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    Oh. Thanks. Went to Disneyland that day. Too many years I've been checking up on this site.
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    Not with this tool, no. If you're looking to pack them back to Playstation PSS files there's PSS Plex, but I can't attest to how well it works. Otherwise to mux them back into more traditional formats, here's MP4Box or mkvmerge.
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    I've been in Ben's shoes once. And I think I could only give you advice about ending it with him. If you care about Ben, you need to try to help him grow as a person. Taking this break is probably the best thing you could have done for him right now. See if he still feels the same about you afterwards. If you're set on ending it with him, tell him he can't keep all his energy focused on you, he should focus his energy on finding other people. Tell him he'll find better, and nicer people for him. He won't believe it, but he will. Suggest online dating. Online dating has been a refuge for me and I probably wouldn't have tried it if the guy I was hooked up on (also named Ben) suggested we take a break. Ben and I are still friends, I'm glad that we're still able to talk, but now I don't feel I need to every moment of every day because I realize now there are other outlets, more possibilities. It will be hell for him, but the sooner he finds someone else, the better. If you'd still like to be friends with him, you can try to make it easier for him by telling him he can get back to you after he finds someone. I think the best thing to do right now is to keep your distance.
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    Background came with the computer.

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    I thought the thread title was going to be a morning wood joke.
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    You can find information links from his YouTube channel. I don't understand French or anything, but can discern from German and French.
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    The let's player in that video is 19 and is speaking French.

    For me personally, I don't hear any discernible difference in "maturity" when listening to people switch languages on the fly. Even if their accents change, their tone sounds the same.

    I think any added "maturity" someone thinks they might hear from a language itself would have to come from connotations that person has with that language.
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    People project themselves in such a way to match their self-image. I learned this recently, when someone pointed out to me that my avatars use pictures of myself as a child for many of my online accounts. I'm not very confident, and would usually want others to take the lead in social situations. Although that isn't always true, I see myself as "younger," inexperienced and reliant on others. The avatars I would pick would match that image I have of myself.

    As for avatars having influence on self-image: our bodies can be seen as avatars. Mood and personality can change as the one's look does. A person can feel more confident or professional when wearing a suit, or free and young when wearing hippie fashion. I think gender is also an influence for many people. This is my guess, but I think people have a range of personalities, and picking different looks or avatars would allow them to express the different sides of it.
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    Always know your status, man. I can't keep going to her every few months. Embarrassing...
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    One, she's out to prove how "unhealthy" my vegetarian diet is. Two, STDs.
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    My mother's a phlebotomist. I got tested a few months ago and I can get it for free through her. The thing is, if I do go through her she has access to my blood test results... I'm now planning on frequenting a free clinic.
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    My personal theory is that it's a fake world made to resemble a real world. I started a thread some time ago explaining my theory of Kingdom Hearts II's relation to the movie Dark City.
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    She's so old, not even she remembers.

    Now someone tell me the age of this guy:

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    Not necessarily true. There are those born that tend to be giving, or self-sacrificing, and devote or give their lives to ensure the survival of others, thus allowing those others a better chance to reproduce. Spreading your own genes and self-survival are not the only factors in evolution, or the survival of a species. Ants with their queens and workers come to mind.

    Natural selection applies to all living beings. Just because a gene that carries a genetic debilitating disease won't wither out, doesn't mean humans are exempt from natural selection, it means that specific debilitating gene is below the current threshold between surviving and dying. That threshold is raised higher as humans as a species and society become more better equipped to deal and help each other with disadvantages. Natural selection applies, it just means more and more of us are becoming more "fit" to survive: our current conditions allow it. We may continue to grow this way, until we reach that point where the resources will no longer sustain our numbers, and growth will slow. The world population is self-adjusting, and will cater to our environment and resources.

    I guess I'll say something about objectification now...

    People can be objectified non-sexually as well, where someone seeks to use someone else for their own emotional satisfaction. I think a good example of this would be clingy relationships, where someone expects their partner to do things for them: take them out, go on dates, buy them things. They'll get offended when they don't, and are easily jealous. I've been faced with a relationship before where someone wanted to have me, just so he could "have me," and that's not in any sexual sense, guy was asexual. Wanted me to move in out-of-state with him. Didn't care about my feelings about it, as long as I was willing. I told him that I wasn't comfortable with it yet, and he told me I might as well piss off. Well, the relationship ended there, haha. Him having me around as some sort of status symbol or toy was not appealing in the least.
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    I think it's good that you see that you recognize that you have a problem and are not putting blame on your friends. I think a good place you might want to start is to tell your friends how you feel. Let them understand, be yourself, and maybe then you won't feel so pressured. Focus on your needs instead of taking on the impossible endeavor of appealing to everyone. Let yourself learn to trust your friends to not hate you if you say something wrong. Take it easy on yourself. Friends are people you're supposed to feel secure and safe with. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you may have made in the past. Create deep friendships that are not about you impressing them. Impressing people to love you is a dead-end. You're letting your ego be in the way of being yourself. I have been there, and all that does for me is leave me feeling fake.

    I'm sorry to hear it has seeped into your work, don't let it anywhere else. Don't suffer silently, don't let it bubble up inside. And about your ex, I don't know the circumstances, but try not to hold a grudge. Try to let it go, and move on. Don't let him be a weight on you.

    Hope you feel better soon.
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    These final eight episodes were more about everything being torn apart. After all the damage to Walt's family was done, there really is nothing left. There's no fixing anything. The stresses of running the empire is gone, now there's only remorse and shame. The finale was about Walt finally seeking what little peace is left to him. After the smash-grab heart-wrenching episodes before it, I think a relief of an ending is appropriate.
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    Maybe your friends don't know what to do in a situation when someone they know is in pain. It might be hard for your friends to understand what mental / emotional concerns you must be going though. It also might be possible that they think what you need is a change of subject to get your mind off of what's troubling you. But if it is as you suspect, it's possible your friends aren't in a good state of mind to talk about such matters. Such topics might bring them down and they'll avoid it. There comes that point where talking about your problems stops being about looking for support from a friend, but looking for an ear. What I do, is I ask a person that I want to open up to if they're comfortable with such discussion. If I want to tell them a secret that has many negative connotations, I look out for signs that they'll be okay with it. Be honest and upfront, but don't go in too deep too fast, and always try to keep in mind how they're feeling about all this. A good friend will let you feel safe with opening up.

    To find new people, you might want to try looking for a support group for your particular troubles. You'll find others there that will understand and will want to talk about it.
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    You can count me as one of those who smiled to this. It plays like a parody.

    How about this clip from Cyberbully when a girl rushes to try to stop her friend from committing suicide:
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    I've always thought of Sora's hair as a mash of playdough.
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