
    I loved dvanced ritual because i'll use to summon Fun rituals like Demise or Magician of Chaos,but of course people will try to make herald competitive again,i hope.
    Fred too pro,The field and birdman was because dat Harpie Ftk
    Chaos Decks!!!
    Btw talking about judgment,poor people who expended their money to buy it,lmfao

    Konami = God of Trolling
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Aug 16, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  8. Rafael Yuki
    Look at that banlist
    Rituals are back
    Konami banned faked e drags and prophecy
    and made Blackwings,gladiators chaos and wind up come back
    too goodddd
    Edit: Trishula faking BACK
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Aug 16, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  9. Rafael Yuki
    I got ISTJ O.o
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Aug 11, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  10. Rafael Yuki
    True.But then,some people that have multiple accounts,would become adm easy...
    fail with 1 acc,then take a screenshot of the answers,and keep doing until you have almost all answers.Not easy and fast,but i'm sure people would do dat.
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Aug 8, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  11. Rafael Yuki
    Damn,got 11/20 Now. Well,my record was 13/20..Damn,i'll never be a adm ; ;
    The funny thing is,i never,never was wrong on rulings when someone or i called an adm on a DN Duel.
    Edit: BTW,someone wanna duel with me after the Tag? I want to be yugi again :D
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Aug 8, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  12. Rafael Yuki
    yeah bujin are really good
    can be tier 1-2 someday
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Jul 30, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  13. Rafael Yuki
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Jul 27, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  14. Rafael Yuki
    decided to play with my 4fun feat.kuribohs polymerizations heroes on Rated wtf
    i got one evil hero player,and when i thought i was gonna lose,with 3 bad heroes on handddd,polymerization,and GG[DOUBLEPOST=1374923742][/DOUBLEPOST]
    lol jaden won against futurens,that easily otk'd brook a lot of times ; ;
    Edit: and me ; ;
    Double Edit: but not fred
    Triple edit: fred = god
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Jul 27, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  15. Rafael Yuki
    yeah thanks
    i talked with him,he and kit,and some others are going to reconstruct the forum..Now i just need to make (Epic) big again,but Brazilians guys are so stupid -.-
    A lot of them are just noobs who talk big,and the good ones already have clans.Oh well[DOUBLEPOST=1374888299][/DOUBLEPOST]

    Hey jaden lets dueeel
    i'm using my new deck that i fell in love

    Garden halves all your monsters,and rabbit can't die,he comes back everyturn.Also he comes back with 1400 atk.And there's my evilswarm thunderbird,same effect,and come backs as 1950,and your monsters get halved! Btw i get a token if i can special summon.You don't get tokens for Bird/Rabbit LOL
    Also i can use your tokens and mine to bring a new monster from the grave.

    woah,my Macro vanity too pro,vanity can't die easily because macro.And Macro,is Macro!
    then i play like 20 others traps to do anything,like mistake,mirror,solemns,d prisons.Thunder king too
    Heavy? lol no 3 bribes and 2 starlights
    royal decree? okay,i have msts,and garden isn't a trap XD

    lets duel

    Now talking serious.
    lThe print is actually possible,with good luck.But playing 3 of them will happen with actually 3-4 turns.
    Last tourney i played i got 2 place with them.Haha prophecy and e-dragon

    just happy cuz i found a deck i really really love ; ;
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Jul 26, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  16. Rafael Yuki
    wtf that Zera is so goooooooooooooooooooood
    on Decks that run macro cosmos or Fissure LOL
    nah,the good part is even banished from the grave he comes back wtf

    Edit: There's a new synchro lvl 2 and 3 too.The 2 is a tuner,yay,really good.The lvl 3 i just LOVED.Can kill pretty much anything,by suiciding or just opening new plays for you.Also got a high def,(2300).
    Yeah the synchros are good,but they won't change anything.Xyz's are far more stronger and more easy to summon...
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Jul 26, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  17. Rafael Yuki
    i won a lot of times with gusto and another decks,but that doesnt change the fact they are broken,and some decks will never have a chance :(
    yeah would stop fate too,but spellbooks have that card to return banished spellbooks so..yeah[DOUBLEPOST=1374643816][/DOUBLEPOST]
    btw noble knights seems very fun to use,i should try sometime
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Jul 24, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  18. Rafael Yuki
    Ok Ok
    But you should know even heroes today don't care about that,because they spam xyz.
    Sooo,no one runs that,99% of the time.No one would use a card that can be useless,since everyone have a extra deck today.If you comeback,you actually should start caring about another cards
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Jul 23, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  19. Rafael Yuki
    True,the only reason Evilswarm fight with the other big decks
    Virus and Ophion.But still fails[DOUBLEPOST=1374570107][/DOUBLEPOST]
    i'm just saying this cards are nothing compared to the **** we are dealing today like Judgment or E Drag OP
    Btw jaden,you should start saying ygo is bad using another examples,like judgment,elemental dragons,etc. Gravity bind and level limit aren't good,and no one plays.If they do,they are just stupid lol
    like fred said,even fableds that are synchro based could win easy against these...If your problem is Gravity and Level,just play Debris drag with King of the swamp,for Black Rose Plays.
    Use Summoner monk to Summon Stratos and destroy something with another hero on the field,Use Lyla,Use Triple Mst,Use Heavy,Use Lvl 8 XYZ for Shining
    You can just Summon a water hero and activate mask to summon Masked Hero Acid

    Do this.But you will just waste time because no one plays that .-.[DOUBLEPOST=1374570741][/DOUBLEPOST]Btw i just lol'd thinking jaden going second when someone just drops Dracossack + Ladd first turn
    or Jowgen With Fate,followed by +6 end turn
    Nah,Ophion + 4 Set vs Hero gate would be more broken
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Jul 23, 2013 in forum: The Playground
  20. Rafael Yuki
    lmfao.Its worth a laugh seeing you say this bad cards are broken and etc.
    When Dragon Rulers can Summon A Xyz rank 7 that cannot be destroyed. Or first turn light and darkness dragon with 5 card hand wtf AND the Xyz lvl 7.first turn.
    and,draw like 9-10 cards sometimes if they open rejuvenation ._.

    And,Prophecy! Judgment just gonna give u 5 cards every turn with a monster.Yeah,but u can also use your opening hand.Lol.Drop your hand,what could happen,your going to have 4-5 cards and a monster anyway next turn!
    And you can search judgment with judgment on the end phase WTF LOL

    Edit: Forgot to say E drag can steal your **** every turn
    Try quasar,double big eye or Blaster that you can add with like infinite ways,will just die laughing
    if u don't otk them,you die
    if u try to protect yourself,blaster and big eye,draco,etc will just laugh
    destroy them! wtf,they will just come back next turn because they can just summon themselves again removing others of the faking grave.
    Yeah,the removed ones get their effects,adding other drags.
    Post by: Rafael Yuki, Jul 23, 2013 in forum: The Playground